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This category comprises music written for one or more voices with piano or orchestral accompaniment. The most popular forms are the German ‘Lied’ and the French ‘Chanson’. Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf are the most frequently performed German Lieder composers. Fauré, Debussy and Ravel are the leading French chanson composers. But there are also song cycles with orchestral accompaniment by composers such as Mahler and Berlioz which fall into the vocal category.

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Title Catalogue No.
TACONET: Fourteen Songs / Violin Sonata in D Minor 8.225300
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens, Vol. 1 8.572378
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens, Vol. 3 8.572380
TARKIAINEN, O.: Earth, Springs Daughter (The) / Saivo (V. Räisänen, J. Perko, Lapland Chamber Orchestra, J. Storgårds) ODE1353-2
TAUBE, Evert: Visor och ballader - 20 Original Recordings (1936-1954) 8.120804
TAUBE: Songs PRCD9152
TAUBE: Vocal Music (Den Gyldene Fredens skal!) (Bergman) PRCD9165
TAUBER, Richard: Lieder (1919-1926) 8.110739
TAUBER, Richard: Opera Arias (1926-1946) 8.111001
TAUBER, Richard: Operetta Arias (1921-1932) 8.110779
TAVENER, J.: Essential John Tavener (The) (5-CD Box Set) 8.505239
TAVENER: Protecting Veil / In Alium 8.554388
TCHAIKOVSKY, B.: Piano Concerto / Clarinet Concerto / Signs of the Zodiac 8.557727
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I. / GOUNOD, C.-F.: Romeo and Juliet (excerpts) (Fenn, Manton, Hilgenberg, Waxman) (1953) (Franz Waxman Conducts, Vol. 2) 8.111389
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Vocal Duets (Domashenko, Guryakova) DE3355
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Vocal Music (None but the Lonely Heart) (Krasteva, Deliyska) Gramola99043
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Vocal Music (Tchaikovsky Romances) (Hvorostovsky, Ilja) DE3393
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Vocal Music (Várady, Reimann) C053851A
TCHAIKOVSKY: Songs (Complete), Vol. 1 8.554357
TCHAIKOVSKY: Songs (Complete), Vol. 2 8.554358
TCHAIKOVSKY: Songs (Complete), Vol. 3 8.555371
TCHAIKOVSKY: Songs (Complete), Vol. 4 8.570409
TCHAIKOVSKY: Songs (Complete), Vol. 5 8.570438
TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto / Encores (Milstein) (1949-53) 8.111259
TEA FOR TWO - Songs and Chansons from the Belle-Époque to the Roaring 20s (Decouture, Brocard, FrivolEnsemble) 8.573973
TEIRSTEIN, A.: Kopanitza / Invention / What is Left of Us / Suite / Maramures (Open Crossings - Music by Teirstein) 8.559617
TELEMANN, G.P.: Cantatas / Chamber Music (Mertens, Berliner Barock Compagney) C10741
TELEMANN, G.P.: Cantatas / Missa Brevis (Max) C49498
TELEMANN, G.P.: Cantatas and Odes (Jacobs) C10338
TELEMANN, G.P.: Cantatas for Easter and Pentecost (Harmonischer Gottesdienst) (Frimmer, Kotz-Geitner, Hirtreiter, Schwarz) C10795
TELEMANN, G.P.: Cantatas for the Church Year after Trinity (Harmonischer Gottesdienst) (Frimmer, Muller, Hirtreiter, Schwarz) C10797
TELEMANN, G.P.: Chamber Cantatas / Trio Sonatas (Brandes, Lane, Musica Pacifica) DOR-93239
TELEMANN, G.P.: Missa brevis / Deus judicium tuum / Alles redet itzt und singet (Max) C10315
TELEMANN, G.P.: Sacred Choral Music (Rheinische Kantorei, H. Max) (5-CD Box Set) C7215
TELEMANN, G.P.: Vocal and Chamber Music (A Week of Telemann) (Scheibelreiter, Ensemble Delirio) C5057
TELEMANN, G.P.: Vocal and Choral Music (Max) C51120
TELEMANN, G.P.: Vocal Music (moving Telemann) (N. Spanos, Pandolfis Consort) Gramola99215
