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Catalogue list by Genre

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Classical Music > Chamber Music

This category covers works written for between two and ten instruments. The most popular chamber music works are sonatas for piano and one other instrument such as violin or cello and string quartets. Most great composers have written such instrumental sonatas and quartets. Other chamber music formats are the trio (three instruments -- for example, piano trios feature piano, violin and cello), the quintet (five instruments, frequently five string instruments -- Schubert's Trout Quintet for piano and four string instruments is perhaps the most famous chamber music work of all time), the sextet (six instruments), the septet (seven instruments), the octet (eight instruments) and the nonet (nine instruments). There are also a few works for ten instruments known by the French name dixtuor.

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Title Catalogue No.
SCHULHOFF, E.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 / 5 Pieces (Aviv Quartet) 8.570965
SCHULHOFF, E.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 / 5 Pieces (Petersen Quartet) C10463
SCHULHOFF, E.: String Sextet / STRAUSS, R.: Metamorphosen (Heinze, Hyperion Ensemble) PMR0010
SCHULHOFF, E.: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 (Duo DS) Gramola98982
SCHUMAN, W.: Free Song (A) / COPLAND, A.: Appalachian Spring / SOWERBY, L.: The Canticle of the Sun (The Pulitzer Project) (Kalmar) CDR90000-125
SCHUMAN, W.: String Quartet No. 3 / HANSON, H.: String Quartet, Op. 23 (American String Quartets, 1900-1950) (Kohon Quartet) CDX-5090
SCHUMANN : Best of Schumann (The) 8.551112
SCHUMANN, C.: Piano Concerto in A Minor / Piano Trio in G Minor 8.557552
SCHUMANN, Camillo: Cello Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / 2 Konzertstucke (Kliegel, Piemontesi) 8.572314
SCHUMANN, R. / BRAHMS: Piano Quintets 8.550406
SCHUMANN, R. / SCHUMANN, C. Romanzen (Schellenberger, Koenen) C130014
SCHUMANN, R.: Cello Concerto / HAYDN, J.: Divertimento / FALLA, M. de.: 7 canciones populares españolas (excerpts) (Shafran) (1955, 1957) 9.80614
SCHUMANN, R.: Adagio and Allegro / BRAHMS: Cello Sonata No. 1 / HERZOGENBERG: Duo / RONTGEN: Cello Sonata (Brahms and His Friends, Vol. 2) CDX-29407
SCHUMANN, R.: Adagio and Allegro / Fantasiestücke / 3 Romanzen / Violin Sonata No. 1 / Marchenbilder (Zimmermann, Holl) C67123
SCHUMANN, R.: Cello and Piano Music (Fantasy and Romance) (E. Gruber, Sekino) DE3481
SCHUMANN, R.: Cello and Piano Music (Müller-Schott, Kulek) C617041A
SCHUMANN, R.: Fantasiestücke / BRAHMS: Clarinet Sonatas Nos. 1, 2 (arr. for cello) (Brahms and His Friends, Vol. 5) CDX-29609
SCHUMANN, R.: Märchenbilder / Märchenerzählungen / Fantasiestücke (Boisseau, Dehaene) OC1819
SCHUMANN, R.: Music for Cello and Piano - Adagio and Allegro / Fantasiestücke / Marchenbilder / Romanzen / SCHUMANN, C.: Romanzen (Georgian, Nelleke) 8.572375
SCHUMANN, R.: Music for Violin and Piano (Irnberger, Demus) Gramola98832
SCHUMANN, R.: Paganini - 24 Caprices (Maristella and Mario Patuzzi) CDS7774
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Duos (Complete) (A. Frankl, P. Frankl, Schiff) CD3X-3001
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Music / Piano Concerto, Op. 54 / Piano Quintet (Biret Schumann Edition) (Biret, Wit, Borusan Quartet) (8-CD Box Set) 8.508016
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Quartet, Op. 47 / MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Sextet, Op. 110 (Hohenrieder, Gewandhaus Quartet) SM123
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Quartets - Opp. 25, 47 (The Ames Piano Quartet) DOR-90194
