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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
FAIROUZ, M.: Chamber Works - Litany / 4 Critical Models / Piano Miniatures / Lamentation and Satire / Airs (Orieans, Stragier, Reimer, Couper) DSL-92146
FAIROUZ, M.: Native Informant / Tahwidah / Chorale Fantasy / Posh / For Victims / Jebel Lebnan (Hughes, Kravitz, Barton Pine, Krakauer, Thompson) 8.559744
FAIROUZ, M.: Songs (No Orpheus) (Lindsey, Duffy, Burchett) 8.559783
FAIROUZ, M.: Symphony No. 3, "Poems and Prayers" / Tahrir (S. Cooke, D. Kravitz, Krakauer, UCLA Performing Groups, Stulberg) DSL-92177
FAIROUZ, M.: Zabur (Coakwell, Kelly, Indianapolis Childrens Choir, Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, Indianapolis Symphony, Stark) 8.559803
FALK: Gala Night CD93.020
FALLA, M.: Concerto / CARTER, E.: Sonata / ARGENTO, D.: 6 Elizabethan Songs (Combs, Michaels Bedi, Rembrandt Chamber Players) CDR90000-011
FAURE, G. / RAVEL, M. / HERSANT, P.: Piano Trios (Trio Ceres) OC730
FAVORITE SONGS FROM PIPPI, EMIL, MADICKEN - Lyrics by Astrid Lindgren 8.557536
Feelings 8.990025
FEENEY: Dracula 8.553964
FELD, J.: Chamber Music for Flute, Vol. 1 (Jans, Martinu Quartet) UP0118-2
FELD, J.: Musique Concertante / Flute Sonata / LUKAS, Z.: Koncertantni Hudba (Jans, Hosprova, Englichova) UP0097-2
FELLINI! E PIU Gramola98958
FERKO: Stabat Mater CDR90000-051
FERRERO: Nueva España (La) 8.555044
FETLER, P.: Violin Concerto No. 2 / Capriccio / 3 Poems by Walt Whitman (Berofsky, Blaske, Ann Arbor Symphony, Lipsky) 8.559606
FIALA, P.: Choral Music (Jitro Childrens Choir, St. Augustine Girls Choir, Czech Philharmonic Choir, Fiala) UP0175
Film Music - GOLDSMITH, J. / HERRMANN, B. / KORNGOLD, E.W. / NORTH, A. / STEINER, M. / MORRICONE, E. (Brandenburgische Philharmonic, Rosenberg) C10469
Film Music - SHORE, H. / BERNSTEIN, E. / YARED, G. / MORRICONE, E. / ROTA, N. / ROTA, N. / TIERSEN, Y. / ENYA (Cinema Concertante) (Zacher) OC785
FINSKA KLASSISKA FAVORITER (Finnish Classical Favourites) 8.551023
FIRST CONTEMPORARY CHINESE COMPOSERS FESTIVAL 1986 (THE) (Rippon, Banowetz, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Schermerhorn, Jordan Tang) 8.225834
FIRST SLIHOT (THE): The Entire Midnight Service According to Orthodox and Traditional Ritual 8.559428-29
FITZGERALD, Ella: Its the Way That You Do It (1936-1939) 8.120611
FITZGERALD, Ella: Lullaby Of Birdland (1947-1954) 8.120774
FIVE SAX: Five Sax at the Movies OR0016
FLAGELLO, N.: Symphony No. 2, "Symphony of the Winds" / ROSNER, A.: Symphony No. 8, "Trinity" (University of Houston Wind Ensemble, Bertman) 8.573060
FLAGELLO: Missa Sinfonica / ROSNER: Symphony No. 5 8.559347
FLOYD, C.: Susannah [Opera] (St. Petersburg Opera, 2014) (NTSC) 2.110381
Flute and Guitar Recital: Balint, Janos / Paulikovics, Pal - PIAZZOLLA, A. / VILLA-LOBOS, H. / RODRIGO, J. / MACHADO, C. / SHANKAR, R. C10498
Flute and Guitar Recital: Cavatina Duo - RIVERA, C.R. / IVANOVIC, V. / DUNNE, M. / ASSAD, C. / GAQUERE, B. / TADIC, M. (The Balkan Project) CDR90000-117
Flute and Guitar Recital: Cavatina Duo - THOMAS, A. / WILLIAMS II, J.V. / RIVERA, C.R. / LEISNER, D. / ASSAD, C. (Sephardic Journey) CDR90000-163
Flute and Harp Music - DE ROSSI RE, F. / VOLPI, F. / SCHITTINO, J. / TRAVERSI, F. / PIACENTINI, R. / BENEDETTI, A. (Trasfigurazioni) (Duo Narthex) TC960001
Flute and Harp Recital: Shulman, Nora / Loman, Judy - PIAZZOLLA, A. / LIEBERMANN, L. / SHAPOSHNIKOV, A. (20th Century Music for Flute and Harp) 9.70205
