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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
BABS, Alice: What a Joy! PCD147
BABS, Alice: Yesterday (1966-1975) PCD050
BACEWICZ, G.: Piano Quintet No. 1 / ZAREBSKI, J.: Piano Quintet in G Minor / LASON, A.: Muzyka kameralna No. 1 (Polish Piano Quintets) (Lason Quintet) CDAccordACD178
BACH, Erik: Reflexions / Berlin Revisited / Astrotrain 8.226527
BACH, J.S. / GLASS, P.: Organ Music (Apkalna) OC1827
BACH, J.S.: Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 3 and 6 / ADAMS: Shaker Loops / REICH: Triple Quartet OC363
BACH, J.S.: Concerto for 2 Violins, BWV 1043 / CLYNE, A.: Prince of Clouds / GLASS, P.: Echorus (Two x Four) (Jennifer Koh, J. Laredo) CDR90000-146
BACH, J.S.: Flute Sonata in E Major, BWV 1035 / DEBUSSY, C.: Rapsodie / VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Fantasia (arr. for saxophone and piano) DE1007
BAJORAS, F.: Symphony-Diptych / Violin Concerto / Exodus I (Mataityte, Lithuanian State Symphony, Rinkevicius) 8.570758
BAJORAS: Symphony No. 2 / Suite of Verbs / Prelude and Toccata / The Sign 8.570408
BALADA, L.: Caprichos Nos. 1 and 5 / A Little Night Music in Harlem / Reflejos (Pietu, Mata, Franco, Iberian Chamber Orchestra, Temes) 8.572625
BALADA, L.: Caprichos Nos. 2-4 (Cardenes, Turner, Pittsburgh Sinfonietta, Lawrence Loh) 8.572176
BALADA, L.: Caprichos Nos. 6, 7 and 10 / Ballet City / Spiritual (Fernández-Castelló, Sanjuan, Carrascosa, Ensemble Col legno, R. Ferrer) 8.579036
BALADA, L.: Clarinet Works - Caprichos Nos. 6 and 7 / Double Concerto (Ivanov, Rominski, Polaczyk, Eryilmaz, Larson) 8.579056
BALADA, L.: Concerto for Piano, Winds and Percussion / Cello Concerto / Viola Concerto (Graf, Premo, Pillai, Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble) 8.573064
BALADA, L.: Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) [Opera] (Carreras, Caballe, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Alcantara) 8.660237-38
BALADA, L.: Muerte de Colon (La) (Death of Columbus) [Opera] (J. Garrison, J. Jenkins, Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic and Repertory Chorus, R. Page) 8.660193-94
BALADA, L.: Piano Works (Complete) (Amoros) 8.572594
BALADA, L.: Sinfonia en negro / Double Concerto / Columbus (Abbühl, Lluna, Málaga Philharmonic, Colomer) 8.573047
BALADA, L.: Symphony No. 6 / Concerto for 3 Cellos and Orchestra / Steel Symphony (López-Cobos, Jensen) 8.573298
BALADA: Cello Concerto No. 2 / Concerto for Four Guitars / Celebracio 8.557049
BALADA: Guernica / Symphony No. 4 / Zapata 8.557342
BALADA: Hangman! Hangman! / The Town of Greed 8.557090
BALADA: Maria Sabina / Dionisio - In Memoriam 8.570425
BALADA: No-res / Ebony Fantasies 8.557343
BALADA: Piano Concerto No. 3 / Concierto Magico 8.555039
BALADA: Symphony No. 5 / Prague Sinfonietta / Divertimentos 8.557749
BALADA: Violin Concerto No. 1 / Folk Dreams / Sardana 8.554708
BALASSA, S.: Piano Music (Complete), Vol. 1 (Kassai) GP803
BALASSA, S.: Piano Music (Complete), Vol. 2 (Kassai) GP804
