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Title Catalogue No.
AFGHANISTAN Afghan Ensemble: Songs from Afghanistan EUCD1841
AFGHANISTAN Inside Afghanistan - Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya EUCD2486
AFGHANISTAN Zohreh Jooya: Afghan Music EUCD2310
AFRICA / INDIA Gondwana Dawn: Africa and India - United in Music and Harmony EUCD2442
AFRICA Adzido: Musical Journey (A) EUCD2125
AFRICA Adzido: Ritual Songs and Dances from Africa EUCD1935
AFRICA Adzido: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2710
AFRICA African Drums and Voices EUCD2297
AFRICA African Hymns EUCD2249
AFRICA African Journey (An) - Music from Cairo to Cape Town EUCD2811
AFRICA African Reggae EUCD1824
AFRICA Afrika Mamas: Afrika Mamas EUCD2630
AFRICA Afrika Mamas: Iphupho EUCD2771
AFRICA Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 3 (The Tswana People) EUCD2132
AFRICA Ancient Civilizations of Southern Africa, Vol. 4 (The Xhosa People) EUCD2203
AFRICA Barry van Zyl: African Heartbeat EUCD2144
AFRICA Batanai: Pan-African Music (Vibrant Acoustics Celebrating the Past and Future of African Ancestral Music) EUCD2290
AFRICA Best of Africa EUCD2526
AFRICA Best of African Mbube EUCD2643
AFRICA Best of Black Umfolosi (Summertime) EUCD2386
AFRICA Blessing Ngo Nkomo: Mbube and Gospel from Southern Africa EUCD2199
AFRICA Bushmen of the Kalahari EUCD1995
AFRICA Discover Music from Africa EUCD2594
AFRICA Drums and Rhythms: Pulse of Africa (The) EUCD2837
AFRICA Emmanuel Nii Okai Tagoe: West to West EUCD2641
AFRICA Finding Graceland EUCD2656
AFRICA Insingizi: Siyabonga (We Thank You) EUCD2607
AFRICA Insingizi: Voices of Southern Africa EUCD1855
AFRICA Kasumai: Senegal, Urban Rhythms EUCD2458
AFRICA Master Drummers of Africa EUCD2431
AFRICA Mbeng-Ntam: Gabon (Traditional Songs and Dances) EUCD2363
AFRICA Music of the Nile - African Sanctus Field Recordings by David Fanshawe (1969-1975) EUCD1793
AFRICA Nfaly Kouyate and Dunyakan: Kora Grooves from West Africa EUCD1892
AFRICA Nii Tagoe: African Roots EUCD1981
AFRICA Sousou and Maher Cissoko: Moo Baalu EUCD2485
AFRICA Tinashe Chidanyika: Sounds of the African Mbira EUCD2233
AFRICA Umoya: Tribal Beatz of Africa EUCD2038
AFRICA Very Best of Africa (The) EUCD2836
AFRICA Voices of Southern Africa, Vol. 2 EUCD2243
AFRICA Vusa Mkhaya: Vocalism EUCD2396
AFRICA West African Blues Project EUCD2873
AFRICA West African Blues Project (The) EUCD2591
ALBANIA Tirana Folk Ensemble: Songs and Dances from Albania EUCD1601
ALCAIDE, Ana: Leyenda EUCD2647
ALGERIA Cheb Nacim: Algerian Rai EUCD2037
ALPENTÖNE - Festival 2009 MGB-NV11
AMADOR, Andres Fernandez / LOS ALHAMA: Traditional Gypsy Flamenco EUCD2247
AMBAR MUSIC GROUP: Diablo Suelto (El) DE4031
AMERICAS Eagle Dance (Ceremonial Music of the American Indians) EUCD2299
ANDEAN Aconcagua: Magical Flutes from the Andes EUCD2633
ANDEAN Harps and Flutes from the Andes EUCD1596
ANDEAN Magic of the Indian Flute, Vol. 2 EUCD1129
ANDES 40 Best of Flutes and Songs from the Andes EUCD2509
ANDES Alpamayo: Magic Flutes and Music of the Andes EUCD1783
ANDES Joel Francisco Perri: The Andean Flutes EUCD2420
ANGOLA Manuel Benedito Diogo: Music Of Angola EUCD2565
APPENZELL Geschwister Küng: Nüdallgraaduus MGB-NV18
ARABIA / SPAIN Best of Flamenco Arabe (The) EUCD2807
ARABIA Flamenco Arabe 2 EUCD2000
ARGENTINA Alfredo Fernando: Tangos and Milongas EUCD2090
ARGENTINA Best of Tango Argentino EUCD1592
ARGENTINA Buenos Aires Tango Trio: Famous Tangos EUCD2311
ARGENTINA Classical Tango Argentino EUCD1997
ARGENTINA Hugo Diaz: Tango Argentino and Baroque Classics EUCD2829
ARGENTINA Instituto El Cimarron: Folk Music and Tangos EUCD2207
ARGENTINA Juanjo Lopez Vidal: Tango de la Docta EUCD2752
ARGENTINA Tango Festival in Granada EUCD2689
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: 20 Best of Classical Tango Argentino EUCD2326
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: Classical Tango Argentino EUCD1858
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: El Motivo - Tango Argentino EUCD1880
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: Tango Argentino EUCD2051
ARGENTINA Trio Pantango: Tango Argentino EUCD2848
ARGENTINA Ultimate Tango Collection (The) EUCD2780
ARGENTINA Very Best of Tango Argentino (The) EUCD2463
ARGENTINA Zum: Gypsy Tango Pasion EUCD1974
ARGENTINA Zum: Tango Argentino EUCD2274
ARMENIA Authentic Light Orchestra: The Sky is Cloudy NXW76112-2
ARMENIA Djivan Gasparian: The Art of the Armenian Duduk EUCD2474
ARMENIA Douduk - The Sound of Armenia 76042-2
ASIA Journey to Asia EUCD2858
ATKINSON, Michael: Gaelic Heart 11023-2
AUSTRALIA Charlie McMahon and Gondwana: Didj Heart EUCD2370
AUSTRALIA Charlie McMahon and Gondwana: Didjeridu Travelling Songs EUCD1876
AUSTRALIA Charlie McMahon: Didjeridu Vibrations - Tjilatjila EUCD1691
AUSTRALIA David Corter: Didgeridoo Dimensions EUCD2308
AUSTRALIA David Corter: Didgeridoo-Mania II EUCD1819
AUSTRALIA Didgeridoo Street Music EUCD2453
AUSTRALIA Kamerunga: Terra Australis EUCD2529
AUSTRALIA Mark Atkins: Dreamtime (Master of the Didgeridoo) EUCD2341
AUSTRALIA Sirocco: Australian Voyage EUCD1826
AUSTRALIA Spirit Man (Aboriginal Music of the Wandijina People) EUCD2746
AUSTRALIA The Didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines EUCD2268
AUSTRIA Schuler Folk Ensemble: The Sound of Austria (A Treasury of Alpine Folk Music) DIS-80116
AUSTRIA Trachtenverien Rossecker: Music of the Alps - Traditional Music and Yodeling EUCD1992
AZERBAIJAN Lok-Batan Folklore Group: Traditional Music EUCD2318
AZERBAIJAN Music of Azerbaijan EUCD2146

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