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Catalogue list by Genre

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Title Catalogue No.
FANSHAWE: African Sanctus PRCD9984
FAR EAST Sounds of the Far East EUCD1809
FELIX, Rodrigo Costa: Fados de amor EUCD2460
FESTIVAL TROPICAL - 100 Latin American Hits EUCD0511
FIJI Music of the Fiji Islands EUCD1912
FINLAND Art of The Finnish Kantele (The) EUCD2573
FINLAND Finnish Tango, Vol. 2 EUCD2281
FINLAND Kimmo Pohjonen: Sensitive Skin OCTO413-2
FINLAND Matit ja Maijat: Finland Modern Tradition EUCD1815
FINLAND Tango Orkesteri Unto: Finnish Tango EUCD2575
FRANCE (Brittany) Bagad du Moulin Vert: Pipes and Drums from Celtic Brittany EUCD1508
FRANCE Claire Gignac: Les Chants dEros (9 Centuries of French Love Songs) DOR-90280
FRANCE Enrique Ugarte: Moulin Rouge - Valse Musette EUCD2211
FRANCE Enrique Ugarte: Café Musette EUCD2473
FRANCE Enrique Ugarte: Valse Musette de Paris EUCD1622
FRANCE Lous Gouyats de LAdou: Folk Music from South-West France EUCD2135
FROM BAROQUE TO FADO - A Journey Through Portuguese Music (Quintans, Ribeiro, Amaral, Oliveira, Os Mu´sicos do Tejo, M. Magalhães) 8.573875

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