BALASSA, S.: Piano Music (Complete), Vol. 3 (Kassai) GP805
BALKAN - Discover Music from the Balkans EUCD2637
BALKANS: Gypsy Music of the Balkans EUCD2080
BALLET FOR CHILDREN (4-Blu-ray Disc Box Set) OABD7217BD
Band Music - GOULD, M. / WARD, S. / STEFFE, W. / BERLIN, I. / SOUSA, J.P. / KOFF, C. / GOLD, B. / WALTERS, H. (Let Freedom Ring) 75442260752
Band Music - SOUSA, J.P. / EGNER, P. / WILLIAMS, J. / WARD, S. / STEFFE, W. / NEWTON, J. / DYKES, J.B. (A Patriotic Salute To the Military Family) 75442255612
Band Music - WARREN, G.W. / MELILLO, S. / DYKES, J.B. (One Nation Under God, Instrumental Songs of Inspiration from the U.S. Military Bands) 75442255752
BANFIELD, R. de: Lord Byrons Love Letter (Varnay, Ribla, Carruba, Carlin, Rome Academy Symphony, Rescigno) (1958) 8.111362
BANG ON A CAN ALL-STARS: Big Beautiful Dark and Scary CA-21074
BANKS, T.: Five (T. Banks, Czech National Symphony Orchestra and Choir, N. Ingman) 8.574141
BANKS, T.: Seven (London Philharmonic, Dixon) 8.557466
BANKS, T.: SIX Pieces for Orchestra (City of Prague Philharmonic, Englishby) 8.572986
BARBER, S. / KORNGOLD, E.W.: Violin Concertos / WAXMAN, F.: Carmen Fantasie (Gilman, Cape Town Philharmonic, Perry So) OC799
BARDILL, L.: Im Öpfel schloft en Baum MGB-6270
BARGIELSKI, Z.: Landscape of Remembrance / MYCIELSKI, Z.: Piano Trio (Landscape of Memories) (BMF Piano Trio) CDAccordACD191
BARGIELSKI, Z.: String Quartets Nos. 1-6 (Silesian String Quartet) CDAccordACD173
BARRY: Orchestral Works 8.225006
BASIE, Count: Circus In Rhythm (Radio Transcriptions and Service V-Discs, 1944-1945) (Basie, Vol. 4) 8.120820
Bass Trombone and Wind Band Music - NAULAIS, J. / LYS, M. / EWAZEN, E. / STECKAR, M. (Y. Bauer, Musique de lAir, Kesmaecker) 8.570544
Bassoon Concertos (20th Century) - VILLA-LOBOS, H. / HINDEMITH, P. / JOLIVET, A. / GUBAIDULINA, S. (S. Azzolini, Kammerakademie Potsdam, Bourgue) C67139
BATTLES IN MUSIC 8.578293-94
BEATLES GO BAROQUE, Vol. 1 (Peter Breiner and His Chamber Orchestra) 8.555010
BEATLES GO BAROQUE, VOL. 2 (Peter Breiner and His Orchestra) 8.574078
BECHET, Sidney: Spreadin Joy (1940-1950) 8.120531
BEETHOVEN, L. van: String Quartet No. 9, "Rasumovsky" / KERNIS, A.J.: String Quartet No. 2 (The Kernis Project: Beethoven) (Jasper String Quartet) DSL-92142
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 / STAUD, J.M.: Maniai / MOCHIZUKI, M.: Nirai (Bavarian Radio Symphony, Jansons) 900138
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphonies Nos. 1-9 / Reflections (Bavarian Radio Symphony, Jansons) 900119
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphonies Nos. 7 and 8 / WIDMANN, J.: Con brio (Bavarian Radio Symphony, Jansons) 900137
BEIDERBECKE: Modern Piano Suite / JOPLIN: Elite Syncopations / MATTHEWS: Pastime Rag No. 5 / MORTON: Grandpas spells S2018
BEKKU: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 8.557763
BELARUS Nataliya Romanskaya and Kirmash: Music of Belarus EUCD2067
BENJAMIN, G.: Lessons in Love and Violence [Opera] (Royal Opera House, 2018) (Blu-ray, HD) OABD7199D