TELEMANN: Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst (Der), Vol. 1 CDS118
TELEMANN: Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst (Der), Vol. 2 CDS130
TELEMANN: Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst (Der), Vol. 3 CDS146
TENOR ARIAS (Marcello Giordani) 8.557269
TETRAZZINI, Luisa: Complete Zonophone 1904 and Victor Recordings 1911-1920 81025-2
TEYTE, Maggie: Vocal Portrait (A) (1932-1948) 8.110757-58
THANKSGIVING - A Classic Thanksgiving: Songs of Praise 8.555294
The Eternal Harp DOR-90019
THOMAS KINGOS SACRED SONG BOOKS (Phemius Consort) 8.226121
THOMSON, V.: Portraits / Pictures / 5 Songs from William Blake (M. Harrell, Philadelphia Orchestra, Ormandy) (1945-1954) 9.81183
THOMSON, V.: Vocal and Chamber Works 8.559198
THREE ELIZABETHS (THE): A Musical Celebration of Britain through the Centuries 8.557032-33
THUILLE, L.: Lieder (L. Pfister, Höll) C5238
THUILLE, L.: Lieder (Trekel, H. Holl) C5058
THUILLE: Lieder OC805
TISCHHAUSER, F.: Klein Irmchen / Das Nasobem / Das Vierklaklavier (Die drei Morgensterniaden) (Swiss Chamber Choir, Swiss Clarinet Players, Näf) MGB-6245
TISHCHENKO, B.I.: Harp Works (Complete) (Marinutsa, Khassenova, Naumenko, A. Homenya, Sugako) 8.579048
TISHCHENKO, B.I.: Symphony No. 8 / Concerto for Violin, Piano and String Orchestra (Osmanov, Mazhara, St. Petersburg State Symphony, Serov) 8.573343
To Arrive Where We Started (Danish 20th Century Music) 8.224143
TOCH, E.: Chinesische Flote (Die) / RICHTER, M.: 2 Chinese Songs / Transmutation (Renzi, MGM Chamber Orchestra, Surinach, Ajemian) (1956) 9.81100
TOGNI, C.: 3 Studies on Morts sans sepulture / Flute Sonata / Violin Sonata / String Trio (Ex Novo Ensemble) 8.572074
TOGNI, Camillo: Flute Works - Preludes / Flute Sonata / 3 Duets / Fantasia concertante (Fabbriciani, Dorow, Saldarelli, Damerini, Neri, Conter) 8.573731
TOMASI: Requiem pour la paix / Fanfares Liturgiques 8.225067
TOMKINS / GIBBONS / BYRD: Consort and Keyboard Music 8.553241
TONER TILL TROST (Music for Comfort) 8.503158
TOSCANINI, A.: Spes ultima dea / BOTTESINI, G.: La nostra canzone / DACCI, G.: Eco dolorosa (Cianchi, Murakami, Mustafic, Cortesi) TC820001
TOSTI, P.: Lieder (Bergonzi, Orchestra Camerata di Roma, E. Müller) C073831A
TOUREL, Jennie: Vocal Portrait (A) (1946-1952) 8.110735
TOURNEMIRE, C.: Sagesse / Poeme / Dialogue sacre - 3 Lieder (Bundy, Crayford) 8.572347
TRABACI: Keyboard Music, Book 2 8.553553-56
TRIMBLE: 2 Pianos - Songs and Chamber Music 8.225059
Tristans Harp (The) (Arthurian Medieval Music) (Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, Ferrero) 8.572784
TROMBONCINO, B.: Laudi e Lamentazioni (Ensemble Les Nations, Baldassari) TC472001
TROMBONCINO, Bartolomeo: Vocal Music (Dulces Exuviae) (Ensemble Les Nations, Baldassari) TC472002
Trumpet Music (Italian) - BALDASSARI, P. / FRANCESCHINI, P. / TORELLI, G. / VIVALDI, A. (The Italian Trumpet) (Carroll, New York Trumpet Ensemble) CDX-5147
Tugend und Untugend: German Music from the Time of Luther 8.553352
TULEV, T.: Magnificat / Summer Rain / Legatissimo / Tanto gentile (Latvian Radio Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Putninš) 8.573735
TUNDER, F.: Ach, Herr lass deine lieben Engelein / REINCKEN, J.A.: Suite No. 6 / BALTZAR, T.: Airs (Ziesak, Berliner Barock Compagney, Kallweit) C67125
TURINA, J.: Songs (Ullrich, Halasz) - Triptico / Homenaje a Lope de Vega / Vocalizaciones / Poema en forma de canciones 8.570707
TwoPianists Records: Impressions #1 TP1039237

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