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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
LA COUR, N.: Works for Choir and Organ (Trinitatis Kantori, Bryndorf, Vestergaard) 8.224725
LA NEF: Music for Joan the Mad (La Nef) DIS-80128
LADIES ONLY - Classics 8.520030
Ladies Only Cafe Strings: Angel Eyes 8.557177
LAGAYLIA, Frazier / JAN LUNDGREN TRIO: Until its time PCD126
LAITMAN, L.: Scarlet Letter (The) [Opera](Claycomb, D. Armstrong, MacKenzie, Belcher, Opera Colorado Chorus and Orchestra, Pelto) 8.669034-35
LAITMAN, L.: Vedem / Fathers (Music of Remembrance) 8.559685
LAMONTAINE / PALMER / JOHNSON: Piano Sonatas / BOWLES: Latin American Pieces CDR90000-010
LAMPEL, D.: Chamber Music - String Quartet / String Sextet / Piano Sonata / Violin Sonata / Prelude and Chaconne, "Homage to Bach" 8.572106
LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN - Music and Images from Finland ODE1093-2
LANDOWSKA, Wanda: Dances of Ancient Poland (1946, 1951) 8.111055
LANE: Sleighbell Serenade / Prestbury Park / Three Christmas Pictures 8.225185
LANG, B.: Monadologie XXXII, "The Cold Trip" (S.M. Sun, J. Fraser, M. Knoop, Aleph Guitar Quartet) 0015018KAI
LANG, D.: Amelia (Blu-ray, NTSC) OABD7009D
LANG, D.: Child (Boccadoro, Sentieri Selvaggi) CA-21013
LANG, D.: Day (The ) / World to Come (K. Valk, Beiser) CA-21135
LANG, D.: Death Speaks / Depart (Worden, Dessner, Muhly, Pallett, Farnum, Geissinger, Montano, Sweeton, Beiser) CA-21092
LANG, D.: Difficulty of Crossing a Field (The) [Opera] (ORegan Thiele, Mitchell, Pringle, Mitchell, Harlem String Quartet, Kinney Frost) CA-21107
LANG, D.: Memory Pieces: Wed / How to Pray / Men (Elevated) (Moore) CA-21029
LANG, D.: Mystery Sonatas (Hadelich) CA-21142
LANG, D.: Passing Measures (The) CA-21003
LANG, D.: Pierced / Heroin / Cheating, Lying, Stealing / How to Pray / Wed (Real Quiet) 8.559615
LANG, D.: The Woodmans - Music from the Film (So Percussion) CA-21079
LANG, D.: this was written by hand / memory pieces (Zolinsky) CA-21073
LANG, D.: Thorn / Short Fall / Involuntary / Vent / Burn Notice / Frag (Albert, Barth, Galatis, Gerber, Peña, Riley, Zeigler) CA-21132
LANG, D.: Untitled All-Stars CA-21050
LANG, D.: Writing on Water / Forced March / Increase (Coale, Synergy Vocals, London Sinfonietta, Crash Ensemble, Flux Quartet, J. Hempel, A. Pierson) CA-21139
LANG, David: Love Fail (Anonymous 4) CA-21100
LANG, David: National Anthems (The) / The Little Match Girl Passion (Los Angeles Master Chorale, Calder Quartet, Gershon) CA-21119
LANG: Amelia (NTSC) OA0945D
LANZA, Mario: Mario Lanza (1949-1950) 8.120547
LARS ERSTRAND / ANTTI SARPILA QUINTET: Jazz on the Platform - In the Tracks of Benny Goodman PCD088
LARSSON, L.-E.: Orchestral Variations / KARKOFF, M.: Symphony No. 4 (Stockholm Radio Orchestra, Ehrling, Westerberg) (1963-1964) SLT33164
