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Title Catalogue No.
SAKHA (YAKUTIA) REPUBLIC Traditional Music from East Siberia EUCD2099
SARDINIA Music of Sardinia EUCD1914
SAUDI ARABIA Aboud Abdel Al: Best of Modern Arabian Bellydance EUCD1978
SAUDI ARABIA Music from the Arabian Gulf EUCD2023
SCANDINAVIA Discover Music from Scandinavia EUCD2614
SCANDINAVIA Septentrio: Nordic Folk Music EUCD2472
SCOTLAND 1st Battalion Queens Own Highlanders: Pipes and Drums EUCD2375
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2359
SCOTLAND Best Of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD0410
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD1407
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums (Scotland the Brave) EUCD0216
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums (The) EUCD2655
SCOTLAND Discover Music from Scotland EUCD2595
SCOTLAND Gaelic Scotland EUCD2532
SCOTLAND Golden Bough: Songs of Scotland EUCD2428
SCOTLAND Grampian Police Pipe Band: Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD1956
SCOTLAND Isla St. Clair: The Voice of Scotland EUCD2397
SCOTLAND Journey of the Scottish Pipes EUCD2254
SCOTLAND Kinross and District Pipe Band: Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD2009
SCOTLAND Kinross and District Pipe Band: Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2879
SCOTLAND Mary Ann Kennedy: Glaschu EUCD2833
SCOTLAND Mary Anne Kenney: An Dàn - Gaelic Songs for a Modern World EUCD2737
SCOTLAND Noel McLoughlin: 20 Best of Scotland EUCD1979
SCOTLAND Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD1213
SCOTLAND Police Pipe Bands of Scotland EUCD2448
SCOTLAND Pride of Murray Pipe Band: Flower of Scotland - Best of Pipes and Drums EUCD2089
SCOTLAND Pride of Scotland - Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2786
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Battle of Kings EUCD2788
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Best of Saor Patrol - The Clans Favourites EUCD2841
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Duncarron EUCD2389
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Early Years (A Collection of Songs from Esspee and Black Bull) EUCD2511
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Open Air Asylum EUCD2499
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Outlander EUCD2515
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Scottish Pipes and Drums Untamed (The Stomp) EUCD2270
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Two Headed Dog EUCD2395
SCOTLAND Scotland Pipes and Drums EUCD2542
SCOTLAND Scotland the Brave (Pipes and Drums) EUCD2295
SCOTLAND Scots Guards: Pipes and Drums (From Helmand to Horse Guards) EUCD2338
SCOTLAND Scots Guards: Pipes and Drums (Spirit of the Highlands) EUCD2161
SCOTLAND Stonehaven Pipe Band: Scotland the Brave EUCD2044
SCOTLAND Waltham Forest Pipe Band: Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD1887
SCOTLAND Young Scottish Pipers EUCD1999
SCOTLAND: Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2415
SEEGER, Pete: If I Had a Hammer (1944-1950) 8.120737
SENEGAL / WALES Seckou Keita / Catrin Finch: Soar BENDI2
SENEGAL Awale Jant Band: Yewoulen - Wake Up EUCD2885
SENEGAL Seckou Keita Quartet: Afro-Mandinka Soul EUCD2489
SENEGAL Seckou Keita: 22 Strings EUCD2585
SERBIA / MONTENEGRO Branko Krsmanovic Group: Music of Serbia and Montenegro EUCD2765
SERBIA Folk Dance Ensemble Vila: Music of Serbia EUCD2121
SERBIA Traditional Music EUCD2329
SERBIA Traditional Songs from Serbia and the Balkans - Svod EUCD2687
SLEEPING MOON (THE) - Music for Deep Relaxation 11145-2
SLOVAKIA Folklórny Súbor Lipa: Traditional Music from Slovakia EUCD2520
SLOVAKIA Urpin Folklore Ensemble: Songs and Dances EUCD2314
SLOVENIA Various: Winter Kolednica (Carols) 76053-2
SLOVENIA: Traditional Music of Slovenia EUCD2075
SOUL OF THE EARTH - Music for Contemplation 11139-2
SOUTH AFRICA Goema Music from Cape Town, South Africa EUCD2133
SOUTH AFRICA Traditional Zulu Music (Songs of King Shaka) EUCD2340
SOUTH AMERICA Cedric Perri: Master of the Andean Flutes EUCD2223
SOUTH AMERICA From the Heart of South America EUCD2119
SOUTH ASIA Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Sufi Qawwalis EUCD2719
SOUTH PACIFIC Music of the South Pacific - Recordings by David Fanshawe (1978-1992) EUCD1709
SOUTH PACIFIC Pacific Chants - Traditional Music of Eastern Polynesia (Recordings by David Fanshawe) (1978-1988) EUCD2729
SOUTH PACIFIC Traditional Music of Eastern Polynesia - Recordings by David Fanshawe (1978-1992) EUCD1743
SOUTH SEAS Magic of the South Seas (Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, Marquesas Islands, Tokelau…) EUCD1597
SOUTH-AFRICA Alexandra Youth Choir: South-African Choral 76025-2
SOUTH-AMERICA Takillacta: Andean Songs 76036-2
SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE Rodopi Ensemble: Thraki - Thrace - The Paths of Dionysus EUCD2822
SPAIN Andres Fernandez Amador: Absolute Flamenco EUCD2574
SPAIN Best of Gypsy Flamenco from Andalusia EUCD1612
SPAIN Best of Rafa El Tachuela: Flamenco EUCD2707
SPAIN Brio: Romance (Sephardic Jewish Culture of Early Spain) DSL-90708
SPAIN Chanela: Flamenco Latino EUCD2276
SPAIN Codigo de Barros EUCD2566
SPAIN Danza Fuego: Flamenco Andalucia EUCD2677
SPAIN Danza Fuego: Gypsy Flamenco, Leyenda Andaluza EUCD2124
SPAIN Enrique Ugarte: Music of the Basques EUCD1712
SPAIN Flamenco Passion EUCD2793
SPAIN Grupo Macarena: Gypsy Flamenco EUCD2838
SPAIN Grupo Macarena: Gypsy Flamenco Rumba EUCD1905
SPAIN Jaleo: Flamenco Live EUCD2043
SPAIN Jason Carter: Contemporary Spanish Guitar EUCD1336
SPAIN Jose (La): Espiral EUCD2596
SPAIN Korrontzi: Tradition 2.1 EUCD2538
SPAIN Manuel El Chachi Lopez-Ruiz: Gypsy Rumba Flamenco EUCD1683
SPAIN Manuel Lopez-Ruiz: Gypsy Rumba Flamenco EUCD2534
SPAIN Mondao (El): Flamenco EUCD2646
SPAIN Muthiko Alaiak Fanfarrea: Music from the Basque Country EUCD1976
SPAIN Os Rosales: The Bagpipes of Celtic Galicia EUCD1602
SPAIN Rafa El Tachliela: Flamenco Nuevo EUCD1971
SPAIN Rafa El Tachliela: Flamenco Romantico EUCD2029

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