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Catalogue list by Genre

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Title Catalogue No.
EASTERN EUROPE Best Gypsy Music from Eastern Europe (The) EUCD2785
EGYPT / SWITZERLAND Ahmad Arnab / Amal Ayyad / Anna Spina / Fikri El-Qinawi / Kahled Abo Hegazi / Paul Giger/ Regula Schneider: El-Sabr Gameel MGB-CTS-M111
EGYPT Cairo Nights (Bellydance Bar) EUCD2101
EGYPT Classical Egyptian Belly Dance EUCD2242
EGYPT Egypt Unveiled EUCD2316
EGYPT Egyptian Bellydance EUCD2178
EGYPT Egyptian Bellydance (Afrah baladi) EUCD2269
EGYPT From Cairo to Sao Paolo EUCD2336
EGYPT Gypsies of the Nile: Rahhal EUCD2261
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy : The Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol. 2 EUCD1921
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble: Best of Om Kolthoum and Mohammed Abdul Wahab EUCD2259
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble: Ro-He EUCD1844
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble: Sabla Tolo III EUCD2158
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Baladi Plus EUCD2361
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Bedouin Tribal Dance EUCD2047
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol. 3 EUCD2500
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Best of Saaidi EUCD2457
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Egyptian Rai EUCD2025
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Fadah EUCD1614
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Rhythms of the Nile EUCD2659
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Sabla Tolo - Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion EUCD1581
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Sabla tolo 4, "Tak raka takum" EUCD2524
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Secrets of the Eye EUCD2580
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Source of Fire EUCD2623
EGYPT Mohamed Al Helbawy: Egyptian Sufi EUCD1778
EGYPT Mohammed Naiem: Master of the Arabian Flute EUCD2549
EGYPT Quanun el tarab EUCD2481
EGYPT Rafat Misso / Hossam Ramzy: Egyptian Bellydance EUCD2173
EGYPT Samya (The Best of Farid Al Atrash) EUCD2495
EGYPT Source of Fire EUCD1305
EIRE - My Celtic Homeland 11107-2
ENCHANTED ISLE (The) 11122-2
ENGLAND City Waites: The English Tradition - 400 Years of Music and Song EUCD1616
ETHIOPIA Gabriella Ghermandi: Celebrating Emperor Tewodros II EUCD2642
ETHIOPIA Minyeshu: Daa dee EUCD2782
EUROPE Mandolinman: Old Tunes, Dusted Down EUCD2498
EXOTIC STRINGS - Africa, Azerbaijan, China, Egypt… EUCD1823

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