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Quintet / Piano Quartet / Marchenerzahlungen (Fine Arts Quartet, Xiayin Wang) 8.572661
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Quintet / Symphonic Etudes (Biret Chamber Music Edition, Vol. 1) 8.571305
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major, Op. 44 / DVORAK, A.: Piano Quintet in A Major, Op. 81 (Buchbinder, Shanghai Quartet) CDAccordACD160
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major, Op. 44 / Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major, Op. 44 (arr. J. Brahms and U. Tsachor) (Amati Quartet) CDX-29201
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Trios No. 1, Op. 63 and No. 2, Op. 80 8.553836
SCHUMANN, R.: Piano Trios, Vol. 2 8.553837
SCHUMANN, R.: String Quartet No. 1 / Piano Quintet in E-Flat Major (Delian::Quartet) OC711
SCHUMANN, R.: String Quartets Nos. 1-3 (Ying Quartet) DSL-92184
SCHUMANN, R.: Studies for Pedal Piano / Piano Trio No. 1 / Abendlied / BRAHMS, J.: Piano Trio, Op. 40 (Petrof Piano Trio) UP0186
SCHUMANN, R.: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 (Kaler, Slutsky) 8.550870
SCHUMANN, R.: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1-3 (C. Tetzlaff, Vogt) ODE1205-2
SCHUMANN, R.: Works for Oboe and Piano 8.550599
SCHUMANN: Piano Quintet, Op. 44 / BRAHMS: Piano Quartet No. 2 (Curzon, Budapest Quartet) (1951-1952) 8.110306
SCHUMANN: String Quartets Nos. 1-3 8.570151
SCHUMANN: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / Fantasiestücke CDS507
SCHUMANN: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1-3 CDR90000-095
SCHWAB, G.: Schildburger (Die) (leicht gekurzt) NHB10212
SCHWANTNER, J.: Consortium I / In aeternum / IVES, C.: Largo for Violin, Clarinet and Piano / DAVIDOVSKY, M.: Synchronisms No. 3 (Boston Musica Viva) DE1011
SCHWANTNER: Sparrows / Music of Amber 8.559206
SCHWARZ, Gerard: Gerard Schwarz Collection (The) (30-CD Box Set) 8.503294
SCHWARZ-SCHILLING, R.: String Quartet in F Minor / HAMEL, P.M.: Ulisono / ELIASSON, A.: In medias (Symphonia Momentum, Schlüren) Gramola98004
SCOTT, C.: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 3 / Sonata Melodica (Howick, Rahman) 8.572290
SCULTHORPE, P.: String Quartets with Didjeridu (Complete) (Kent, Del Sol String Quartet) DSL-92181
SEEGER: Vocal, Chamber and Instrumental Works 8.559197
SEGOVIA, Andres: 1950s American Recordings, Vol. 5 (Segovia, Vol. 7) 8.111313
SEITZ, F.: Violin Concertos, Vol. 1 - Nos. 1-5 (Hyejin Chung, Warren Lee) 8.573801
SENTIRETE UNA CANZONETTA - Affetti musicali tra Rinascimento e Barocco (In Tabernae Musica) TC580002
Sephardic Romances: Traditional Jewish Music from Spain 8.553617
SERENADE - Classical Favourites for Relaxing and Dreaming 8.556619
SERVAIS, A.F. / GHYS, J. / LEONARD, H. / VIEUXTEMPS, H.: Grand Duos (Eichhorn, Hulshoff) 8.572188
SESSIONS: String Quintet / String Quartet No. 1 / Canons (to the memory of Igor Stravinsky) 8.559261
SHENG, Bright: Night at the Chinese Opera (A) / String Quartet No. 5 / My Song / My Other Song (P. Serkin, Bright Sheng, Shanghai Quartet) 9.70235
SHENG, Bright: Northern Lights / Melodies of a Flute / 4 Movements for Piano Trio (Dan Zhu, J. Schwarz, Trey Lee, Bright Sheng) 8.579014
SHENG, Bright: Spring Dreams / 3 Fantasies / Tibetan Dance (Cho-liang Lin, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Tsung Yeh, A.-M. Schub, E. Svoboda, B. Sheng) 8.570601
SHIBATA, M.: Sinfonia / Essay for 6 Brasses / Poem Recited in the Night / Trimurti (Yoshiko Okumura, Hiroyuki Iwaki) NYNG-005
SHIH: Uberquerung des Flusses (Die) / Ein Takt / Wanderschaft / Die Trennung (Fritzsch, Wen-Pin Chien) C5111
SHOSTAKOVICH / SCHNITTKE: Piano Quintets 8.554830
