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Title Catalogue No.
DA GAGLIANO, M.: Missa in Assumptione Beatae Marice Virginis (L Homme Arme, Lombardo) TC580701
DATTARI, G.: Villanelle (Le) (Fortuna Ensemble, Cascio) TC530401
DAVIDSEN, J.: World Is Babel and Ivory (The) / Cruel to Be Kind / Closer (FIGURA Ensemble, Jakob Davidsens Chamber Orchestra) 8.226137
DAY IS DONE - Music Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Taps 88450158915
DEDE: Mon pauvre coeur / Francoise et Tirtillard / Mefisto masque 8.559038
Den danske sangskat (Treasure of Danish Songs), Vol. 1 - Sange af C.E.F. Weyse (Songs by C.E.F. Weyse) 8.554961
Den danske sangskat (Treasure of Danish Songs), Vol. 2 - Sange dra Romantikken (Songs in Romantic Era) 8.554964
Den danske sangskat (Treasure of Danish Songs), Vol. 3 - NIELSEN, C.: Sange og motetter (Songs and Motets) 8.554965
DINDIA, S.: Madrigali / Arie / Balletti (Ensemble Elyma, Garrido) TC580401
Discover Early Music 8.558170-71
Discover Music of the Twentieth Century 8.558168-69
DONIZETTI, G.: Vesper Psalms (A.L. Brown, Feith, Krödel, Sammer, M. Schäfer, Rosenbaum, Ochoa, N.Mallmann, Simon Mayr Choir, Concerto de Bassus, Hauk) 8.573910
DRIVE TIME A.M. (Commuter Classics) DOR-90018
DUM CLAMAREM - Dolore e speranza nel Canto Gregoriano (Sorrow and Hope in Gregorian Chant) TC080001

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