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This category comprises music written for one or more voices with piano or orchestral accompaniment. The most popular forms are the German ‘Lied’ and the French ‘Chanson’. Schubert, Schumann, Brahms and Wolf are the most frequently performed German Lieder composers. Fauré, Debussy and Ravel are the leading French chanson composers. But there are also song cycles with orchestral accompaniment by composers such as Mahler and Berlioz which fall into the vocal category.

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Title Catalogue No.
ZAIMONT: Sacred Service for the Sabbath Evening (excerpts) / A Tale of Abram and Isaac 8.559444
ZANDONAI, R.: Sinfonietta settecentesca / Berceuse / Serenata medioevale / Concerto andaluso (Trio Guarino, Orchestra da Camera di Trento, Guarino) TC882480
ZELTER, C.F.: Vocal Music (Fischer-Dieskau, Reimann) C097841A
ZEMLINSKY, A. von: Symphonische Gesänge / 3 Ballet Pieces from Triumph der Zeit / Der Konig Kandaules (highlights) (Grundheber, G. Albrecht) C10448
ZEMLINSKY, A. von: Symphony No. 1 / Fruhlingsbegrabnis / Waldgesprach / Maiblumen bluhten uberall (Beaumont) C10740
ZEMLINSKY, A.: 7 Lieder von Nacht und Traum / Chamber Symphony (Carlstedt, Lapland Chamber Orchestra, Storgårds) ODE1272-2
ZEMLINSKY, A.: Lyric Symphony (Goerne, Schafer, Orchestre de Paris, Eschenbach) C71081
ZEMLINSKY, A.: Lyric Symphony / BERG, A.: 3 Pieces from the Lyric Suite (Robinson, Trekel, Houston Symphony, Graf) 8.572048
ZEMLINSKY, A.: Sinfonietta / 6 Gesänge / Der König Kandaules (excerpts) (P. Lang, S. Lorenz, Vienna Radio Symphony, G. Albrecht, Mälkki) C5377
ZIELENSKI, M.: Offertoria totius anni / Communiones totius anni (Wroclaw Baroque Ensemble, Kosendiak) CDAccordACD272
ZILCHER, H.: 4 Lieder, Op. 12 / Eichendorff-Zyklus / 15 Kleine Lieder nach den Hey-Speckterschen Fabeln (Jarnot, Schmalcz) OC802
ZILCHER, H.: Vocal Music (C. Mayer, Jarnot, März) C190021A
ZIPOLI, D.: Cantate / Sonate (Cecchi-Fedi) TC682603
ZIPORYN, E.: Frogs Eye / The Ornate Zither and the Nomad Flute / War Chant / Drill (Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Rose) CA-21040
ZUBEL, A.: Cascando / String Quartet No. 1 / Unisono I and II / Maximum Load (Zubel) CDAccordACD123
ZUMSTEEG, J.R.: Entführung (Die) / Des Pfarrers Tochter von Taubenhain (Weikl, Sawalllisch) C074021A

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