BENJAMIN, G.: Lessons in Love and Violence [Opera] (Royal Opera House, 2018) (NTSC) OA1221D
BENJAMIN, G.: Written On Skin (Royal Opera House, 2013) (Blu-ray, HD) OABD7136D
BENJAMIN, G.: Written On Skin (Royal Opera House, 2013) (NTSC) OA1125D
BENJAMIN, G.: Written on Skin / Lessons in Love and Violence [Operas] (Royal Opera House, 2013-2018) (Blu-ray, HD) OABD7271BD
BENJAMIN, G.: Written on Skin / Lessons in Love and Violence [Operas] (Royal Opera House, 2013-2018) (NTSC) OA1309BD
BENNETT, R.R.: Suite for Skip and Sadie / Partridge Pie / 7 Days a Week / WALTON, W.: Duets for Children DE6002
BENNETT, R.R.: Suite of Old American Dances / GERSHWIN, G.: Rhapsody in Blue (American Tapestry) 8.570968
BENZECRY, E.: Ciclo de canciones / Violin Concerto / Clarinet Concerto (Ayako Tanaka, Inchausti, Rey, Lviv National Philharmonic, Boggiano) 8.574128
BERG, A.: Violin Concerto / MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Symphony No. 3, "Scottish" (Skride, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, A. Nelsons) (Blu-ray, Full-HD) ACC-10443
BERG, A.: Violin Concerto / MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Symphony No. 3, "Scottish" (Skride, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, A. Nelsons) (NTSC) ACC-20443
BERGER: Miracles and Mud / Sink or Swim / Doubles / for amos 8.559342
BERGMAN, E.: Karanssi / TIENSUU, J.: Plus II / KORTEKANGAS, O.: Iscrizione / SAARIAHO, K. Oi kuu / MERILAINEN, U.: Unes (Kriikku, Karttunen) ODE1102-2
BERGTÖNE Sons de la Montagne MGB-6217
BERNSTEIN AT 100 - The Centennial Celebration at Tanglewood (Sierra, Yazbeck, Boston Symphony, A. Nelsons, J. Williams) (Blu-ray, HD) 747704
BERNSTEIN AT 100 - The Centennial Celebration at Tanglewood (Sierra, Yazbeck, Boston Symphony, A. Nelsons, J. Williams) (NTSC) 747608
BERNSTEIN, L. / TAN, Dun: Piano Music (Touches and Traces) (Warren Lee) 9.70252
BERNSTEIN, L.: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite / Slava! / CBS Music / A Bernstein Birthday Bouquet (São Paulo Symphony, Alsop) 8.559813
BERNSTEIN, L.: Fancy Free / DILORENZO, A.: Mostly Influential / PILLOW, C.: Suite from the West Side (Bernstein Tribute) (Proteus 7) XCD-90278
BERNSTEIN, L.: Orchestral Music (Complete Naxos Recordings) (Baltimore Symphony, Bournemouth Symphony, Sao Paulo Symphony, Alsop) (8-CD Box Set) 8.508018
BERNSTEIN: Wonderful Town (Original Broadway Cast) (1953) / Comden and Green Performances (1955) 8.120846
BEST OF BRITISH 8.570573-74
Best of British Light Music, Vol. 4 8.554712
BEST OF BROADWAY 8.120873-74
BEST OF CHINESE EVERGREENS (Takako Nishizaki, Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony, Yong-yan Hu) 8.225923HDCD
Best of Chinese Evergreens Vol. 1 8.225912SACD
BEST OF CHINESE POP EVERGREENS (THE) (Takako Nishizaki, Shanghai Philharmonic, Henry Shek) 8.225912
BEST OF LONDON 8.572098-99
BIGOS, Misha Adair: Misha YAR99438
BINGHAM, J.: Organ Music - Jacobs Ladder / Into the Wilderness / Ancient Sunlight (Winpenny, Dmitri Ensemble, G. Ross) 8.572687

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