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Title Catalogue No.
PACIFIC Discover Music from the Pacific EUCD2662
PAKISTAN Asif Bhatti Ensemble: Traditional Music from Pakistan EUCD2033
PARAGUAY Elenco Koeti: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2323
PARAGUAY Oscar Benito: Best of the Paraguay Harp EUCD2531
PAULSON, Mats: I Ditt Sommahus PRCD-2051
PERU Flutes and Panpipes from the Andes EUCD2179
PERU Joel F. Perri and Cedric Perry: The Very Best of Andean Flutes EUCD1988
PERU Wayna Picchu: Folk Music from Peru EUCD2675
PHILIPPINES Fiesta Filipina: Music of the Philippines EUCD1748
PHILIPPINES Music of the Philippines EUCD2569
Pipa Recital: Lam, Fung (King Chu Doffs His Armour) 8.225843
Pipa Recital: Liu, Dehai (Liu Dehai Plays Pipa Favourites) 8.225839
Pipa Recital: Tang, Xiaofeng - LIU, Tian-hua / WU, Houyuan / CHEN, Gang / LIU, Dehai / GU, Guanren 8.225986
PLUM BLOSSOM MELODY - 4 Virtuosi Play Chinese Traditional Music (Fung Lam, Chun Bo So, Kuen Wong, Tak Wai Cheng, Hong Kong Virtuosi Folk Ensemble) 8.225844
POLAND Karolinka: Songs and Dances EUCD1551
POLAND Song and Dance Ensemble of Warsaw University of Technology: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2285
POLAND Ziemia Myslenicka Song and Dance Ensemble: Traditional Music from Poland EUCD2355
POLYNESIA Voix des Iles: Polynesian Chants EUCD2084
PORTUGAL Amália Rodrigues: Best of Fado EUCD2670
PORTUGAL Amalia Rodrigues: The Queen of Fado II EUCD2364
PORTUGAL Catarina dos Santos: Radio Kriola - Reflections on Portuguese Identity EUCD2802
PORTUGAL Coimbra Folk Group: Traditional Songs from Portugal EUCD2799
PORTUGAL Cristina Branco: Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands EUCD2351
PORTUGAL Custodio Castelo: Amália Classics on Portuguese Guitar EUCD2890
PORTUGAL Custodio Castelo: InVentus EUCD2416
PORTUGAL Custodio Castelo: The Art of the Portuguese Fado Guitar EUCD2315
PORTUGAL Discover Fado with ARC Music EUCD2609
PORTUGAL Fado de Lisboa EUCD2335
PORTUGAL Francisco Fialho: Best of Fado EUCD2131
PORTUGAL Legends of Fado EUCD2357
PORTUGAL Linda Leonardo: Eterno Fado EUCD2804
PORTUGAL Linda Leonardo: Mystery of Fado EUCD2073
PORTUGAL Male Voices of Fado EUCD2523
PORTUGAL Ricardo Dias Ensemble: Coimbra, Fado EUCD2530
PORTUGAL RosaNegra: Fado Ladino EUCD2046
PORTUGAL Verdes Anos: Coimbra Fado EUCD2187

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