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Catalogue list by Genre

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Title Catalogue No.
CAMEROON So Forest: Bikutsi Pop 76032-2
CARESS - Music for Therapy 11137-2
CELTIC Briar, Celia: Dark Rose (The) 11005-2
CELTIC Briar, Celia: Her Mantle So Green 11016-2
CELTIC Carol Thompson: A Celtic Quest DOR-90240
CELTIC Carol Thompson: The Blossom and the Rain DOR-90273
CELTIC Carol Thompson: The Faerie Isles (Celtic Harp Music) DOR-90013
CELTIC Clark, Mark and Philip Riley: Celtic Collection 11031-2
CELTIC Greenfire DOR-90265
CELTIC Ken Kolodner: Walking Stones (A Celtic Sojourn) DOR-90248
CELTIC Peace at Christmas 11029-2
CELTIC Ronn McFarlane: Celtic Lute (The) DSL-92225
Chamber Music for Xiao and Guitar (Spirits: East Meets West) (Chen Yue, Lars Hannibal) 8.226901
CHINA Beautiful Lady Hanfei 82004
CHINA Bowed Stringed Instrument Classics 8.828016
CHINA Cantonese Music, Vol. 1 8.225916
CHINA Cantonese Music, Vol. 2 8.225917
CHINA Chen Jun: Erhu Classics 76011-2
CHINA Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 1 82015
CHINA Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 2 82016
CHINA Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 3 82017
CHINA Dizi Classics 8.828008
CHINA Dizi Favourites 8.828011
CHINA Dong Qiuming: Full Moon - Dizi 82008
CHINA Erhu Classics 8.828003
CHINA Fu Ren-chang: Cicada Dance (Yangqin) 82007
CHINA Guanzi Classics 8.828014
CHINA He Shu-ying: Sunset by the River - Pipa 82018
CHINA Hok-Man Yim: Poems of Thunder - Percussion 76002-2
CHINA Huaxia Chamber Ensemble: Contemporary Music for Traditional Chinese Instruments DE3299
CHINA Jiang Guoji: West Lake Beauty Spots - Dizi 82010
CHINA Jiangnan Classics, Vol. 1 82024
CHINA Jiangnan Classics, Vol. 2 82025
CHINA Jiao Jin-hai: The Art of the Zheng, Vol. 1 8.225914
CHINA Jiao Jin-hai: The Art of the Zheng, Vol. 2 8.225915
CHINA Lin Shincheng: Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace - Great Masters of the Pipa I 8.828005
CHINA Liu De-hai: Pipa Favourites 8.225903
CHINA Liu Ying: Suona Master 8.225924
CHINA Lu Chun-ling: The Art of the Dizi 8.225939
CHINA Man Wu: From a Distance - Pipa Music 76037-2
CHINA Pipa Classics 8.828001
CHINA Plucked Stringed Instrument Classics 8.828015
CHINA Qin Classics 8.828010
CHINA Qin Masters 8.014
CHINA Ruan and Zhongruan Ensemble 82009
CHINA Silk Road (The) 82006
CHINA Si-Zhu: Jiangnan Classics 76008-2
CHINA Suona Classics 8.828009
CHINA Wind Instrument Classics 8.828017
CHINA Yang Wei: Big Waves Washing the Sand - Great Masters of the Pipa II 8.828006
CHINA Yu Xun-fa: Dizi (The Art of) 8.225920
CHINA Zhao Songting: Orchid in Spring (Dizi) 8.225904
CHINA Zheng Classics 8.828002
Choral Concert: Copenhagen Girls Choir - HOLTEN, B. / RAASTED, J.E. / ENGLUND, U. / BOJESEN, M. (Dreams and Landscapes) PRCD2063
Choral Concert: Slavyanka Mens Russian Chorus (Song of the Volga Boatmen - Songs of Russias Meadows, Rivers and Villages) DOR-93212
CHRISTMAS - The Musical Advent Calendar 2012 (Jubliee Edition) CD93.291
Christmas by the Fireside 8.551036-37
Christmas Carols From Around the World 8.503109
CHRISTMAS GIFT - A Dorian Holiday Celebration DOR-90008
CHRISTMAS MUSIC (Finnish) (Segerstam) ODE956-2
COLOMBIA Diego Marulanda and Pacande: La Verraquera! 76003-2

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