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Catalogue list by Genre

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Title Catalogue No.
NAMIBIA Elemotho: Beautiful World EUCD2721
NAMIBIA Elemotho: My Africa EUCD2432
NATIVE AMERICAN Pow Wow - Round Dances and Sacred Ceremonies EUCD2672
NAVAJO American Indian Pow Wow EUCD2390
NEPAL Bishwo Shahi: Folk Songs and Soundscapes from Nepal EUCD2425
NEPAL Folksongs and Sacred Music from Nepal (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya) EUCD2711
NEW ZEALAND Jade Eru: Maori Love Songs 76020-2
NEW ZEALAND Kahurangi: Maori EUCD2347
NIGERIA Routes To Roots (Yoruba Drums From Nigeria) EUCD2469
NORTH AFRICA / ARABIA Noor Shimaal: Where Africa Meets the Orient EUCD2726
NORTH AMERICA (Indian) Native Flute Ensemble / Mesa Music Consort: Wind Riders EUCD2639
NORTH AMERICA (Indian) Native Flute Ensemble: Spirit Wind - Native American Flute EUCD2079
NORTH AMERICA Music of the Plains Indians - Field Recordings from the 1975 Kihekah Steh Powwow EUCD2440
NORWAY Gjesdalringen: Traditional Music from Norway EUCD2007
NORWAY Lief Sorbye: Folk Music from Norway EUCD1456

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