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Catalogue list by Genre

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Operas and operettas are basically plays (tragedies, dramas and comedies) set to music. Most feature solo voices and choruses and the whole is accompanied by orchestra. The operetta is a light music version of the opera form, but the French 'Opéra Comique' and the German 'Singspiel' also represent lighter forms of opera. The most frequently performed opera composers are Mozart, Rossini, Puccini and Verdi, while the most successful operetta composers are Johann Strauss II, Offenbach, Lehár and Sullivan.

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Title Catalogue No.
Min Forste Mozart (My First Mozart Album) 8.578233
MOHR: From the Realm of the Shadow 8.559089-90
MONIUSZKO, S.: Haunted Manor (The) (Paprocki, Kossowski, Kostrzewska, Poznan State Moniuszko Opera, Bierdiajew) (1953-1954) 8.111391-92
MONIUSZKO, S.: Widma (Phantoms) [Cantata] (Brek, Kubas-Kruk, Butryn, National Forum of Music Choir, Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra, Kosendiak) CDAccordACD243
MONSIGNY, P.-A.: Deserteur (Le) (Sharp, Labelle, Monoyios, Newman, Opera Lafayette, R. Brown) 8.660263-64
MONSIGNY, P.-A.: Roi et le fermier (Le) (The King and the Farmer) [Comic Opera] (Opera Lafayette, Brown) 8.660322
MONTEMEZZI, I.: Amore dei tre re (L) [Opera] (Bruscantini, Capecchi, Berdini, Basile) (1951) 9.80643-44
MONTEVERDI, C.: Ballo delle Ingrate / Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (Symphonia Perusina, Volta) TC561308
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals (Madrigali in genere rappresentativo) (Ensemble Concerto, Gini) TC561302
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 8 (Il Ottavo Libro de Madrigali, 1638) (Delitiæ Musicæ, Longhini) 8.573755-58
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 8 (Il Ottavo Libro de Madrigali, 1638) (Il Ruggiero, Marcante) TC561306
MONTEVERDI, C.: Vocal Music (Sluis, Kohler, Lautten Compagney) C10470
MONTEVERDI: Ballo Delle Ingrate / Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda 8.553322
MONTEVERDI: Orfeo (L) (Krebs, Mack-Cosack) (1955) 9.80019-20
MOORE, D.: Ballad of Baby Doe (The) [Opera] (Buckley) (1959) 9.80854-55
MOORE, D.: Devil and Daniel Webster (The) [Opera] (Winters, Blankenship, Young, Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Aliberti) (1957) 9.81229
MOSCA, L.: Signor Goldoni [Opera] (Abbondanza, Teatro la Fenice Chorus and Orchestra, Molino) CDS600
MOZART - Fran underbarn till mastare 8.503181
MOZART (A HOMAGE) - 250 YEAR CELEBRATION, Vol. 5 (Opera Gala) C49519
MOZART (rev. STRAUSS, R.): Idomeneo (Complete) CDS532
MOZART / MENDELSSOHN: Famous Overtures 8.553261
Mozart Concert in Vienna 8.550867
Mozart Evening in Vienna (A) 8.550866
MOZART, W.A.: Arias (Isokoski) ODE1043-2
MOZART, W.A.: Ascanio in Alba 8.660040-41
MOZART, W.A.: Bastien und Bastienne (Pritchard) (1954) 9.80136
MOZART, W.A.: Clemenza di Tito (La) [Opera] (1955) C67159
MOZART, W.A.: Clemenza di Tito (La) [Opera] (Hollweg, Neblett, Malfitano, Troyanos, A. Howells, Rydl, Vienna Philharmonic, Levine) C938172I
MOZART, W.A.: Così fan tutte (Sung in English) (Steber, Tucker, Metropolitan Opera, Stiedry) (1952) 9.80749-50
MOZART, W.A.: Così fan tutte [Opera] (Antonacci, Bacelli, Decker, Coro Lirico Marchigiano V. Bellini, Marchigiana Philharmonic, Kuhn) C243913F
MOZART, W.A.: Così fan tutte [Opera] (Davies) OACD9005D
MOZART, W.A.: Così fan tutte [Opera] (Janowitz, Ludwig, Miljakovic, Dallapozza, Berry, Waechter, Vienna State Opera Chorus and Orchesra, J. Krips) C697072I
MOZART, W.A.: Così fan tutte [Opera] (Price, Fassbaender, W. Brendel, Schreier, Grist, T. Adam, Bavarian State Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Sawallisch) C918182I
MOZART, W.A.: Così fan tutte [Opera] (Schwarzkopf, Merriman, Milan La Scala Chorus and Orchestra, Cantelli) (1956) 9788865440100
MOZART, W.A.: Così fan tutte [Opera] (Seefried, Hermann, Otto, Vienna State Opera Chorus, Vienna Philharmonic, K. Böhm) (1954) C357942I
MOZART, W.A.: Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) (Stader, Streich, Fischer-Dieskau, Fricsay) (1956) 9.80720-21
MOZART, W.A.: Don Giovanni (Highlights) (Skovhus, Girolami, Schorg, Pieczonka, Halasz) 8.557893
MOZART, W.A.: Don Giovanni (Opera Australia, 2011) OPOZ56025CD
