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This category comprises music written for one or more voices with piano or orchestral accompaniment. The most popular forms are the German ‘Lied’ and the French ‘Chanson’. Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf are the most frequently performed German Lieder composers. Fauré, Debussy and Ravel are the leading French chanson composers. But there are also song cycles with orchestral accompaniment by composers such as Mahler and Berlioz which fall into the vocal category.

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Title Catalogue No.
WAGNER, R.: Wesendonck Lieder / Tannhäuser / Tristan und Isolde (excerpts) (Schwanewilms, Vienna Radio Symphony, Meister) C5174
WAGNER, R.: Wesendonck Lieder / Tannhäuser: Overture - Venusberg Music / Götterdämmerung (excerpts) (Lipovšek, Vienna Symphony, Prêtre) C237901A
WAGNER, S.: Lieder (Complete) (Wahnfried-Idyll) (Broberg, Grabner) 8.225349
WALKER, G.: Chamber Music and Songs - String Quartet No. 2 / Poem / Modus (Stasio, Green, Martin, Son Sonora String Quartet, G. Walker) 8.559659
WALTON: Anon in Love / Facade Settings / A Song for the Lord (English Song, Vol. 1) 8.557112
WARLOCK, P.: Choral Music (The Carice Singers, Parris) 8.573227
WARLOCK: Curlew (The) / Lillygay / Peterisms / Saudades (English Song, Vol. 4) 8.557115
WARNER, R.: Vocal Music (Várady, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Fischer-Dieskau) C467981A
WARREN, Leonard: Complete Victor Recordings 1939-1947 82018-2
WARREN, Leonard: Sea Shanties / Kipling Songs / Songs for Everyone (1947-1951) 8.111345
WARWICK: Dionne Warwick - The Soulstress (PAL) DV-SDW
WASTESSON, B.: Havet och karleken (The Sea and The Love) - Music from the musical Gerda - En Sangsaga 8.572072
WEBERN, A.: 6 Pieces, Op. 6 / REGER, M.: Eine romantische Suite / SCHOENBERG, A.: 6 Orchester-Lieder (Nold, Linos Ensemble) C10865
WEBERN, A.: Lieder (Hesse, Barainsky, Gecer, Doufexis) C411951A
WEBERN, A.: Symphony / 6 Pieces, Op. 6 / Concerto (Craft) (Webern, Vol. 1) 8.557530
WEBERN, A.: Vocal and Chamber Works (Arnold, C. Booth, Greenberg, Craft) (Webern, Vol. 3) 8.557516
WEBERN, A.: Vocal and Orchestral Works - 5 Pieces / 5 Sacred Songs / Variations / Bach-Musical Offering: Ricercar (Craft) (Webern, Vol. 2) 8.557531
WEBERN, A.: Vocal Music (Shirai, Holl) C10862
WEBERN, A.: Works (Complete), Vol. 1 (Robert Craft) (1957) 9.80271
WEBERN, A.: Works (Complete), Vol. 2 (Robert Craft) (1957) 9.80272
WEBERN: Complete Songs with Piano 8.570219
WEDDING MUSIC AND WORDS (M.J. Newman, Musica Antiqua) SPJ-93000
WEELKES: Anthems 8.553209
WEIGL, J.: Song and Arias (George, Mauro) DE3453
WEIGL, K.: Lieder (Klussmann, Noack) C5259
WEIHNACHTSKONZERT (Donath, Regensburger Domspatzen, Eichhorn) C446961B
WEILL, K.: 7 Deadly Sins (The) / Quodlibet Suite, Op. 9 (Silja, South West German Radio Kaiserslautern Orchestra, G. Nowak) SWR19519CD
WEILL, K.: Happy End / Das Berliner Requiem / The Threepenny Opera / Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (May) C10180
WEILL, K.: Jasager (Der) [Opera] (Kohler) / DESSAU, P.: Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder (excerpts, sung in French) (Montero, Chevreux) (1954) 9.80378
WEILL, K.: Royal Palace [Opera] C60106
WEILL, K.: Songs (Lenya, Weill) (1928-1944) C10347
WEILL, K.: Threepenny Opera (The) / 6 Songs / Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib / Wie lange noch? (1928-1944) C5061
WEINBERG, M.: String Quartets Nos. 14 and 15 / 3 Palms (Freszel, Silesian String Quartet) CDAccordACD268
