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Title Catalogue No.
CALVE, Emma: Complete Victor Recordings 1907-1916 81024-2
CAMEROON So Forest: Bikutsi Pop 76032-2
CANADA Daniel Thonon: Master of the Diatonic Accordion EUCD1881
CANADA Forresters Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company: Nova Scotia EUCD2886
CANADA Music of Nova Scotia EUCD1998
CARESS - Music for Therapy 11137-2
CARIBBEAN 20 Best of Caribbean Tropical Music EUCD1698
CARIBBEAN 20 Best of Island Music EUCD1941
CARIBBEAN Best of Caribbean Music EUCD2859
CARIBBEAN Best of Caribbean Tropical Music (40 Latin American Hits) EUCD0220
CARIBBEAN Calypso (Back to mi Home) EUCD2231
CARIBBEAN Calypso Legends EUCD2853
CARIBBEAN Caribbean Steeldrums (20 Famous Tropical Melodies) EUCD1583
CARIBBEAN Caribbean Steeldrums (20 Most Popular Melodies) EUCD1486
CARIBBEAN Discover Caribbean Music EUCD2599
CARIBBEAN Ebony Steelband: Best of Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1919
CARIBBEAN Ebony Steelband: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD2298
CARIBBEAN Jamaica Farewell (Best of Caribbean Steel Drums) EUCD2263
CARIBBEAN Lambeth Community Youth Steelband: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD2213
CARIBBEAN London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Latin Steeldrums EUCD2808
CARIBBEAN London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Latin Steels EUCD2373
CARIBBEAN London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Pan Forever - Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1873
CARIBBEAN Pablo Carcamo: Caribbean Tropical Dance EUCD2742
CARIBBEAN Southside Harmonics Steel Orchestra: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1987
CARRIBEAN: Caribbean Summer EUCD2797
CARTER, Jason: Contemporary Spanish Guitar (Kindred Spirits) EUCD1424
CELTIC Aryeh Frankfurter: Celtic Whispers EUCD2767
CELTIC Best of Celtic Folk EUCD2372
CELTIC Brian Ó hEadhra / Fiona Mackenzie: TÌR - Highland Life and Lore NXW76115-2
CELTIC Briar, Celia: Dark Rose (The) 11005-2
CELTIC Briar, Celia: Her Mantle So Green 11016-2
CELTIC Carol Thompson: A Celtic Quest DOR-90240
CELTIC Carol Thompson: The Blossom and the Rain DOR-90273
CELTIC Carol Thompson: The Faerie Isles (Celtic Harp Music) DOR-90013
CELTIC Celtic Brittany EUCD2447
CELTIC Celtic Folk from Brittany EUCD2230
CELTIC Celtic Harp EUCD2379
CELTIC Celtic Harp Magic EUCD2279
CELTIC Celtic Visions EUCD2825
CELTIC Celtic Voyage EUCD2621
CELTIC Clark, Mark and Philip Riley: Celtic Collection 11031-2
CELTIC Discover Celtic Music - with ARC Music EUCD2768
CELTIC Fiona Mackenzie / Brian Ó hEadhra: TUATH - Songs of the Northlands NXW76116-2
CELTIC Gaelic Ireland EUCD2414
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic and Original Music EUCD2294
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Christmas Songs EUCD2304
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Festival EUCD2698
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Love Songs EUCD2244
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Music from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany EUCD1458
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Songs for Children EUCD2235
CELTIC Golden Bough: Christmas in a Celtic Land EUCD1409
CELTIC Greenfire DOR-90265
CELTIC Ken Kolodner: Walking Stones (A Celtic Sojourn) DOR-90248
CELTIC Margie Butler: Celtic Lullabies EUCD2150
CELTIC Music of OCarolan (The) (OCarolans Dream) EUCD1605
CELTIC Peace at Christmas 11029-2
CELTIC Ronn McFarlane: Celtic Lute (The) DSL-92225
CELTIC: Celtic Journey EUCD2870
CENTRAL ASIA: Samarkand and Beyond - Music of Central Asia EUCD2064
Chamber Music for Xiao and Guitar (Spirits: East Meets West) (Chen Yue, Lars Hannibal) 8.226901
CHICAS DEL TANGO (LAS): Tango de norte a sur EUCD2365
CHILE Conjunto Folclorico Danzamerica de Chile: Beautiful Songs of Chile EUCD2313
CHILE Héctor Pavez: Best Songs EUCD2652
CHILE Pablo Carcamo: Best of Chile EUCD2050
CHINA / JAPAN Best of China and Japan EUCD1361
CHINA / SYRIA Gao Hong / Issam Rafea: From Our World to Yours EUCD2899
CHINA Bao Jian / Hu Jianbing / Gao Hong: Chinese Buddhist Temple Music EUCD2783
CHINA Beautiful Lady Hanfei 82004
CHINA Bowed Stringed Instrument Classics 8.828016
CHINA Cantonese Music, Vol. 1 8.225916
CHINA Cantonese Music, Vol. 2 8.225917
CHINA Chen Jun: Erhu Classics 76011-2
CHINA Chinese Celebration EUCD2769
CHINA Chinese Masterpieces of the Pipa and Qin EUCD2074
CHINA Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 1 82015
CHINA Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 2 82016
CHINA Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 3 82017
CHINA Chinese Taoist Music EUCD2104
CHINA Classical Chinese Folk Music EUCD1564
CHINA Classical Chinese Opera and Folk Songs EUCD2253
CHINA Discover Music from China EUCD2616
CHINA Dizi Classics 8.828008
CHINA Dizi Favourites 8.828011
CHINA Dong Qiuming: Full Moon - Dizi 82008
CHINA Erhu Classics 8.828003
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 1: Folk Songs of Qinghai and Gansu NXW76088-2
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 2: Folk Songs of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang NXW76089-2
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 3: Folk Songs of Yunnan NXW76090-2
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 4: Folk Songs of Guangxi NXW76091-2
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 5: Aboriginal Folk Songs of Taiwan NXW76092-2
CHINA Folk Music of China, Vol. 6: Folk Songs of Chinas Tajik and Russian Minorities NXW76093-2
CHINA Fu Ren-chang: Cicada Dance (Yangqin) 82007
CHINA Guanzi Classics 8.828014
CHINA Hanshin Chinese Folk and Dance Ensemble EUCD1734
CHINA He Shu-ying: Sunset by the River - Pipa 82018
CHINA Heart of the Dragon Ensemble: Chinese Festivals EUCD2863
CHINA Heart of the Dragon Ensemble: Chinese Love Songs EUCD2823

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