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Title Catalogue No.
CARROLL, L.: Alice im Wunderland NHB30032
CERVANTES, M. de: Don Quixote (Unabridged) NA0006
CERVANTES, M.: Don Quixote (Abridged) NA302212
CHAMISSO, A. von: Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichte NHB20042
CHEKHOV, A. (TSCHECHOW, A.): Dame mit dem Spitz (Die) / Von der Liebe NHB10732
CHEKHOV, A. (TSCHECHOW, A.): Drama (Das) - Lustige Erzahlungen NHB10662
CHEKHOV, A.: In the Ravine and other short stories (Unabridged) NA326112
CHESTERTON, G.K.: Innocence of Father Brown (The), Vol. 1 (Unabriged) NA496312
CHESTERTON, G.K.: Innocence of Father Brown (The), Vol. 2 (Unabridged) NA497312
CHILDERS, E.: Riddle of the Sands (The) (Abridged) NA238512
CHOPIN, K.: Awakening (The) (Abridged) NA210812
CHRIST, L.: Lausdirndlgeschichten (Auswahl) NHB10272
CLELAND, J.: Fanny Hill (Abridged) NA316012
CLELAND, J.: Fanny Hill (Unabridged) NA0274
Collection: A Lovers Gift - From Him To Her NA138912
COLLINS, W.: Armadale (Unabridged) NA0409
COLLINS, W.: Haunted Hotel (The) (Unabridged) NA0403
COLLINS, W.: Moonstone (The) (Abridged) NA302712
COLLINS, W.: Moonstone (The) (Unabridged) NA0162
COLLINS, W.: Woman in White (The) (Abridged) NA586312
COLLINS, W.: Woman in White (The) (Unabridged) NAX88412
CONRAD, J.: Heart of Darkness (Unabridged) NA418412
CONRAD, J.: Lord Jim (Unabridged) NA0195
CONRAD, J.: Nostromo (Abridged) NA687112
CONRAD, J.: Nostromo (Unabridged) NAX89012
CONRAD, J.: Secret Agent (The) (Unabridged) NA0187
CONRAD, J.: Youth and Heart of Darkness (Abridged) NA309412
COOPER, J.F.: Last of the Mohicans (The) (Abridged) NA308712
CRANE, S.: Red Badge of Courage (The) (Abridged) NA439112
CRANE: Red Badge of Courage (The) NA420812

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