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This category comprises music written for one or more voices with piano or orchestral accompaniment. The most popular forms are the German ‘Lied’ and the French ‘Chanson’. Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf are the most frequently performed German Lieder composers. Fauré, Debussy and Ravel are the leading French chanson composers. But there are also song cycles with orchestral accompaniment by composers such as Mahler and Berlioz which fall into the vocal category.

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Title Catalogue No.
PADE, E.M.: Etude (EMP RMX 333 - A Tribute to Else Marie Pade) (Pade, Lidell, Østergaard, Ryberg, Vogel, Olesen) 8.226593
PAGANINI, N.: Paganini Edition (Complete) (40-CD Box Set) CDS7734.40
PALMERI, M.: Misa a Buenos Aires / PIAZZOLLA, A.: Oblivion (D. Linde, R. Heins, P. Scholl, El Arroyo Tango Orchestra, U. Stötzel) C5343
PALOMO, L.: My Secluded Garden / Madrigal and 5 Sephardic Songs / Concierto de Cienfuegos (Bayo, P. Romero, Los Romeros, Fruhbeck de Burgos) 8.572139
PALOMO: Andalusian Nocturnes (Nocturnos de Andalucia) / Spanish Songs (Canciones españolas) 8.557135
PANDA CLASSICS - Issue No. 4: Toon Time 8.578011-12
PAPAIOANNOU, Y.A.: In the Depth of the Looking Glass / Associations / Erotic / Rhythms and Colours (Chardas, Theos, Papatanasiu, dissonArt Ensemble) 8.572782
PASATIERI: Letter to Warsaw 8.559219
PASQUINI, B.: Motets / Organ Music (Ensemble Alea Musica, Nigito) TC631802
Passiontide: Music for Solace and Reflection 8.557025
PENDERECKI, K.: Canticum canticorum Salomonis / Kosmogonia (Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Wit) 8.572481
PENDERECKI, K.: Symphony No. 6, "Chinesische Lieder" / Clarinet Concerto (Genz, Wojciechowski, Polish Chamber Philharmonic, Rajski) CDAccordACD270
PENNY MERRIMENTS: Street Songs of 17th Century England 8.557672
Percivals Lament - Medieval Music and the Holy Grail (Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, Ferrero) 8.572800
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Chamber Cantatas, Op. 2 (Rossi, Ensemble Concerto, Gini) TB711605
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Missa Romana (Röschmann, C. Schubert, Judenkov, R. Rosen) C338941A
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Quattro Cantate de Camera, Op. 2 (Rossi, Ensemble Concerto, Gini) TC711601
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Serva padrona (La) [Opera] / Salve Regina in C Minor (Benetti, Nisi, I Solisti Liriensi, Scogna) TC711606
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Stabat Mater (excerpts) / Laudate pueri (Hofstetter) OC831
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Stabat mater (Scogna) TC711603
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Stabat mater (sung in German) / BACH, C.P.E.: Der Frühling (E. Scholl, M. Ullmann, Schneider, L’Arpa Festante, Eberle) 8.551276
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Stabat mater / Orfeo (Klepper) C10517
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Stabat mater / Salve Regina / Orfeo (Klepper, Borst) C5130
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Stabat Mater / Salve Regina / Organ Sonatas (Croci) TC711602
PERGOLESI, G.B.: Stabat Mater / VIVALDI, A.: In furore iustissimae irae / Stabat Mater (Roschmann, Robbin, Les Violons du Roy, Labadie) DOR-90196
PERGOLESI: Stabat Mater / Orfeo 8.550766
PERGOLESI: Stabat Mater / Salve Regina in C Minor 8.557447
PERRELLI, Charlotte: RimfrostJul (The Christmas Song) 8.570730
PERRY, W.: Music for Great Films of the Silent Era, Vol. 2 (Ireland RTÉ National Symphony, P. Phillips) 8.573105
PERTI, G.A.: Oratorio della Passione (Gesu al Sepolcro) (Vartolo) TC661601
PERTUSI, Michele: Live Recital CDS490
PETRARCA, F.: Nelle musiche del primo Cinquecento (Crispo, Bertuzzi, Consort Veneto) TC450001