MOZART, W.A.: Don Giovanni (Siepi, Corena, Krips) (1955) 9.80169-71
MOZART, W.A.: Don Giovanni / Die Entführung aus dem Serail / Così fan tutte / La clemenza di Tito [Operas] (Highlights) (Paternostro) CA18401
MOZART, W.A.: Don Giovanni [Opera] (R. Raimondi, K. Moll, M. Price, H. Winkler, J. Várady, Bavarian State Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Sawallisch) C846153D
MOZART, W.A.: Don Giovanni [Opera] (Siepi, Grümmer, Schwarzkopf, Edelmann, Vienna State Opera Chorus, Vienna Philharmonic, Furtwängler) (1953) C624043D
MOZART, W.A.: Entführung aus dem Serail (Die) (Beczala, Habermann, Linz Bruckner Orchestra, Sieghart) OC115
MOZART, W.A.: Entführung aus dem Serail (Die) [Opera] (Köth, Otto, Schock, Dickie, Vienna State Opera Chorus and Philharmonic, Szell) (1956) C652052I
MOZART, W.A.: Entführung aus dem Serail (Die) [Opera] (Sieghart) OC249
MOZART, W.A.: Finta semplice (La) [Opera] (Donath, Ihloff, Berganza, Moser, Rolfe-Johnson, Holl, Lloyd, Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, Hager) C085843F
MOZART, W.A.: Handel - Acis and Galatea [Opera] (Mathis, Rolfe-Johnson, ORF Chorus and Symphony, P. Schreier) C133852H
MOZART, W.A.: Idomeneo (Streit, Gulin, Tamar, San Carlo Theatre Chorus and Orchestra, Guidarini) 8.660250-52
MOZART, W.A.: Idomeneo re di Creta [Opera] (A. Fischer) 6.220586-89
MOZART, W.A.: Lucio Silla (Teatro la Fenice, 2006) CDS524
MOZART, W.A.: Lucio Silla [Opera] (A. Fischer) 8.226069-71
MOZART, W.A.: Magic Flute (The) [Opera] C67157
MOZART, W.A.: Mitridate, re di Ponto [Opera] (A. Fischer) 6.220580-82
MOZART, W.A.: Naxos Mozart Album (The) 8.578126
MOZART, W.A.: Nozze di Figaro (Le) (Opera Australia, 2010) OPOZ56003CD
MOZART, W.A.: Nozze di Figaro (Le) [Opera] (E. Schwarzkopf, I. Seefried, C. Ludwig, D. Fischer-Dieskau, E. Kunz, Vienna Philharmonic, Böhm) (1957) C296923D
MOZART, W.A.: Nozze di Figaro (Le) [Opera] (Kunz, Seefried, Schöffler, Della Casa, Jurinac, Vienna State Opera Chorus, Vienna Philharmonic, Böhm) ICAC5147
MOZART, W.A.: Nozze di Figaro (Le) [Opera] (Siepi, Gueden, Corena, E. Kleiber) (1955) 9.80427-30
MOZART, W.A.: Nozze di Figaro (Le) [Opera] (T. Krause, Tomowa-Sintow, J. Van Dam, F. von Stade, Vienna State Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Karajan) C856123D
MOZART, W.A.: Opera Arias (A. Fritsch, Munich Radio Orchestra, De Marchi) C903161A
MOZART, W.A.: Opera Arias (Castrato Arias) (Sabadus, Recreation - Graz Grosses Orchester, Hofstetter) OC1814
MOZART, W.A.: Opera Arias (Grosse Mozartsänger, Vol. 2) (Dermota, Fischer-Dieskau, Grümmer, Köth, Kunz, Lipp, C. Ludwig) (1949-1960) C394201B
MOZART, W.A.: Opera Arias (Protschka) C10109
MOZART, W.A.: Opera Arias (Ziesak) C10824
MOZART, W.A.: Opera Gala C51096
MOZART, W.A.: Opera Highlights (Breslik, Munich Radio Orchestra, Lange) C889161A
MOZART, W.A.: Schauspieldirektor (Der) [Opera] (Nadelmann, Sala, Schenk, Marriner) Phoenix104
MOZART, W.A.: Ultimate Opera Album (The) 8.578064-65
MOZART, W.A.: Zaide [Opera] (Blegen, Hollweg, Schöne, Moser, Holl, Mozarteum Chamber Orchestra, Hager) C055832I
MOZART, W.A.: Zauberflöte (Die) (The Magic Flute) (Highlights) (Lippert, Norberg-Schulz, Tichy, Rydl, Halasz) 8.553438
MOZART, W.A.: Zauberflöte (Die) / Idomeneo [Opera] (Highlights) CA18400
MOZART: Colours of Mozart 8.551238
MOZART: Così fan tutte 8.660008-10
MOZART: Così fan tutte (Glyndebourne) (1935) 8.110280-81
MOZART: Così fan tutte (Highlights) 8.553172
MOZART: Così fan tutte (Schwarzkopf, Otto, Karajan) (1954) 8.111232-34
MOZART: Don Giovanni 8.660080-82
MOZART: Don Giovanni (Glyndebourne) (1936) 8.110135-37
MOZART: Don Giovanni (Highlights) 5.110011
MOZART: Le nozze di Figaro, K. 492 (Highlights) 5.110014
MOZART: Marriage of Figaro (The) (Glyndebourne) (1934-1935) 8.110186-87
MOZART: Marriage of Figaro (The) (Highlights) 8.554172
MOZART: Nozze di Figaro (Le) (Jurinac, Stevens, Bruscantinii) (1955) 9.80027-29
MOZART: Nozze di Figaro (Le) (The Marriage of Figaro) 8.660102-04
MOZART: Operatic Arias and Duets 8.550435
MOZART: Overtures 8.550185
MOZART: Symphonies Nos. 25, 28, and 40 and Arias (1956 / 1959 / 1961) CD93.152
MOZART: Tenor Arias 8.550383
MOZART: Zauberflöte (Die) (The Magic Flute) 8.660030-31
MOZART: Zauberflöte (Die) (The Magic Flute) (Beecham) (1937-1938) 8.110127-28
Music Together 8.557363DX
MUSSORGSKY, M.: Khovanshchina [Opera] C10789-91

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