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Orchestral music covers all musical works for eleven or more instruments. The most popular form of orchestral music is the symphony which ranges from string symphonies using between twelve and fourteen string players to the huge symphonies of Mahler, many of which require more than a hundred players. Other forms in the orchestral category include symphonic poems, overtures, orchestral dances, incidental music for plays.

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Title Catalogue No.
JACK-IN-THE-BOX - A Collection of Amusing and Entertaining Works by Classical Composers 8.570124-25
JACOBI, F.: Cello Concerto / Hagiographa / Sabbath Evening Service 8.559434
JAGER, R.: I Dream of Peace / Like A White Daisy Looks / Kokopelli Dances (Winker, Lackey, St. Louis Childrens Choir, Omsk Philharmonic, Dodson) 9.70023
JAGGI, M.: Girga / Mehrgarh / Strata / SPAM / Plod / Moloch (Gaffigan, Kalitzke, Hennenberger, Asbury) MGB-CTS-M146
JALBERT, P.: Chamber Symphony / BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Kahane, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra) (Los Angeles CO 40th Anniversary) YAR05784
JANACEK, L.: Glagolitic Mass / Sinfonietta (Libor, Marciniec, Bentch, Gierlach, Malanowicz, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, Wit) 8.572639
JANACEK, L.: Glagolitic Mass / Sinfonietta (Libor, Marciniec, Bentch, Gierlach, Malanowicz, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Wit) (Blu-ray Audio) NBD0026
JANÁCEK, L.: Lachian Dances / Suite, Op. 3 / Hospodine! / Otce nas (Cologne Radio Symphony, Albrecht) C059051A
JANACEK, L.: Operatic Orchestral Suites, Vol. 1 (arr. P. Breiner) - Jenufa / The Excursions of Mr Broucek 8.570555
JANACEK, L.: Operatic Orchestral Suites, Vol. 2 (arr. P. Breiner) - Kata Kabanova / The Makropulos Affair 8.570556
JANACEK, L.: Operatic Orchestral Suites, Vol. 3 (arr. P. Breiner) - The Cunning Little Vixen / From the House of the Dead 8.570706
JANÁCEK, L.: Suite / Idyll / Adagio (Munich Philharmonic, Helmrath) C283921A
JANACEK, L.: Taras Bulba / Lachian Dances / Moravian Dances (Warsaw Philharmonic, Wit) 8.572695
JANACEK: Danube / Moravian Dances / Suite Op. 3 8.555245
JANACEK: Lachian Dances / Taras Bulba / Sinfonietta 8.550411
Japanese Orchestral Favourites 8.555071
JÄRNEFELT, A.: Sången om den eldröda blomman (Song of the Scarlet Flower) (reconstructed by J. Kyllönen and J. Kuusisto) (Gävle Symphony, Kuusisto) ODE1328-2D
JARRELL, M.: Instantanés / Assonance II / Assonance V / …dombres lointaines… (E. Molinari, S. Cooper, Swiss Romande Orchestra, Eötvös, Tamayo) MGB-CTS-M44
JEISLER, D.: Introduction, Chorale and Variations / Cello Sonata No. 1 / 5 Songs / Adagio (Swedish Composer in Paris) (1957-1992) PRCD9111
JERSILD: Vocal and Instrumental Works DCCD 9108
JOACHIM, J.: Schubert - Symphony in C Major (Vienna State Opera, Prohaska) (1951) 9.80605
JOACHIM, J.: Violin Concerto No. 3 / Overture In Memoriam Heinrich von Kleist (Takako Nishizaki, Stuttgart Radio Symphony, Minsky) 8.220190
JOACHIM, J.: Violin Concerto No. 3 / Overtures, Opp. 4 and 13 (Takako Nishizaki, Stuttgart Radio Symphony, Minsky) 8.223373
JOB FLOW JOB - Afterwork Classics (Sampler for MÄNNER Magazine) 8.578250
JOHANSON, S.-E.: Fancies / Tvinnat Silke / Tio Epigram / Piano Sonata No. 2 / 8 Variationer over en korsfararsang fra 1100 talet / Flute Sonata PRCD9122
JOHNSON, J.P.: Yamekraw / RESER, H.: Suite / GERSHWIN, G.: Rhapsody in Blue (Jazz Nocturne - American Concertos of the Jazz Age) (Rosenberg) 8.559647
JOLIVET, A.: Piano Concerto / Concertino for Trumpet and Piano / Andante (Descaves, Theatre des Champs-Elysees Orchestra, Bour) (1953) 9.80709
JONES, S.: Roundings / Cello Sonata 8.559079
JONES, S.: Symphony No. 3, "Palo Duro Canyon" / Tuba Concerto (Olka, Seattle Symphony, Schwarz) 8.559378
JONGEN, J.: Symphonie Concertante / SAINT-SAENS, C.: Symphony No. 3 (Guillou, Dallas Symphony, Mata) DOR-90200
JOPLIN: Treemonisha Overture / GERSHWIN: Rhapsody in Blue / JOHNSON: A Negro Rhapsody / ELLINGTON: New World a-Comin CDS351
JORDIN, A.: Between Always and Never (Jormin) SCD1154
JORGENSEN: Confrontations 8.224137
JOSE: Sinfonia castellana / Suite ingenua / El mozo de mulas (Suite) 8.557634
JOST, C.: TiefenRausch / CocoonSymphonie (Hagner, Essen Philharmonic, Jost) C5118
JOUBERT, J.: Instant Moment (The) / Temps perdu / Sinfonietta (Henry Herford, English String Orchestra, Boughton) 8.571368
Joy To The World 8.990013
JOYCE: Toto / Dreams of You / A Thousand Kisses 8.223694
Jul i Danmark (Christmas in Denmark) 8.578318-19
JULEHØYTID - Tradisjonelle og klassiske julefavoritter (CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS - Traditional and Classic Christmas Favourites) (3-CD Box Set) 8.503111N
JULESTEMNING (Christmas Spirit) 8.503182
Juletid - Julens favoritter fra Danmark (Christmas Favourites from Denmark) 8.503159
JULTONER FRAN FORR (Swedish Christmas Nostalgia) - Original Recordings from 1928 to 1954 8.103013
JUON, P.: Episodes concertantes / Mysterien (Pi-Chin Chien, European Fine Arts Trio, Cracow Philharmonic, Bugaj) MGB-6202
Just The Way You Are 8.990047

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