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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
I Just Called To Say I Love You 8.990045
IMAGINE CHRISTMAS (McFarlane, C. Bates, Goodyear, Levingston, Skylark Vocal Ensemble, Ensemble Galilei, American Contemporary Music Ensemble) DSL-92216
Imperial Fanfares 8.555879
IMPRESSIONS FOR SAXOPHONE AND ORCHESTRA - Virtuosic Works by 20th Century Greek Composers 8.557992
INCE, K.: Curve / Hammers and Whistlers / Istathenople / Strange Stone (Present Music Ensemble, Stalheim) 9.70011
INCE, K.: Music for a Lost Earth (Askin, Ince, Istanbul Modern Music Ensemble) 9.70141
INCE, K.: Symphony No. 2, "Fall of Constantinople" / Concerto for Orchestra, Turkish Instruments and Voices / Piano Concerto (Bilkent Symphony, Ince) 8.572554
INCE, K.: Symphony No. 3, "Siege of Vienna" / Symphony No. 4, "Sardis" (Prague Symphony, Ince) 8.557588
INCE, K.: Symphony No. 5, "Galatasaray" / Requiem Without Words / Hot, Red, Cold, Vibrant / Before Infrared (Bilkent Symphony, Ince) 8.572553
INDIA / PAKISTAN Songs of Love and Devotion EUCD2127
INDIA Balui Shrivastav: Best of the Balui Shrivastav EUCD2695
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: Indian World Music Fusion EUCD2371
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: Indian World Music Fusion (Seven Steps to the Sun) EUCD2412
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: Shadow of the Lotus - Classical Indian Ragas EUCD2061
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: The Art of the Indian Dilruba EUCD2446
INDIA Baluji Shrivastavs Re-Orient (Indian World Music Fusion) EUCD2275
INDIA Bauls of Bengal - Mystic Songs from India (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya, 2001) EUCD1923
INDIA Colours of Raga EUCD2730
INDIA Dhoad Gypsies: From Rajasthan EUCD1939
INDIA Dhoad Gypsies: Times of Maharajas EUCD2845
INDIA Discover Music from India EUCD2615
INDIA Goddess (Indian Music in Celebration of Goddesses around the World) EUCD2283
INDIA Gonzaga Coutinho: Traditional and Popular Songs from Goa EUCD2350
INDIA Indian Vistas - Musical Sceneries of India EUCD2812
INDIA Kiran Ahluwalia: Sanata, Stillness EUCD2572
INDIA Musical Explorers - Waves of Joy - Bauls of Bengal EUCD2791D
INDIA Rash Behari Datta: 20 Sitars EUCD2312
INDIA Re-Orient: Baluji Shrivastav and Re-Orient EUCD1982
INDIA/CANADA Ritesh Das Toronto Tabla Ensemble: Weaving 76018-2
INDIGO MOOD - Music for Comptemplation 11109-2
INDONESIA Gotrasawala Ensemble: Tales of Pangea EUCD2601
INK SPOTS: Gettin Sentimental (1939-1945) 8.120624
Instrumental and Choral Music - SKEMPTON, H. / ORTIZ, P. / REICH, S. / ANDRIESSEN, L. (First Drop) (Bowers-Broadbent, Ars Nova Copenhagen, P. Hillier) CA-21127
Instrumental Ensemble Music - SHAW, C. / SMITH, G. / CLAYTON, J. / MATTHUSEN, P. / KOTCHE, G. / ZHANG, Shouwang / MUHLY, N. (Bang on a Can All-Stars) CA-21136
Instrumental Ensemble Music (Horn Quartet) - FLURY, R. / ROY, A. / SEMINI, C.F. (Schweizer Hornquartette, Vol. 2) (Zürich Horn Quartet) MGB-6227
Instrumental Ensemble Music (Swiss) - HUBER, F. / LINDE, H.-M. / MERSSON, B. (Reed Quartets from Switzerland) (The Francis Poulenc Quartet) MGB-6213
INTERSECTION - Jazz Meets Classical Song CDR90000-149
INTIMACY OF CREATIVITY (The) - 5 Year Retrospective (Hong Kong Philharmonic, Bright Sheng) 8.573614-15
IRAN Adib Rostami / Mehdi Rostami: Melodic Circles - Urban Classical Music from Iran EUCD2794
IRAN Dastan Trio: Journey to Persia EUCD1786
IRAN Ramin Rahimi: Percussion from Iran and the Middle East EUCD2678
IRAN Ramin Rahimi: Persian Percussion Electrified EUCD2418
IRAN Ramin Rahimi: The Pulse of Persia (Iranian Rhythms, Global Influences) EUCD2282
IRAN Zarbang: Persian and Middle Eastern Percussion EUCD1969
IRAQ Ahmed Mukhtar: Music from Iraq (Babylonian Fingers) EUCD2571
IRAQ Ahmed Mukhtar: Rhythms of Baghdad EUCD2287
IRAQ Ahmed Mukhtar: Visions of Iraq EUCD2834
IRAQ Music from Iraq EUCD2817
IRAQ TAhmed Mukhtar: he Road to Baghdad - New Maqams from Iraq EUCD1937
IRELAND 20 Famous Irish Ballads EUCD2628
IRELAND Clannad: Nadur EUCD2471
IRELAND Florie Brown: Best of Irish Fiddle EUCD1964
IRELAND Irish Uilleann Pipes (Haunting Laments, Slow Airs, Jigs and Reels) EUCD2267
IRELAND Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes from Ireland EUCD2227
IRELAND Kieran Fahy: Traditional Music from Ireland EUCD1897
IRELAND Legends of Ireland EUCD2781
IRELAND Margie Butler: Carolans Draught - Celtic Harp EUCD1888
IRELAND Mark, Jon and David Antony Clark: Leaving of Ireland (The) 11035-2
IRELAND Music and Ballads from Ireland EUCD2508
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin Group: Best of Ireland (20 Songs and Tunes) EUCD2220
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: 20 Best Irish Pub Songs EUCD2324
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: 20 Best of Ireland EUCD2354
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: Home Is the Rover EUCD2445
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: Song for Ireland - The Best of Noel McLoughlin EUCD2700
IRELAND Sean Talamh Celtic Ensemble: Traditional Irish Music EUCD1758
IRELAND Sean Tyrrell: Man for Galway - The Best of Sean Tyrrell EUCD2384
IRELAND World Travel - Celtic EUCD2068
ISRAEL London Jewish Male Choir: Su Shorim EUCD2402
ISRAEL Music of Israel - Chassidic - Yiddish - Folk EUCD1991
ISRAEL Shir: Israeli Songs EUCD1840
ISRAEL: Folk Songs from Israel EUCD2661
ITALY Joel Francisco Perri: Mandolins from Italy - 24 Most Popular Melodies EUCD2439

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