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Classical Music > Choral-Sacred

This category includes works written for performance during religious services or on solemn occasions. Before the baroque period, most sacred choral works were performed ‘a capella’, which means without instrumental or orchestral accompaniment. Subsequently, orchestral accompaniment became the norm. The most common forms of sacred choral music are masses, cantatas and oratorios. Among the most famous sacred choral works are the Requiem Masses of Mozart, Fauré and Verdi.

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Title Catalogue No.
MOZART, W.A.: Ave verum corpus / Sacred Music 8.571102
MOZART, W.A.: Genius of Mozart (The) 8.570116
MOZART, W.A.: Grabmusik / Requiem / Church Sonata No. 1 (Stader, Seebach-Ziegler, Gallos, Salzburg Cathedral Choir and Orchestra, Messner) (1931-1952) C396951B
MOZART, W.A.: Masonic Music (Complete) (Heo Young-Hoon, Kassel Spohr Chamber Orchestra, Paternostro) 8.570897
MOZART, W.A.: Masonic Music (Complete) (Vienna Volksoper Chorus and Orchestra, Maag) CDX-5055
MOZART, W.A.: Mass in C Major, "Così fan tutte" / Symphony No. 41, "Jupiter" (German Mozart Orchestra, Raml) OC916
MOZART, W.A.: Mass in C Minor / Requiem (Bertini) Phoenix116
MOZART, W.A.: Mass No. 16, "Coronation Mass" / BACH, J.S.: Ich hatte viel Bekummernis (Vienna Boys Choir, Marschik) C10531
MOZART, W.A.: Mass No. 16, "Coronation Mass" / Missa brevis, "Organ solo" / Missa solemnis, "Waisenhausmesse" (Classic Collection) C51153
MOZART, W.A.: Mass No. 18, "Great" (reconstructed by C. Kemme) (Landshamer, Vondung, Davislim, Berndt, Arman) 900923
MOZART, W.A.: Mass No. 18, "Great" (reconstructed by C. Kemme) (with introduction) (Landshamer, Vondung, Davislim, Berndt, Arman) 900917
MOZART, W.A.: Mass No. 18, "Great" (Seefried, Kupper, Fehenberger, Braun, Bavarian Radio Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, Jochum) C205891B
MOZART, W.A.: Mass No. 18, "Great" (Stader, Maran, Raninger, Salzburger Rundfunkchor, Salzburg Mozarteum Choir and Orchestra, Paumgartner) (1958) C397951B
MOZART, W.A.: Missa brevis, K. 194 and 275 / Regina coeli, K. 127 (St Albans Cathedral Choirs, Sinfonia Verdi, A. Lucas) 8.573092
MOZART, W.A.: Missa brevis, K. 275 / Church Sonatas (The Salzburg Marian Mass) (National Forum of Music Choirs, Kosendiak) CDAccordACD215
MOZART, W.A.: Missa solemnis, K. 139, "Waisenhausmesse" / Choral Works (RIAS Chamber Chorus, Berlin Radio Symphony, Creed) C10169
MOZART, W.A.: Naxos Mozart Album (The) 8.578126
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem (arr. C. Czerny for soli, choir and piano 4 hands) (Ars Cantica Choir, Marangoni, Vincenzi, Berrini) 9.70176
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem (Hajossyova, Horska, Kundlak, Mikulas, Kosler) 8.550235
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem (Hallin, Mühle, Burrows, St. Jacobs Chamber Choir, Stockholm Conservatory Musicians, Skold) PCD015
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem (M. Allan, Buter, M. Ullmann, Snell, Gewandhaus Chamber Choir, Leipzig Chamber Orchestra, Schuldt-Jensen) 8.557728
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem (Wiens, Schreckenbach, Baldin, Faulstich, RIAS Chamber Chorus, Berlin Radio Symphony, Gronostay) CA18396
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem / Ave verum corpus / BRUCKNER, A.: Motets (Vienna Boys Choir, Chorus Viennensis, Vienna Volksoper Orchestra, Marschik) C10589
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem / BRUCKNER, A.: Te Deum (Westminster Choir, New York Philharmonic, Walter) (1953, 1956) 9.81006
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem / HAAS, G.F.: 7 Klangräume (Connolly, Kühmeier, Lehtipuu, Salzburg Bach Choir, Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, I. Bolton) BVE08047
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem in D Minor (Buckel, Mielsch, Bence, Wollitz, Boblingen Bach Choir, Stuttgart Philharmonic, Bader) ACD-8060
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem in D Minor (Lipp, Hoengen, Dickie, Wiener Singverein, Vienna Pro Musica Orchestra, Horenstein) VOX-7811
MOZART, W.A.: Requiem, K. 626 (completed by R. Levin) (Labadie) DOR-90310
MOZART, W.A.: Sacred Music - Regina coeli, K. 108 and K. 127 / Exsultate jubilate (Czech Philharmonic Choir, Czech Chamber Soloists of Brno, Fiala) UP0101-2
MOZART, W.A.: Sampler Series - More Magic of Mozart (Lautenbacher, Rilling, Kehr, Grossmann, R. Johnson, Tatrai, Angerer, Horenstein, Bottcher) ACD-8744
MOZART, W.A.: Symphonies Nos. 38, 39 and 41 / Coronation Mass / Vesperae solennes de confessore (Vienna Symphony, Horenstein) (1955, 1957) CDX2-5524
MOZART, W.A.: Symphony No. 25 / BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphony No. 5 / BRAHMS, J.: Ein deutsches Requiem (Klemperer) (1955, 1958) ICAC5152
MOZART, W.A.: Symphony No. 25 / Requiem in D Minor (Konzertvereinigung Wiener Staatsopernchor, Vienna Philharmonic, B. Walter) (1956) C430961B
MOZART: Colours of Mozart 8.551238
MOZART: Davide penitente / Regina coeli, K. 108 8.570231
MOZART: Mass No. 16, Coronation Mass / Exsultate, jubilate / Ave Verum Corpus 8.550495
MOZART: Mass No. 18 in C Minor, K. 427, Great / Kyrie in D Minor, K. 341 8.554421
MOZART: Requiem / Ave verum corpus / HAYDN: Te Deum 7161
MOZART: Requiem / Exultate, Jubilate / Laudate Dominum 8.553259
MOZART: Requiem in D Minor 8.571051
MOZART: Requiem in D Minor (Tassinari, Tagliavini, De Sabata) (1941) 8.111064
MOZART: Solemn Vespers 8.554158
Music and Video Club Vol. 1(UK only) 8.555081
MUSIC FROM THE ETON CHOIRBOOK (Tonus Peregrinus, Pitts) 8.572840
Music from the Time of the Templars 8.503192
Music of Worship and Praise 8.554578
My First Christmas Album 8.578340
My First Classical Albums (9-CD Box Set) 8.509003
My First Mozart Album 8.578204
MYSLIVECEK, J.: Passione di Nostro Signore Gesu Cristo (La) (Spering) C71025-26
MYSTIC CLASSICS - Visionary Choral and Orchestral Masterpieces 8.570225-26
MYSTIC VOICES - Divine Music from the Heavens 8.570169-70

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