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Title Catalogue No.
MACEDONIA Bellydance EUCD2747
MACEDONIA Džambo Aguševi Orchestra: Brass Like It Hot EUCD2666
MACEDONIA Esma Redzepova: Legends of Gypsy Music of Macedonia EUCD2551
MACEDONIA The Very Best of Macedonia EUCD1822
MACEDONIA Traditional Music from Macedonia EUCD2307
MADAGASCAR Hanitra Ranaivo: Hanitra - Songs from Madagascar EUCD2466
MADAGASCAR Hanitra: Lasa EUCD2688
MALAWI Code Sangala: Mizu NXW76109-2
MALI Invisible System: Dance to the Full Moon EUCD2874
MALI: Les Escrocs - Mandinka Rap from Mali 76060-2
Marco Polo Sampler (2 CDs) MP-2000-1/2HDCD
MARK, Jon: All the Best from Jon Mark 11027-2
MARK, Jon: Celtic Story 11002-2
MARTINIQUE Ballet Exotic du Robert: Caribbean Tropical Music EUCD2201
MARTINIQUE Ballet Exotic du Robert: Music of the French Caribbean EUCD2855
MARTINIQUE Wapa Sakitanou: Martinique - Music of the French Caribbean EUCD1942
Medieval Music - BUSNOYS, A. / GESUALDO, C. / MONTEVERDI, C. / GIBBONS, O. / BULL, J. / PRAETORIUS, M. (Angels of Antiquity) DOR-90009
MEDITATIONS - Music for Positive Imagery 11149-2
MEDITATIONS - Music to Calm the Mind and Body 11148-2
MEDITERRANEAN Discover Music from the Mediterranean with ARC Music EUCD2779D
MEDITERRANEAN Enrique Ugarte: Cafe Paris EUCD2106
MEDITERRANEAN Margie Butler: Celtic Harp EUCD2831
MEXICO 20 Best Mariachi and Folk Songs EUCD2327
MEXICO Cuarteto Latinoamericano: Valses (Mexicanos 1900) DOR-93224
MEXICO Discover Music from Mexico EUCD2638
MEXICO Estampas De Mexico: Traditional Music from Mexico EUCD2188
MEXICO Fer González: Mariachi EUCD2790
MEXICO Mariachi Azteca EUCD2664
MEXICO Mariachi from Mexico EUCD2229
MEXICO Mariachi Sol: Mariachi Mexico EUCD2847
MEXICO Mariachi Sol: Viva Mexico EUCD2422
MEXICO Trio Azteca: Folk Songs and Ballads EUCD1975
MEXICO Trio Azteca: The Best of Mexico EUCD2302
MEXICO Yuly Tovar: Songs from Mexico EUCD2714
MIDDLE EAST Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian Middle Eastern Ensemble: Oud Classics EUCD2875
MIDDLE EAST Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian: Oud Masterpieces EUCD2085
MIDDLE EAST Azeri Project (The) EUCD2388
MIDDLE EAST Bashir Abdel Aal: Master of Arabian Flute EUCD2367
MIDDLE EAST Charbel Rouhana: The Art of the Middle Eastern Oud - New Perspectives on Trad. Maqams EUCD1863
MIDDLE EAST Discover Music of the Middle East EUCD2632
MIDDLE EAST Discover Sufi Music EUCD2668
MIDDLE EAST Ecstatic Dances of the Whirling and Howling Dervishes of Turkey and Syria EUCD1580
MIDDLE EAST Hossam Ramzy: Hafla - Bellydance Party EUCD2065
MIDDLE EAST Journey to the Middle East EUCD2835
MIDDLE EAST Music of the Middle East - Iran, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon … EUCD1930
MIDDLE EAST Music of the Oriental Jews from North Africa, Yemen and Bukhara (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya, 1957) EUCD2513
MIDDLE EAST Songs from Kurdistan EUCD2493
MONGOLIA Bayarbaatar Davaasuren: The Art of Mongolian Khöömii EUCD2613
MONGOLIA Chinbat Bassankhuu: The Art of Mongolian Yatga EUCD2516
MONGOLIA Egschiglen: Sounds of Mongolia EUCD1652
MONGOLIA Mongolian Music from Buryatia EUCD2153
MOROCCO / EGYPT / LEBANON / TURKEY Best of Bellydance EUCD1211
MOROCCO Abdesselam Damoussi / Nour Eddine: Jedba - Spiritual Music from Morocco EUCD2821
MOROCCO Altaf Gnawa Group: Gnawa - Music from Morocco EUCD1922
MOROCCO Chalf Hassan: Arabic Songs from North Africa EUCD1993
MOROCCO Chalf Hassan: Artam El-Arab EUCD2105
MOROCCO Chalf Hassan: Moroccan Bellydance EUCD2035
MOROCCO Chalf Hassan: Rhythms of Morocco EUCD2383
MOROCCO Journey to Morocco EUCD2849
MOROCCO Moroccan Gypsies EUCD2413
MOROCCO Nour Eddine: Traditional Songs and Music EUCD2289
MOROCCO Rabita Andalusa: Diwan 76047-2
MOROCCO Rachid Halihal: Arabian Music from Morocco EUCD2225
Most Amazing Acoustic Guitarists (The), Vol. 1 11086-2
Most Amazing Acoustic Guitarists (The), Vol. 3 11101-2
MOZAMBIQUE Eduardo Durao Timbila Ensemble: Timbila 76015-2
MOZAMBIQUE Various: Afro-Pop 76019-2
MOZAMBIQUE Venancio Mbande Orchestra: Timbila Ta Venancio 76016-2
MOZAMBIQUE Yinguica: Marrabenta Music from Mozambique EUCD2250
MOZAMBIQUE Yinguica: Sounds of Africa EUCD2868
Music for Kids CD 7: Music from Planet Earth 8.558020
Music for Kids CD 8: Music from Planet Earth 8.558021
Music for Kids CD 9: Music from Planet Earth 8.558022
My First Classical Albums (9-CD Box Set) 8.509003
My First Violin Album 8.578215
MY IRELAND 11079-2

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