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Title Catalogue No.
FASOLO, G.B.: Missa in Dominicis diebus / Missa Beatae Mariae Virginis (Annuale Opera Ottava) (Bella Gerit Ensemble, Scandali) TC590701
FORLIVESI, C.: Compositions (Dunscombe, Norio Sato, Ayako Shigenari, S. Frank, Forlivesi, Macaggi, Kyoto Chamber Orchestra) TC970601
FORSTER, K.: Vanitas vanitatum / Sonata a 3 (Il Tempo) CDAccordACD050
FOSTER, S.: Songs (Favorite Songs) (Gregg Smith Singers, New York Vocal Arts Ensemble) ACD-8167
FRANCESCO, F.: Concerti ecclesiastici, Book 4 / Dallintavolatura del fondo / Motetti concertati, Book 3 (Modo Antiquo, Hoffmann) TC585301
French Chansons 8.550880
FRESCOBALDI, G.A.: Published Works for Keyboard (Complete) (Loreggian, Tasini, Vartolo) TC580600
FRESCOBALDI, G.A.: Toccate, canzone, versi dhinni, Magnificat, gagliarde, correnti, Book 2 (Vartolo) TC580681
FRÖHLICH, F.T.: Miserere / 4 Motets (Basle Vocal Soloists, Balyan, Goll) MGB-6248
FROM BAROQUE TO FADO - A Journey Through Portuguese Music (Quintans, Ribeiro, Amaral, Oliveira, Os Mu´sicos do Tejo, M. Magalhães) 8.573875
FROTTOLE - Popular Songs of Renaissance Italy (Ring Around Quartet and Consort) 8.573320

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