Latin American Flute Music - LEÓN, T. / ÁGUILA, M. del / TORRES, N. / HERNÁNDEZ, R. (Del Caribe, Soy!) (Torres) 8.579016
Latin American Guitar Festival 8.550273
Latin American Guitar Music 8.557329
LAUERMANN, H.: Piano Trio No. 2 / FROOM, D.: Piano Trio No. 2, "Grenzen" / DEUTSCH, B.R.: Curriculum vitae (Hilz, Haydn Trio Eisenstadt) C71095
LEES, B.: Passacaglia / PERSICHETTI, V.: Symphony No. 4 / DAUGHERTY, M.: Hells Angels (American Contrasts) (Oregon Symphony, DePreist) DE3291
LEES, B.: String Quartets Nos. 1, 5 and 6 (Cypress String Quartet) 8.559628
LEES: Symphony No. 4, Memorial Candles 8.559002
LEFANU: Catena / String Quartet No. 2 / Clarinet Concertino 8.557389
LEFKOWITZ, D.S.: Deep Dreams / Building Blocks of the Psyche / E Duo Unum / Inner Voices / At Onement (Inner World) (Lefkowitz) YAR88328
LEGRENZI, G.B.: Trio Sonatas, Op. 2 / Missa lauretana / La querini (Testamentum) (Favero) CDS710
LEIF STRAND CHAMBER CHOIR: Skiva Med Leif Strands Kammarkör (En) PROP7701
LEISNER: Acrobats / Trittico / Extremes / Dances in the Madhouse / Nostalgia / El Coco CDR90000-096
LENTINI, J.: Chamber Music - Orchestra Hall Suite / El Signo del Angel / 5 Pieces (Ganson, Applegate, VanValkenburg, Chanteaux, J. Davis) 8.559626
LEPAGE-DEAN, Oliver: Evening Hymn (An) - Music for Solo Treble 8.557129
LESHNOFF, J.: Chamber Music - String Quartet No. 2 / Seven Glances at a Mirage / Cosmic Variations on a Haunted Theme / … without a chance 8.559721
LESHNOFF, J.: Symphony No. 1, "Forgotten Chants and Refrains" / Double Concerto / Rush (Wetherbee, Diaz, IRIS Orchestra, M. Stern) 8.559670
LESHNOFF, J.: Violin Concerto / Distant Reflections / String Quartet No. 1 (Wetherbee, Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, Thakar, Carpe Diem String Quartet) 8.559398
LETS GO TO THE MOVIES! - Popular Music Selection from Movies 75442259872
Lets Have a New Start - Takako Nishizaki 8.223981
LEVY, F.E.: Cello Concerto / Symphony No. 3 / A Summer Overture (Takuo Yuasa) 8.559234
LEVY, F.E.: Cello Concerto No. 1 / LEVY, E.: Cello Concerto (Ballantyne, Polish National Radio Symphony, Maull) 9.70151
LÉVY, F.E.: Cello Sonatas (Complete) (Ballantyne, Hiroko Sasaki) 9.70195
LÉVY, F.E.: Trios for Clarinet, Viola and Piano Nos. 1 and 2 / Clarinet Sonata / Mythic Transformations (Halcyon Trio) 9.70194
LÉVY, F.E.: Viola Music (Deubner, G. Kirkpatrick) 9.70206
LEVY, M.D.: Masada / Canto de los Marranos (BBC Singers, Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, Kiesler, Y. Levi) 8.559427
LEYENDECKER: Violin Concerto / Symphony No. 3 8.557427
LIANG, Lei: Verge / Tremors of a Memory Chord / Aural Hypothesis / Five Seasons (Palimpsest Ensemble, Callithumpian Consort, Wu Man, Pi-hsien Chen) 8.572839
LIEBERMANN, L.: Flute Trios Nos. 1 and 2 / Flute Sonata AR-0034-2
LIEBERMANN, L.: Frankenstein [Ballet] (Royal Ballet, 2016) (Blu-ray, HD) OABD7182D
LIEBERMANN, L.: Frankenstein [Ballet] (Royal Ballet, 2016) (NTSC) OA1231D