WEINER: Art of Yiddish Song (The) 8.559443
WEISER, A.: and all the days were purple / 3 Epitaphs (Bagg, Dionne, Compitello, Bennardo, Levinson, H. Collins) CA-21147
WEISGALL: Tkiatot / Psalm of the Distant Dove / A Garden Eastward 8.559425
WELLESZ, E.: Sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett-Browning / Symphonischer Epilogue / Vorfruhling / Vision / Ode an die Musik / Lied der Welt (Epple) C67077
WEYSE, C.E.F.: Key Masterpieces (The) - Symphonies Nos. 1 and 7 / Christmas Cantata / Piano Sonata No. 6 / Songs 8.226105-06
WEYSE: Morgen- og aftensange (Morning and Evening Songs) 8.224714
WHEELER, S.: Songs (Wasting the Night) (Phillips, River, Kaiser, Sharp, Berman) 8.559658
WIBERGH, O.: Visor (Folksong Arrangements) (Erik and Elizabeth Saedén, Schuback) SLT33244
WIDOR, C.-M.: Chansons de Mer / La nuit / Nuit mysterieuse (Bundy, Filsell) 8.572345
WIE SCHON LEUCHTET DER MORGENSTERN (Clemencic Consort, Clemencic) OC829
WIKSTROM: Inger Wikstrom - Portrait of a Composer PRCD9162
WILBY, P.: Breathless Alleluia (A) / Paganini Variations / Symphonic Variations on Amazing Grace / Euphonium Concerto (Black Dyke Band) 8.572166
WILLAERT, A.: Motets (Musica Nova) (Singer Pur) OC835
Wind Band Music - PUTS, K. / BRITTEN, B. / MAHLER, G. / BRYANT, S. (Network) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Mikkelson) 8.573446
Wind Band Music - THOMAS, M.T. / STRAVINSKY, I. / COPLAND, A. / VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. (Street Song) (University of Georgia Wind Ensemble, Lynch) 8.572917
Wind Band Music - TICHELI, F. / BASSETT, L. / BOLCOM, W. (Angels in the Architecture) (MTSU Wind Ensemble, Thomas) 8.572732
WINTER, P. von: Clarinet Concerto / Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3 / Torni al tuo sen la calma (South West German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim, Moesus) C192041A
WOLEK, K.: Elements / Eppur Si Muove / Bend (Zubel, Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej, Bywalec) CDAccordACD188
WOLF, H.: Gedichte von Eduard Morike (excerpts) (Shirai, Holl) C10830
WOLF, H.: Gedichte von J.W. v. Goethe (excerpts) (Fischer-Dieskau, S. Richter) C543001B
WOLF, H.: Goethe Lieder (Shirai, Holl) C10855
WOLF, H.: Italienisches Liederbuch (Baker, Shirley-Quirk, Bedford) (1977) ICAC5076
WOLF, H.: Italienisches Liederbuch (I. Seefried, D. Fischer-Dieskau, E. Werba) C220901B
WOLF, H.: Italienisches Liederbuch (Isokoski, Skovhus) ODE998-2D
WOLF, H.: Italienisches Liederbuch / Mörike Lieder / Spanisches Liederbuch (excerpts) (Seefried, Werba) (1959) C614031B
WOLF, H.: Mörike Lieder (excerpts) (P. Schreier, Engel) C142981A
WOLF, H.: Mörike-Lieder (Fischer-Dieskau, G. Moore) C140401B
WOLF, H.: Orchestral Songs (Shirai, Berlin Radio Symphony, Kurz) C67091-92
WOLF, H.: Songs (Shrut) DOR-90131
WOLF, H.: Vocal Music (Fischer-Dieskau, Munich Radio Orchestra, Soltesz) C219911A
WOLF: Morike Lieder (Selections) OC305
World of Early Music 8.554770-71
WORLDS MOST BELOVED MELODIES (THE) (Lautenbacher, Hans Hagen Orchestra, Kehr) ACD-8037
WORSAAE, N.: Wesenheit ab Wesenheit / WaWV (Asmussen, Figura Ensemble) 8.226140
Wunderlich, FRITZ: Historical Recording (1954-1965) CD93.003
WUNDERLICH: Sacred Songs CD93.025
WUORINEN: Ashberyana / Fenton Songs I and II / Josquiniana 8.559377
WYTTENBACH, J.: 3 Chansons Violées / Encore! / Lamentoroso / Serenade (Andres, Demenga, Globokar, J. Keller, Molinari, Racine) MGB-CTS-M37

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