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Title Catalogue No.
RAMZY, Hossam / TACHUELA, Rafa El: Flamenco Arabe EUCD1785
RAMZY, Hossam: Bellydance Workshop EUCD2398
RAMZY, Hossam: Rock the Tabla EUCD2349
Ramzy, Hossam: Sabla Tolo II EUCD1806
RILEY, Philip / ELLESON, Jayne: Breton Drum (Single) 11901-2
RILEY, Philip / ELLESON, Jayne: The Blessing Tree I 11036-2
RILEY, Philip / ELLESON, Jayne: The Blessing Tree I (UK Special Edition) 11090-2
RILEY, Philip: Chalice and the Changeling (The) - The Blessing Tree II 11052-2
RILEY, Philip: Visions and Voices 11012-2
RISK, Laura: Merry Making (The) DOR-90282
RODRIGUES, Amalia: Queen of Fado (The) EUCD2337
ROMANIA Ana Hossu and Group: Traditional Music from Transylvania EUCD2017
ROMANIA Doina Timisului: Romanian Tradition EUCD2470
ROMANIA Fanfara din Cozmesti: Gypsy Brass EUCD2001
ROMANIA Gypsies of Romania EUCD2333
ROMANIA Romanian Gypsy Music EUCD2162
RONCAGLIO, Cristiane: Sambalá C5195
RUSSIA Arinushka: Old Faith EUCD2492
RUSSIA Balalaika Ensemble Wolga: Best of Russian Folk Songs EUCD2494
RUSSIA Balalaika Ensemble Wolga: Journey to Russia EUCD2881
RUSSIA Balalaika Ensemble Wolga: Kalinka EUCD1499
RUSSIA Balalaika Ensemble Wolga: Songs of the Taiga EUCD2330
RUSSIA Balalaikas and Songs EUCD2196
RUSSIA Boris Grebenshikov: Russian Songwriter 76039-2
RUSSIA Discover Music from Russia With ARC Music EUCD2618
RUSSIA Otava Yo: Do You Love EUCD2862
RUSSIA Popular Music from Russia EUCD2518
RUSSIA Red Army Choir: Most Beautiful Folk Songs of Russia EUCD2217
RUSSIA Russian Balalaika Folk Ensemble (The) EUCD2624
RUSSIA Russkaya Muzyka: Traditional Music from Russia EUCD2200
RUSSIA St. Petersburg Ensemble of Russian Folk Instruments: Carousel (The Music of Russia) EUCD1784
RUSSIA St. Petersburg Optina Pustyn Male Choir: Orthodox Chants from Russia EUCD2850
RUSSIA St. Petersburg Optina Pustyn Male Choir: Russias Most Beautiful Songs EUCD2693
RUSSIA Stars of St. Petersburg: Russias Most Beautiful Tunes EUCD2369
RUSSIA Valentina Ponomareva: Gypsy Romances from Russia EUCD2394
RUSSIA Very Best of Russia (The) EUCD2764
RUSSIA Vitaly Romanov: The Most Beautiful Songs of Russia EUCD2260
RUSSIA Wolga: Best of Russian Folk Songs EUCD1146
RUSSIA: A Tribute to Stesha: Early Music of Russian Gypsies 76065-2

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