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Title Catalogue No.
TAGORE, R.: Kabuliwallah and Other Stories (The) (Unabridged) NA0266
THACKERAY, W.M.: Barry Lyndon (Unabridged) NA0121
THACKERAY, W.M.: Vanity Fair (Abridged) NA512012
THACKERAY, W.M.: Vanity Fair (Unabridged) NA0120
THOMA, L.: Assessor Karlchen (Obalski, Jandó) NHB10632
THOMA, L.: Auf Reisen / Kasebiers Italienreise / Die Familie in Italien (ungekurzt) NHB10872
THOMA, L.: Geschichten aus Munchen (Obalski, Jandó) NHB10562
THOMA, L.: Heilige Hies (Der) / Die Dachserin / Agricola (Obalski, Jandó) NHB10742
THOMA, L.: Lausbubengeschichten, Teil 1 NHB10072
THOMA, L.: Lausbubengeschichten, Teil 2 NHB10092
THOMA, L.: Liebespaare - Erzahlungen (ungekurzt) NHB10802
THOMA, L.: Onkel Peppi / Das Begrabnis (Obalski, Jandó) NHB10342
THOMA, L.: Tante Frieda / Hauptmann Semmelmaier NHB10232
THOMAS, D.: Essential Dylan Thomas (The) NA434312
THOMAS, D.: Under Milk Wood and Other Plays (The 1954 Premiere Radio Recording) (Unabridged) NA288712
TIECK, L.: Blonde Eckbert (Der) / Die Elfen / Der Runenberg NHB20192
TOLSTOY, L.: Anna Karenina (Abridged) NA408112
TOLSTOY, L.: Anna Karenina (Unabridged) NAX13012
TOLSTOY, L.: Cossacks (The) (Unabridged) NA613112
TOLSTOY, L.: Kreutzer Sonata (The) (Unabridged) NA335612
TOLSTOY, L.: Resurrection (Unabridged) NA0080
TOLSTOY, L.: War and Peace (Abridged) NA404212
TOLSTOY, L.: War and Peace, Vol. 1 (Unabridged) NAX43312
TOLSTOY, L.: War and Peace, Vol. 2 (Unabridged) NAX43412
TREMAIN, R.: Music and Silence (Abridged) NA697512
TREMAIN, R.: Restoration (Abridged) NA697612
TREMAIN, R.: Road Home (The) (Abridged) NA694612
TRESSELL, R.: Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (The) (Abridged) NA839512
TRESSELL, R.: Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Unabridged) NAX12712
TROLLOPE, A.: Barchester Towers (Unabridged) NA0147
TROLLOPE, A.: Can You Forgive Her? (Unabridged) NA0264
TROLLOPE, A.: Dr. Thorne (Unabridged) NA0158
TROLLOPE, A.: Dukes Children (The): The Only Complete Edition (Unabridged) NA0363
TROLLOPE, A.: Framley Parsonage (Unabridged) NA0178
TROLLOPE, A.: Last Chronicle of Barset (The) (Unabridged) NA0198
TROLLOPE, A.: Phineas Finn (Unabridged) NA0273
TROLLOPE, A.: Phineas Redux (Unabridged) NA0321
TROLLOPE, A.: Prime Minister (The) (Unabridged) NA0346
TROLLOPE, A.: Small House at Allington (The) (Unabridged) NA0197
TROLLOPE, A.: Warden (The) (Unabridged) NA0115
TROLLOPE, A.: Way We Live Now (The) (Unabridged) NA0222
TURGENEV, I.: Torrents of Spring (Unabridged) NA0118
TWAIN, M.: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (The) (Unabridged) NAX36012
TWAIN, M.: Adventures of Tom Sawyer (The) (Unabridged) NA786812
TWAIN, M.: Reisen durch Europa NHB30132

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