LIEBERMANN, L.: Symphony No. 2 / Flute Concerto (Dallas Symphony Chorus, Dallas Symphony, Litton) DE3256
LIGETI, G.: 6 Bagatelles / DESENCLOS, A.: Quatuor / BOZZA, E.: Andante et scherzo / NAGAO, J.: Quatuor de Saxophones (Mobilis Saxophone Quartet) Gramola98937
LINA NYBERG QUINTET: When the Smile Shines Through PCD023
LIND, Lillemor: Hjortronblom och kärleksört PROP7807
LINDBERG, M.: Al largo / Cello Concerto No. 2 / Era (Karttunen, Finnish Radio Symphony, Lintu) ODE1281-5
LINDBERG, M.: Arena 2 / Coyote Blues / Tendenza / Corrente (Avanti Chamber Orchestra, Oramo) ODE882-2
LINDBERG, M.: Chamber Works - Trio / Santa Fe Project / Partia / 2 Coyotes (Kriikku, Karttunen, M. Lindberg) ODE1199-2
LINDBERG, M.: Clarinet Concerto / Gran Duo / Chorale (Kriikku, Finnish Radio Symphony, Oramo) ODE1038-2
LINDBERG, M.: EXPO / Piano Concerto No. 2 / Al largo (Bronfman, New York Philharmonic, A. Gilbert) 8.226076
LINDBERG, M.: Feria / Corrente II / Arena (Finnish Radio Symphony, Saraste) ODE911-2
LINDBERG, M.: Graffiti / Seht die Sonne (Helsinki Chamber Choir, Finnish Radio Symphony, Oramo) ODE1157-2
LINDBERG, M.: Kinetics / Marea / Joy (Avanti Chamber Orchestra, Bavarian Radio Symphony, Saraste) ODE784-2
LINDBERG, M.: Mano a mano / TAKEMITSU, T.: Mori no naka de / HENZE, H.: Guitar Sonata No. 1 (Korhonen) ODE1091-2
LINDBERG, M.: Orchestral Music (Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, Finnish Radio Symphony, Oramo, Salonen, Saraste) (4 CD set) ODE1110-2Q
LINDBERG, M.: Piano Concerto No. 1 / Kraft (Lindberg) ODE1017-2
LINDBERG, M.: Piano Music (van Raat) - Klavierstuck / Play I / Jubilees / Twine / Etudes 8.570542
LINDBERG, M.: Sculpture / Campana in Aria / Concerto for Orchestra (Tapani, Finnish Radio Symphony, Oramo) ODE1124-2
LINDBERG, M.: Tempus fugit / Violin Concerto No. 2 (F.P. Zimmermann, Finnish Radio Symphony, Lintu) ODE1308-5
LINDBERG, M.: Violin Concerto / Jubilees / Souvenir (Kuusisto, Tapiola Sinfonietta, Lindberg) ODE1175-2
LINDBLAD: Espanordica / 2 Songs / Hommages (Frendahl) SCD1069
LINDSTROM, Jeanette / DOBROGOSZ, Steve: Feathers. PCD053
LISZT, F.: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 (version for 2 pianos) / RITZEN, P.: Improvisation on Et Incarnatus Est (Ritzen, Pelinka) 9.70217
LIU, Y.: Legend of Shadi-er 82001
LOCKLAIR: Symphony of Seasons / Harp Concerto / Lairs of Soundings 8.559337
LOS ANGELES JAZZ QUARTET: Conversation Piece 86045-2
LOS ANGELES JAZZ QUARTET: Look to the East 86009-2
Loves Themes 8.990017
LSD: Hawaii PCD192
LUCIA: Paco de Lucia and Group DV-JPDLG
LUNDBY-JAEGER, B.: Chamber Music and Songs - Offertorium / 7 Stages to 3 Chinese Texts / Trio / Elements / 3 Songs (Gjerris, Danish Chamber Players) 8.226533
LUNDIN, Carin: Smulor och Parafraser PCD095
LUNDS STUDENTSANGARE: Skona Maj (Beautiful May) 8.557994

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