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This category comprises music written for one or more voices with piano or orchestral accompaniment. The most popular forms are the German ‘Lied’ and the French ‘Chanson’. Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf are the most frequently performed German Lieder composers. Fauré, Debussy and Ravel are the leading French chanson composers. But there are also song cycles with orchestral accompaniment by composers such as Mahler and Berlioz which fall into the vocal category.

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Title Catalogue No.
LABER, H. von: Vocal Music (Jagd nach Liebe) (Clemencic Consort, Clemencic) OC519
LACHNER, F.P.: Sangerfahrt / Der Sanger am Rhein / 6 Deutsche Gesänge (Muller, Hammer) OC328
LAITMAN, L.: Secret Exit (The) / I Never Saw Another Butterfly / Living in the Body / OPPERMAN, K.: Un seul (Hurst-Wajszczuk, Gainey) 8.559890
LAITMAN, L.: Songs (Living in the Body) (Check, A. Emerson, S. Gruber, Gawrysiak, D. Taylor, D. Armstrong, Scarlata, L. Laitman) 8.559872-73
LAITMAN, L.: Vedem / Fathers (Music of Remembrance) 8.559685
LAMBERT Sr. / LAMBERT Jr: Ouverture de Broceliande / Bresiliana / LAmazone 8.559037
Lamenti Barocchi, Vol. 1 8.553318
Lamenti Barocchi, Vol. 2 8.553319
Lamenti Barocchi, Vol. 3 8.553320
LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN - Music and Images from Finland ODE1093-2
LANDINI, F.: Ballate (Camerata Nova, Ensemble Chominciamento di Gioia, Taglioni) TC321201
LANG, D.: Death Speaks / Depart (Worden, Dessner, Muhly, Pallett, Farnum, Geissinger, Montano, Sweeton, Beiser) CA-21092
LANG, D.: Pierced / Heroin / Cheating, Lying, Stealing / How to Pray / Wed (Real Quiet) 8.559615
LANG, D.: Untitled All-Stars CA-21050
LANG, M.R.: Songs, Vol. 1 (Love is Everywhere) (D. George, L. Mauro) DE3407
LANG, M.R.: Songs, Vol. 2 (New Love Must Rise) (D. George, L. Mauro) DE3410
LANGGAARD: Lieder 8.224011
LANGGAARD: Sinfonia Interna Aarh 8.224136
LANZA, Mario: The Great Lanza (1949-1951) 8.120668
LASSER, F.: In Colors of Feelings / Les visages de lamour / Nicolette et Aucassin (Futral, Phillips) DE3428
LASSUS, O. de: German Songs and Instrumental Music (Lautten Compagney) C5011
LÅT HJÄRTAT SJUNGA! - Andeliga Visor fran 1800-talet PROP7738
LAUERMANN, H.: Piano Trio No. 2 / FROOM, D.: Piano Trio No. 2, "Grenzen" / DEUTSCH, B.R.: Curriculum vitae (Hilz, Haydn Trio Eisenstadt) C71095
LEGLER, B. / BAUMANN, C. / KENNEL, H. / ZIEGLER, M.: Chriesibaum im Jahresring (Legler, Ziegler, Kennel, Baumann) MGB-6192
LEGRENZI, G.B.: Trio Sonatas, Op. 2 / Missa lauretana / La querini (Testamentum) (Favero) CDS710
LEHMANN, Lotte: Lieder Recordings, Vol. 1 (1935-1937) 8.111093
LEHMANN, Lotte: Lieder Recordings, Vol. 2 (1937-1940) 8.111094
LEHMANN, Lotte: Lieder Recordings, Vol. 3 (1941) 8.111244
LEHMANN, Lotte: Lieder Recordings, Vol. 4 (1941) 8.111095
LEHMANN, Lotte: Lieder Recordings, Vol. 6 (1947, 1949) 8.111097
LEHMANN: Daisy Chain (The) / Bird Songs / Four Cautionary Tales (English Song, Vol. 8) 8.557118
LEONCAVALLO: Chamber Songs (Complete) CDS570
LEONCAVALLO: Nuit de mai (La) CDS423
LÉONIN / PÉROTIN: Sacred Music from Notre-Dame Cathedral (Tonus Peregrinus, Pitts) 8.557340
LEPAGE-DEAN, Oliver: Evening Hymn (An) - Music for Solo Treble 8.557129
Letters and Music - BRUCKNER, A. / KITZLER, O. / SCHUMANN, F. (Böck liest Bruckner I) (Böck, Wimmer, Linton-France) Gramola99195
LEVY, M.D.: Masada / Canto de los Marranos (BBC Singers, Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, Kiesler, Y. Levi) 8.559427
