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Title Catalogue No.
CALVE, Emma: Complete Victor Recordings 1907-1916 81024-2
CAMEROON - So Forest: Bikutsi Pop 76032-2
CANADA - Daniel Thonon: Master of the Diatonic Accordion EUCD1881
CANADA - Forresters Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company: Nova Scotia EUCD2886
CANADA - Music of Nova Scotia EUCD1998
CARESS - Music for Therapy 11137-2
CARIBBEAN - 20 Best of Caribbean Tropical Music EUCD1698
CARIBBEAN - 20 Best of Island Music EUCD1941
CARIBBEAN - Best of Caribbean Music EUCD2859
CARIBBEAN - Best of Caribbean Tropical Music (40 Latin American Hits) EUCD0220
CARIBBEAN - Calypso EUCD2598
CARIBBEAN - Calypso (Back to mi Home) EUCD2231
CARIBBEAN - Calypso Legends EUCD2853
CARIBBEAN - Caribbean Moods EUCD2916
CARIBBEAN - Ebony Steelband: CARIBBEAN - Steeldrums EUCD2298
CARIBBEAN - Jamaica Farewell (Best of CARIBBEAN - Steel Drums) EUCD2263
CARIBBEAN - Lambeth Community Youth Steelband: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD2732
CARIBBEAN - Lambeth Community Youth Steelband: World Travel (Caribbean Steeldrums) EUCD2213
CARIBBEAN - London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Latin Steeldrums EUCD2808
CARIBBEAN - London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Latin Steels EUCD2373
CARIBBEAN - Pablo Carcamo: Caribbean Tropical Dance EUCD2742
CARIBBEAN - Steeldrums (20 Famous Tropical Melodies) EUCD1583
CARIBBEAN - Steeldrums (20 Most Popular Melodies) EUCD1486
CARIBBEAN Ebony Steelband: Best of Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1919
CARIBBEAN London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Pan Forever - Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1873
CARIBBEAN Southside Harmonics Steel Orchestra: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1987
CARTER, Jason: Contemporary Spanish Guitar (Kindred Spirits) EUCD1424
CASTRO, Miguel: World Percussion (Rhythm Journey) EUCD2115
CELTIC - Aryeh Frankfurter: Celtic Whispers EUCD2767
CELTIC - Bagad du Moulin Vert: Pipes and Drums from Celtic Brittany EUCD1508
CELTIC - Brian Ó hEadhra / Fiona Mackenzie: TÌR - Highland Life and Lore NXW76115-2
CELTIC - Briar, Celia: Dark Rose (The) 11005-2
CELTIC - Briar, Celia: Her Mantle So Green 11016-2
CELTIC - Carol Thompson: Celtic Quest (A) DOR-90240
CELTIC - Carol Thompson: Faerie Isles (The) (Celtic Harp Music) DOR-90013
CELTIC - Carol Thompson: The Blossom and the Rain DOR-90273
CELTIC - CELTIC Folk from Brittany EUCD2230
CELTIC - Celtic Voyage EUCD2621
CELTIC - Discover CELTIC - Music - with ARC Music EUCD2768
CELTIC - Fiona Mackenzie / Brian Ó hEadhra: TUATH - Songs of the Northlands NXW76116-2
CELTIC - Gaelic Ireland EUCD2414
CELTIC - Golden Bough: CELTIC and Original Music EUCD2294
CELTIC - Golden Bough: CELTIC Christmas Songs EUCD2304
CELTIC - Golden Bough: CELTIC Festival EUCD2698
CELTIC - Golden Bough: CELTIC Love Songs EUCD2244
CELTIC - Golden Bough: CELTIC Music from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany EUCD1458
CELTIC - Golden Bough: CELTIC Songs for Children EUCD2235
CELTIC - Golden Bough: Christmas in a CELTIC Land EUCD1409
CELTIC - Greenfire DOR-90265
CELTIC - Ken Kolodner: Walking Stones (A CELTIC Sojourn) DOR-90248
CELTIC - Margie Butler: CELTIC Lullabies EUCD2150
CELTIC - Music of OCarolan (The) (OCarolans Dream) EUCD1605
CELTIC - Peace at Christmas 11029-2
CELTIC - Ronn McFarlane: CELTIC Lute (The) DSL-92225
CELTIC Best of Celtic Folk EUCD2372
CELTIC Celtic Harp EUCD2379
CELTIC Clark, Mark and Philip Riley: Celtic Collection 11031-2
CENTRAL ASIA: Samarkand and Beyond - Music of Central Asia EUCD2064
Chamber Music for Xiao and Guitar (Spirits: East Meets West) (Chen Yue, Lars Hannibal) 8.226901
CHICAS DEL TANGO (LAS): Tango de norte a sur EUCD2365
CHILE - Conjunto Folclorico Danzamerica de Chile: Beautiful Songs of Chile EUCD2313
CHILE - Héctor Pavez: Best Songs EUCD2652
CHILE Pablo Carcamo: Best of Chile EUCD2050
CHINA - Bao Jian / Hu Jianbing / Gao Hong: Chinese Buddhist Temple Music EUCD2783
CHINA - Beautiful Lady Hanfei 82004
CHINA - Bowed Stringed Instrument Classics 8.828016
CHINA - Cantonese Music, Vol. 1 8.225916
CHINA - Cantonese Music, Vol. 2 8.225917
CHINA - Chen Jun: Erhu Classics 8.225929
CHINA - Chinese Celebration EUCD2769
CHINA - Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 1 82015
CHINA - Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 2 82016
CHINA - Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 3 82017
CHINA - Chinese Taoist Music EUCD2104
CHINA - Classical Chinese Folk Music EUCD2193
CHINA - Classical Chinese Opera and Folk Songs EUCD2253
CHINA - Discover Music from China EUCD2616
CHINA - Dizi Classics 8.828008
CHINA - Dizi Favourites 8.828011
CHINA - Dong Qiuming: Full Moon - Dizi 82008
CHINA - Erhu Classics 8.828003
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 1: Folk Songs of Qinghai and Gansu NXW76088-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 2: Folk Songs of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang NXW76089-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 3: Folk Songs of Yunnan NXW76090-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 4: Folk Songs of Guangxi NXW76091-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 5: Aboriginal Folk Songs of Taiwan NXW76092-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 6: Folk Songs of Chinas Tajik and Russian Minorities NXW76093-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 7 - Folk Songs of the Yi and Qiang tribes in Sichuan and Yunnan NXW76094-2
CHINA - Folk Music of China, Vol. 8 - Folk Songs of the Kazakh and Kyrgyz Tribes NXW76095-2
CHINA - Fu Ren-chang: Cicada Dance (Yangqin) 82007
CHINA - Guanzi Classics 8.828014
CHINA - Hanshin Chinese Folk and Dance Ensemble EUCD1734

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