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Catalogue list by Genre

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Title Catalogue No.
JAPAN Aiko Hasegawa: The Art of the Japanese Koto EUCD1907
JAPAN Ayako Hotta-Lister: The Japanese Koto EUCD2468
JAPAN Clive Bell: Shakuhachi - The Japanese Bamboo Flute EUCD1934
JAPAN Discover Japanese Taiko with ARC Music EUCD2667
JAPAN Discover Music from Japan EUCD2602
JAPAN Japanese Drums EUCD2224
JAPAN Japanese Folk Songs EUCD2103
JAPAN Japanese Folk Songs II EUCD2454
JAPAN Japanese Music by Michio Miyagi, Vol. 1 EUCD2096
JAPAN Japanese Music by Michio Miyagi, Vol. 2 EUCD2112
JAPAN Japanese Thunder EUCD2553
JAPAN Joji Hirota / London Taiko Drummers: Japanese Taiko EUCD2713
JAPAN Joji Hirota and the Taiko Drummers: Japanese Taiko EUCD1885
JAPAN Matsu Take Ensemble: Traditional Japanese Music - Yamabiko (Mountain Echo) EUCD2731
JAPAN Nihon Daiko: Japanese Drums EUCD2374
JAPAN Richard Stagg: Shakuhachi EUCD2541
JAPAN Tomoe-ryu Yutakadaiko: Japanese Drums EUCD2045
JAPAN Tomoe-Ryu Yutakadaiko: Japanese Drums EUCD2552
JAPAN Very Best of Japanese Music (The) EUCD2352
JAPAN Wadaiko Matsuriza / Joji Hirota / Kyoshindo: Japanese Drums EUCD2866
JAPAN Wadaiko Matsuriza: Japanese Drums EUCD1735
JAPAN Yamato Ensemble: Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen (A Selection of Old and New Japanese Chamber Music) EUCD2568
JAPAN Yamato Ensemble: Music of the Floating World EUCD2399
JAPAN Yamato Ensemble: The Art of the Japanese Bamboo Flute and Koto EUCD2497
JAPAN Yamato Ensemble: The Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen EUCD1717
JEWISH / SEPHARDIC Fortuna: Ladino Songs and Sephardic Music EUCD2718
JEWISH Massel Klezmorim: Jewish Travels - A Historical Voyage in Music and Song EUCD2727
JEWISH Mike Tabor: Jewish Soul (Lively Jewish Music at its Best) EUCD2286

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