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Title Catalogue No.
CANNONBALL ADDERLEY QUINTET: Liederhalle Stuttgart (1969) JAH-402
Chamber Music - BODOROVA, S. / KUKAL, O. / DUSEK, J. / PALKA, T. / KUCERA, J. / SHULMAN, A. (Crossover) (Venys, Epoque Quartet, Pavelka) UP0147-2
CHAPTER 12: Chapter 12 MGB-9504
CHOPIN, F.: 19 Polish Songs (arr. K. Stankiewicz) (Chopin Songbook) (Miskiewicz, Stankiewicz) CDAccordACD129
Choral Concert: Leif Strand Chamber Choir - LOWRY, R. / CRUGER, J. / HALLBERG, B. / RIEDEL, G. / STRAND, L. / DYLAN, B. (Som Fagelen Vid Ljusan Dag) PRCD9035
CHRISTENSEN, Tom: Gualala 86050-2
CHRISTMAS - The Musical Advent Calendar 2012 (Jubliee Edition) CD93.291
CHRISTMAS - The Musical Advent Calendar 2013 CD93.308
CHRISTMAS IN AUSTRIA - A cappella (Schnittpunktvokal Male Quartet, Vita Quartet) Gramola98767
CHRISTMAS MUSIC - Happy Holidays from the United States Air Force Band 75442263292
CION, Sarah Jane: Moon Song 86054-2
CION, Sarah Jane: Summer Night 86071-2
CITRUS: Studebaker PCD027
COMMODORES JAZZ ENSEMBLE: Commodores Live! 75442270032
COMMODORES JAZZ ENSEMBLE: Sessions on M. Street, S.E. 75442270042
COREA / BURTON: Chick Corea and Gary Burton DV-JCCGB
CORPO: Corpo PCD022
CORPO: Corpo Live PCD035
CORPO: Solid PCD172
CUBA Alfredo Rodriguez y Los Acereko: Cuban Jazz 76046-2
CUNLIFFE, Bill: Bill Plays Bud 86024-2

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