LEWIS, P.S.: 4 Cycles (The) (The New York Virtuoso Singers Quartet, Abraham, Narucki, P.S. Lewis) 8.559815
LEWKOVITCH: Vocal and Instrumental Works DCCD 9207-08
LHAMO, Yungchen / BATAGOV, A.: Vocal Music (Tayatha) (Lhamo, Batagov) CA-21090
Lieder - BRAHMS, S. / SCHUBERT, F. / SCHUMANN, R. (Fuchs, Schaffner, Müller, Raviola, Gage) MGB-6102
Lieder Recital: Wunderlich, Fritz - BEETHOVEN, L. van / BRAHMS, J. / SCHUBERT, F. / SCHUMANN, R. / WOLF, H. / STRAUSS, R. (1955-1965) SWR19064CD
LINDBERG, M.: Accused / Two Episodes (A. Komsi, Finnish Radio Symphony, Lintu) ODE1345-2
LINDBERG, M.: Graffiti / Seht die Sonne (Helsinki Chamber Choir, Finnish Radio Symphony, Oramo) ODE1157-2
LINDBLAD: Espanordica / 2 Songs / Hommages (Frendahl) SCD1069
LINDE, B.: Vocal Music (Jonth) PROP9975
LISZT, F.: 3 Sonetti di Petrarca / O lieb, so lang du / Mignons Lied / Angiolin dal biondo crin (Italia, sogno damore) (Onorati, Luca) TC811201
LISZT, F.: Faust Symphony (A) (version for 2 pianos) (Liszt Complete Piano Music, Vol. 34) 8.572560
LISZT, F.: Lieder (Schmiege, Sulzen) C440981A
LISZT, F.: Lieder (Shirai, Holl) C10294
LOCKE, Josef: Hear My Song, Violetta (1947-1950) 8.120549
LOEWE, C.: Vocal Music (Banse, Hawlata, Deutsch) C10813
LOEWE, C.: Vocal Music (Prey, Endres) C10759
LOPES-GRAÇA, F.: Songs and Folk Songs (Gaspar, Moreso, Guimarães, Vieira de Almeida) 8.579039
LORCA, F.G.: Canciones españolas Antiguas / GRANADOS, E.: Tonadillas al estilo antiguo (Holzl, Heiber) Gramola98823
LORENTZEN, B.: Erotic Hymns / Triplex / Flamma / Saturnas / 4 Chorale Motets (Larsen, Christensen, Stroz) 8.226568
Loves Themes 8.990017
LUCIDOR, L.: Vocal Music (Swedish Songs of the 17th Century) (Bagge) PRCD9103
LUNDBY-JAEGER, B.: Chamber Music and Songs - Offertorium / 7 Stages to 3 Chinese Texts / Trio / Elements / 3 Songs (Gjerris, Danish Chamber Players) 8.226533
LUNDIN, Carin: Songs that we all recognize PCD078
Lute and Vocal Music - MONTEVERDI, C. / FRESCOBALDI, G. / NEGRI, C. / BORRONO, P.P. / CACCINI, G. (The Italian Lute Song) (Baird, McFarlane) DOR-90236
Lute Duo Music (Two Lutes with Grace - Plectrum Lute Duos of the Late 15th Century) (Lewon, Kieffer) 8.573854
Lute Recital: Greuter, Christoph - SERMISY, C. de / KOTTER, H. / JOSQUIN DES PREZ / (Schweizer Lautenmusik der Renaissance) MGB-6198
LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: 20 Polish Christmas Carols / Lacrimosa / 5 Songs (Polish Radio Choir, Polish National Radio Symphony, Wit) 8.555994
LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Chantefleurs et Chantefables / TCHAIKOWSKY, A.: 7 Shakespeare Sonnets (Dream Lake) (Zubel, Ahonen) CDAccordACD216
LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Concerto for Orchestra / SZYMANOWSKI, K.: 3 Songs after a poem by Jan Kasprowicz (Podles, Liebreich) ACC-30332
LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Opera Omnia, Vol. 5 -Symphony No. 3 / Symphonic Variations / Silesian Triptych / Little Suite (Zubel, Wroclaw Philharmonic, Kaspszyk) CDAccordACD197
LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Opera Omnia, Vol. 7 - Childrens Songs (Polish National Forum of Music Boys Choir, Kosendiak) CDAccordACD242
LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Symphony No. 1 / Chantefleurs et Chantefables (Pasichnyk, Polish National Radio Symphony, Wit) 8.554283
LUTOSLAWSKI, W.: Vocal Music (el Derwid: Blots on the Sun) (Zubel) CDAccordACD192

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