PETRASSI, G.: Partita / Divertimento / 4 inni sacri / Coro di morti (Rome Symphony, La Vecchia) 8.572411
PFITZNER, H.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 1 (Stallmeister, K. Simon) 8.572602
PFITZNER, H.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 2 (Balzer, K. Simon) 8.572603
PFITZNER, H.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 3 (T.A. Baumgartner, Stallmeister, K. Simon) 8.573081
PFITZNER, H.: Lieder (Fischer-Dieskau, Garben, Höll) C036821A
Piano Recital: Horszowski, Mieczyslaw - BACH, J.S. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / CHOPIN, F. / HORSZOWSKI, M. (1958-1997) CDT5037
PIAZZOLLA, A.: Violin and Piano Arrangements (Legacy) (Cotik, Tao Lin) 8.573789
PIAZZOLLA: Maria de Buenos Aires Suite / Verano Porteno / Milonga del Angel 8.570523
PINHO VARGAS, A.: Verses and Nocturnes (Northern Sinfonia, Vaganza, Brönnimann) 9.70233
PLAETNER: Episoder og Kollisioner / Clarinet Sonata / Songs 8.226520
PLANCON, Pol: Complete Victor Recordings 1903-1908 82001-2
PLAYFORD, J.: Tunes and their Ballads (A Trip to Killburn) (Baltimore Consort) DOR-90238
PODDA, M.: Orde dellaria (Le) (Antonaz) TC961601
PODLES, Ewa: Russian Arias DE3298
Poems CDAccordACD149
Polish Heart (The) 8.554774
PONCHIELLI, A.: Chamber Songs (Zanello) S2043
PONSELLE, Rosa: American Recordings (1939, 1954) 8.111142-44
PONSELLE, Rosa: American Recordings, Vol. 1 (1923-1929) 8.111138
PONSELLE, Rosa: American Recordings, Vol. 2 (1923-1929) 8.111139
PONSELLE, Rosa: American Recordings, Vol. 3 (1923-1929) 8.111140
PONSELLE, Rosa: American Recordings, Vol. 4 (1923-1929) 8.111141
PORFIRI, P.: Chamber Cantatas for Solo Voice (Lucciarini, Carmignani, Laboratorio Armonico) TC651601
PORPORA, N.: Cantatas (Stefanowicz) CDAccordACD183
PORPORA, N.: Stelle lucide / BENEDETTI, F.M.: Pastori o voi / FINALE, G.M.P. del: Oh quam jubilat (Assisi Christmas Cantatas) (Ehrhardt) Phoenix149
PORTER, C.: Celebration (A) - Songs and Melodies from Musicals and Movies (Banse, German Radio Saarbrücken-Kaiserslautern Philharmonic, D. Wilson) SWR19091CD
POULENC, F.: Bal masque (Le) (Galjour, Fendler) (1950) 9.81028
POULENC, F.: Chemins damour (Les) (Pasichnyk) CDAccordACD078
POULENC: Bal masque (Le) / Rapsodie negre / Élégie 8.553614
POULENC: Melodies 8.553642
PRAETORIUS, M.: Quem pastores laudavere / BACH, J.S.: In dulci Jubilo / ECCARD, J.: Ubers Gebirg Maria geht (Flamig, Stier) C10062
PRAETORIUS: Dances from Terpsichore 8.553865
PRATELLA, F.B.: Songs for Voice and Piano (Morigi, Tumiatti) TC881601
PRESIDENTS OWN UNITED STATES MARINE BAND: Heritage of John Philip Sousa (The), Vol. 7 75442230062
PRESIDENTS OWN UNITED STATES MARINE BAND: Heritage of John Philip Sousa Collection (The) 75442200262
PRIMROSE, William: Recital, Vol. 1 (1939-47) 8.111382
PRIMROSE, William: Recital, Vol. 2 (1939-1952) 8.111383
PROGETTO MUSICA - Nuove Laudi Ariose della Beatissima Vergine TC600102
PROKOFIEV, S.: Songs and Romances (Complete) DE3275
PROKOFIEV, S.: Songs and Romances (Gritskova, Prinz) 8.574030
PROKOFIEV, S.: Vocal Music (Barainsky, Bauni) C436031A
PUCCINI, G.: Songs (Complete) (Stoyanova, Prinz) 8.573501
PUCCINI: Bohème (La) (Bjorling, de los Angeles, Beecham) (1956) 8.111249-50
PUCCINI: Bohème (La) (La Scala) (1938) 8.110072-73
PUCCINI: Madama Butterfly (Gigli, Dal Monte) (1939) 8.110183-84
PUCCINI: Manon Lescaut (Albanese, Bjorling, Perlea) (1954) 8.111030-31
PURCELL, H.: Lord, what is man / SCHEIDT, S.: Suite for Strings / DÜBEN, G.: 3 Dances for String (Barock) (Dalton, Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble) PROP7761
PURCELL: Dido and Aeneas (Flagstad, Schwarzkopf, Hemsley) (1952) 8.111264
PURCELL: Tempest (The) 8.554262
PURCELL: Theatre Music, Vol. 2 (Aradia Ensemble, Mallon) 8.573280
PUTIGNANO, B.: Organ Works / 3 Pezzi sacri (Peretti, Stabentheiner) TC961602

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