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Catalogue list by Genre

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Title Catalogue No.
GALICIA Celtic Music from Galicia EUCD2237
GAMBIA Musa Mboob / XamXam: Gambia Sessions (The) EUCD2864
GENTLENESS OF TOUCH (THE) - Music for Therapy 11138-2
GEORGIA Ensemble Kereoni: Traditional Songs from Georgia EUCD2819
GEORGIA Kavkasia Trio: Traditional Songs from Georgia 76014-2
GHANA Electric Highlife: Sessions from the Bokoor Studios 76030-2
Golden Chinese Classics of the Century 8.225969HDCD
GREECE Athena: Syrtaki Dance from Greece EUCD1495
GREECE Athenians (The) EUCD2734
GREECE Athenians (The): 20 Best Syrtakis from Greece EUCD2082
GREECE Athenians (The): Rembetika and Greek Popular Music EUCD2860
GREECE Athenians: Greece EUCD1889
GREECE Athenians: Music of Greece EUCD2342
GREECE Best Greek Songs EUCD2669
GREECE Best of Greece EUCD0411
GREECE Best of Greece, Vol. 1 EUCD2502
GREECE Discover Music from Greece EUCD2610
GREECE Estia Pieridon Mousson: Traditional Music and Songs from Greece EUCD2256
GREECE Greek Party EUCD2605
GREECE Magic of the Greek Bouzouki (Near the Sea) EUCD1620
GREECE Marcians: Traditional Greek Music EUCD2272
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Bouzouki - The Sound of Greece EUCD2854
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Greek Moods - Aphrodite Era EUCD2589
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Magic of the Greek Bouzouki EUCD2435
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Music of the Greek Islands EUCD2651
GREECE Michalis Terzis: The Art of the Greek Bouzouki EUCD2631
GREECE Michalis Terzis: The Road to Olympia EUCD1879
GREECE Michalis Terzis: The Sound of Greece EUCD1828
GREECE Spirit of Athens (The) EUCD2291
GREECE Vasilis Skoulas / Michalis Terzis: Tribute to Greece (A) EUCD2778
GREECE: Ultimate Greek Collection (The) EUCD2796
GREENFIRE: Roof for the Rain (A) DOR-90295
GYPSY Discover Gypsy Music EUCD2578
GYPSY Kal Band: Rock n Roma EUCD2478
GYPSY Laura Riz: Gypsy Soul EUCD2039
GYPSY Legends of Gypsy Flamenco EUCD1624
GYPSY Talisman: Russian Gypsy Soul (Fiery Gypsy Music at Its Best) EUCD2292
GYPSY World of Gypsies EUCD2724
GYPSY Zingaros: Cirkari (Gypsy Music from Eastern Europe) EUCD2266
GYPSY Zingaros: Gitango EUCD2444
GYPSY Zingaros: Tango EUCD2905

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