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Chamber Symphony / 2 Pieces for String Octet / Antiformalist Rayok / Prelude in Memoriam D. Shostakovich (Moscow Virtuosi, Spivakov) C67115
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Concerto No. 1 / 24 Preludes and Fugues, Op. 87: No. 1 in C Major / String Quartet No. 8 (arr. for string orchestra) OC561
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Quintet / SCHNITTKE, A.: Piano Quintet (Moscow String Quartet, Orbelian) DE1038
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Quintet / String Quartets Nos. 1 and 4 (Kupiec, Petersen Quartet) C67082
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Quintet, Op. 57 (Beethoven Quartet, Shostakovich) (1955) 9.81213
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Trio No. 2 / Piano Quintet, Op. 57 (Tchaikovsky Trio) ODE744-2
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Trios Nos. 1 and 2 / 7 Verses (Ablaberdyeva, Munich Piano Trio) C465991A
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Trios Nos. 1 and 2 / 7 Verses (ArteMiss Trio, Polackova) UP0069-2
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Trios Nos. 1 and 2 / EROD, I.: Piano Trio No. 1 (Eggner Trio) Gramola98837
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Shostakovich - 100 Years Celebration (1906-2006) C71105
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartet No. 8 / 6 Verses / AUERBACH, L.: Sonnet for String Quartet No. 3 (Kushpler, Petersen Quartet) C71104
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartets (Complete) (The Soviet Experience) (Pacifica Quartet) CDRBOX1003
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartets Nos. 13-15 / SCHNITTKE, A.: String Quartet No. 3 (The Soviet Experience, Vol. 4) (Pacifica Quartet) CDR90000-145
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartets Nos. 1-4 / PROKOFIEV, S.: String Quartet No. 2 (The Soviet Experience, Vol. 2) (Pacifica Quartet) CDR90000-130
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartets Nos. 3 and 5 (Acies Quartett) Gramola98923
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartets Nos. 4 and 6 / Piano Quintet / Theatre Suite (arr. for string quartet) (Delian::Quartet, Ugorski) OC451
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartets Nos. 5-8 / MYASKOVSKY, N.: String Quartet No. 13 (The Soviet Experience, Vol. 1) (Pacifica Quartet) CDR90000-127
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartets Nos. 9-12 / WEINBERG, M.: String Quartet No. 6 (The Soviet Experience, Vol. 3) (Pacifica Quartet) CDR90000-138
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Violin Sonata, Op. 134 / 24 Preludes, Op. 34 (arr. D.M. Tsyganov and L. Auerbach for violin and piano) (Dogadin, Tokarev) 8.573753
SHOSTAKOVICH: Cello Sonata (arr. for Viola) / Viola Sonata 8.557231
SHOSTAKOVICH: Cello Sonata / Violin Sonata 8.557722
SHOSTAKOVICH: Dmitry Shostakovich - A Portrait (WHITEHOUSE) 8.558188-89
SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Quintet in G Minor / String Quartet No. 12 CDX-20504
SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Trios Nos. 1 and 2 8.553297
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets (Complete) OC562
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 1, 8 and 9 8.550973
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 10, 11 and 13 8.550977
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 14 and 15 8.550976
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 2 and 12 8.550975
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 2 and 4 7133
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 3 and 5 8.550974
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 4, 6 and 7 8.550972

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