Flute Recital (21st Century): Martin, Marya (Eight Visions - A New Anthology for Flute and Piano) 8.559629
Flute Recital: Hoskuldsson, Stefan - SCHUBERT, F. / LIEBERMANN, L. / JOHANNSSON, M.B. / PROKOFIEV, S. (Solitude) DE3447
Flute Recital: Lamb, Eric - DEBUSSY, C. / HONEGGER, A. / IBERT, J. / BACH, J.S. (Icons) OR0030
Flute Recital: Marcusson, Goran - CHEN, G. / HE ZHAN, H. / SIBELIUS, J. / MANCINI, H. / ROTA, N. (Inspiration, Vol. 2: Melodies of a Silver Flute) 8.570389
Flute Recital: Ostergaard, Eva - BRUUN, P. / HOLMEN, J. / SNEKKESTAD, R. / OLSEN, M. / OLESEN, T.A. (Spaces and Places) 8.226573
Flute Recital: Zenz, Katrin - ANTONIOU, T. / TERZAKIS, D. / LOGOTHETIS, A. / KOUNADIS, A. (Greek Flute Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries) 8.572369
Flute Recital: Zukerman, Eugenia - DRATTELL, D. / DEBUSSY, C. / HOOVER, K. / LARSEN, L. / ESCHER, R. / BENNETT, R.R. / BOZZA, E. / HONEGGER, A. DE3184
FLY ME TO THE MOON - 16 Great Love Songs 8.880011
FONNESBAEK, Thomas: Sound of My Colors PCD135
FONNESBÆK, Thomas: Where we belong PCD159
FORSSEN: Fran Branno brygga till Branno brygga PCD010
FOSS, L.: Time Cycle (Bernstein) (1960, 1961) 9.80999
FOSS: Works for Solo Piano (Complete) 8.559179
FOSS: Elegy for Anne Frank / Song of Anguish / BEASER: The Heavenly Feast 8.559438
FOSS: Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (The) (After Dinner Opera) (1951) 9.80173
FRANCE Claire Gignac: Les Chants dEros (9 Centuries of French Love Songs) DOR-90280
FRANDSEN, J.: Requiem (Danish National Choir, Danish National Girls Choir, Danish National Symphony, Christensen) 6.220649-50
FRANDSEN, J.: Songs (Davidsen, Frandsen, Midtmageli, Nohr) 8.226582
FRANDSEN: Orchestral Works 8.226508
FRIES, A.: 17 Lieder on Texts by Empress Elisabeth of Austria / Auf Sisis Spuren im Salzkammergut (Sisi Poems) (Bernsteiner, Bushakevitz) Gramola99164
FRITH, F. / TEWARI, S.: new works (Frith, Tewari) OM2007
FROLOV: Concert Fantasy on themes from Gershwins Porgy and Bess / Divertissement / Romance / Spanish Fantasy 8.570583
FROM BAROQUE TO FADO - A Journey Through Portuguese Music (Quintans, Ribeiro, Amaral, Oliveira, Os Mu´sicos do Tejo, M. Magalhães) 8.573875
From the Merry Life of A Spy 8.226001
Frosty Silence (The): Music for Guitar by Danish Composers DCCD 9316
FUCHS, K.: American Place (An) / Eventide / Out of the Dark 8.559224
FUCHS, K.: Atlantic Riband / American Rhapsody / Divinum Mysterium / Concerto Grosso (London Symphony, Falletta) 8.559723
FUCHS, K.: Canticle to the Sun / United Artists 8.559335
FUCHS, K.: Falling Man / Movie House / Songs of Innocence and Experience (R. Williams, London Symphony, Falletta) 8.559753
FUCHS, K.: String Quartet No. 5, "American" / Falling Canons / Falling Trio (ORiley, Trio21, Delray String Quartet) 8.559733
FUENTES, A.: Broken Mirror / Liquid Crystals / Ice reflection / Glass Distortion (Quatuor Diotima) 0015015KAI
FUNDAL / ROSING-SCHOW / NORGARD / HENDZE: 6 Works for Saxophone and Percussion 8.226504
FUNDAL, K.: Chamber Music (Ekkozone) 8.226113
FUNDAL: Chamber Music 8.224164
FUNG, Vivian: Piano Concerto, "Dreamscapes" / Violin Concerto / Glimpses (Kristin Lee, Hanick, Metropolis Ensemble, Cyr) 8.573009
FUSSENEGGER, U.: San Teodoro 8 (E. Molinari, M. Svoboda, Fussenegger, M. Siewert) 0015024KAI
FUZZY: Chimes of Memory (Krogh, Rehling, Balland) 8.226561

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