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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Vocal

This category comprises music written for one or more voices with piano or orchestral accompaniment. The most popular forms are the German ‘Lied’ and the French ‘Chanson’. Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf are the most frequently performed German Lieder composers. Fauré, Debussy and Ravel are the leading French chanson composers. But there are also song cycles with orchestral accompaniment by composers such as Mahler and Berlioz which fall into the vocal category.

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Title Catalogue No.
DA GAGLIANO, M.: Missa in Assumptione Beatae Marice Virginis (L Homme Arme, Lombardo) TC580701
Dagen ar Kommen (Swedish Christmas Songs) 8.553965
DALLAPICCOLA, L.: Canti di Prigionia / DELAGE, M.: 4 Poemes Hindous (Markevitch, Cluytens) (UNESCO Program) (1955) 9.80617
DANCING ON THE EDGE OF A VOLCANO - Jewish Cabaret Music, Popular and Political Songs, 1900-1945 CDR90000-065
DANIELPOUR, R.: Darkness in the Ancient Valley / Lacrimae Beati / A Womans Life (Plitmann, Brown, Nashville Symphony, Guerrero) 8.559707
DANIELPOUR, R.: Songs of Solitude / War Songs / Toward the Splendid City (Hampson, Nashville Symphony, Guerrero) 8.559792
Danish Songs (Romantic) DCCD 9114
DANSKE REVY (DEN): 1900-1910, Vol. 1 (Revy 1) DCCD 9801
DANSKE REVY (DEN): 1910-1920, Vol. 1 (Revy 2) DCCD 9802
DANSKE REVY (DEN): 1920-1930, Vol. 1 (Revy 4) DCCD 9804
DAVID, F.: Desert (Le) / SZYMANOWSKI, K.: Piesni muezina szalonego (Breezes From the Orient, Vol. 1) (Guida) C10379
DEBUSSY, C.: Enfant prodigue (L) / La damoiselle élue (J. Norman, Carreras, Fischer-Dieskau, Stuttgart Radio Choir and Symphony, Bertini) C012821A
DEDE: Mon pauvre coeur / Francoise et Tirtillard / Mefisto masque 8.559038
DELLA CIAIA, A.B.: Keyboard Music (Complete) (Fanelli, Medori) TC670480
Den danske sangskat (Treasure of Danish Songs), Vol. 2 - Sange dra Romantikken (Songs in Romantic Era) 8.554964
DESSAU, P.: In memoriam Bertolt Brecht / Symphonies Nos. 1-2 / Danse et Chanson / Examen / Les voix (Epple) C5019
DESSAU, P.: Lieder (Doufexis, D. Henschel, Sturludottir, Bauni) C435001A
DET FINNS EN VÄG - Folkliga koralmelodier fo¨r ko¨r och instrument samt visor fra°n Dalarna PROP7821
DI STEFANO, Giuseppe: Neapolitan Songs (1953-1957) 8.111340
DIAMOND: Ahava / Music for Prayer 8.559412
DICKINSON, P.: Mass of the Apocalypse / Larkins Jazz / 5 Forgeries / 5 Early Pieces (Dickinson, Flinders, Nash Ensemble, Bolton, Friend) 8.572287
DINDIA, S.: Madrigali / Arie / Balletti (Ensemble Elyma, Garrido) TC580401
DINDIA, Sigismondo: Musiche (Le), Books 1 and 2 (Viola, Ronchetti) TC580403
Discover Early Music 8.558170-71
Discover Music of the Baroque Era 8.558160-61
Discover Music of the Romantic Era 8.558155-56
Discover Music of the Twentieth Century 8.558168-69
DIVAS OF MOZARTS DAY - Arias written for Catarina Cavalieri, Nancy Storace and others CDR90000-064
DODERER, J.: Mon cher cousin / STAMITZ, C.: Cello Concerto No. 1 / MOZART, W.A.: Divertimento, "Salzburg Symphony No. 1" (Leskovar, Kammer) OC714
DODGSON, S.: Guitar Chamber Works - Change-Ringers / Divertissement / 4 Poems of John Clare / The Selevan Story (Mela Guitar Quartet) 8.573762
DOHNÁNYI, E.: Symphony No. 2 / 3 Songs, Op. 22: Nos. 1-2 (E.T. Jones, Florida State University Symphony, Jiménez) 8.573008
DONIZETTI, G. / MAYR, J.S.: Missa di Gloria and Credo in D Major (Simon Mayr Choir, Bavarian State Opera Chorus, Concerto de Bassus, Hauk) 8.573605
DONIZETTI, G.: Parafrasi del Christus / PERGOLESI, G.B.: Salve Regina in C Minor / BONPORTI, F.A.: Mittite Dulces / TELEMANN, G.P.: Was ist das Herz? C10812
DONIZETTI: Songs 8.557780
DOPPLER, F. and K.: Flute Music (Complete), Vol. 2 (Arimany) C5296
DOr, Yaniv / Ensemble NAYA: Exaltation 8.573980
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 2 DOR-90002
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 3 DOR-90003
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 5 DOR-90005
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 6 (A Dorian Banquet) DOR-90006
DOVE, J.: Passing of the Year (The) (Convivium Singers, Cromar, Ferris) 8.572733
DOVE, J.: Song Cycles - All You Who Sleep Tonight / Out of Winter / Ariel (English Song, Vol. 23) (Booth, Bardon, Spence, Matthews-Owen) 8.573080
DOWLAND, J.: Burst forth, my tears - The Music of John Dowland 8.578015-16
DOWLAND: Consort Music and Songs 8.553326
DOWLAND: Flow My Tears and Other Lute Songs 8.553381
DRIVE TIME A.M. (Commuter Classics) DOR-90018
DUBEN, G.: 12 Odae Sveticae (12 Swedish Odes) / Keyboard Suite PRCD9119
DUBUGNON, R.: Arcanes Symphoniques / Triptyque / Le Songe Salinas (Gubisch, Dolié, Orchestre National de France, Petitgirard, Waldman, Gabel) 8.573687
DUFAY: Chansons 8.553458
DUKE, J.: Lieder (J. Taylor, Sulzen) C325011A
DUPARC: Songs 8.557219
DURANTE, F.: 12 Duetti da camera (Ensemble Concerto, Gini) TC680401
DURON, S.: Salir el amor del mundo (Savino) DSL-92107
DURON: Tonadas (Songs) 8.570458
DUTILLEUX, H.: Symphony No. 1 / 2 Sonnets de Jean Cassou / Métaboles (P.A. Edelmann, Rheinland-Pfalz State Philharmonic, Steffens) C5242
DVORÁK AND AMERICA (Deas, Pasternack, PostClassical Ensemble, Gil-Ordóñez) 8.559777
DVORAK, A.: 10 Biblical Songs / Preludes and Fugues / FILAS, J.: Fresko / BENES, J.: O virtu mia (Koptchak, Barta) UP0033-2
DVORÁK, A.: Sacred Songs - 10 Biblical Songs / Ave Maria / Hymnus ad laudes / Ave maris stella (Sakowicz, Lange, Frisée) C5207
DVORAK, A.: Stabat Mater / 10 Biblical Songs (Macal) DE3161

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