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Catalogue list by Period

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The Renaissance covers the period from 1400 to 1600.
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Title Catalogue No.
LA RUE: Mass of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin / Missa Pascale 8.554656
LA RUE: Magnificats (Complete) / 3 Salve Reginas 8.557896-97
Lamentations (Oxford Camerata) 8.550572
LANDOWSKA, Wanda: Dances of Ancient Poland (1946, 1951) 8.111055
LASSO, O. de: St Matthew Passion (T. Nielsen, L.J. Thomsen, Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.573840
LASSO, O. di: Cantiones Duarum Vocum (Tognon, Verh) TC530301
LASSO, O. di: Cantiones duum vocum (Tognon, Verh, Armoniosoincanto, Radicchia) TC531202
LASSO, O. di: German Songs and Instrumental Music (Lautten Compagney) C5011
LASSO, O. di: St Matthew Passion (T. Nielsen, L.J. Thomsen, Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.573826
LASSO, O.: Penitential Psalms, Vol. 2 (Tolzer Boys Choir, Musicalische Compagney, Schmidt-Gaden) C67130
LASSO, O.: Psalms 6, 32 and 38 (Tolzer Boys Choir, Musicalische Compagney, Schmidt-Gaden) C67018
LASSO: Lagrime di San Pietro 8.553311
LASSO: Masses for Five Voices / Infelix ego 8.550842
LINDE, Celia / MIHALACHE, George: Episodes on a Journey PRCD2057
Live in Rome: Celebrating Palestrinas 400th Anniversary GIMDP903
LOBO, D. / CARDOSO: Portuguese Requiem Masses 8.550682
LORENZINO DEL LIUTO: Lute Music 8.570165
LUNDS STUDENTSANGARE: Stralande Jul (Radiant Christmas) 8.570305
Lute and Ud Recital: Denhard, August / Beken, Munir - DALZA, J.A. / ORTIZ, D. / MILANO, F. da (Meeting Place: Medieval and Renaissance Music) DSL-92133
Lute and Vocal Music - MONTEVERDI, C. / FRESCOBALDI, G. / NEGRI, C. / BORRONO, P.P. / CACCINI, G. (The Italian Lute Song) (Baird, McFarlane) DOR-90236
Lute Duo Recital: McFarlane, Ronn / Simms, William - JOHNSON, J. / MARCHANT, J. / DANYEL, J. (Two Lutes: Lute Duets from Englands Golden Age) DSL-92155
Lute Music (16th-17th Centuries) - DOWLAND, J. / MARCHANT, J. / ROBINSON, T. / HECKEL, W. / MILANO, F. da / ARPINUS, J. (Lautten Compagney) C10438
Lute Recital: DOWLAND, J. / BYRD, W. (Blame not my Lute: Elizabethan Lute Music and Poetry) DSL-92105
Lute Recital: McFarlane, Ronn – ATTAINGNANT, P. / LE ROY, A. / BYRD, W. / CUTTING, F. / JUDENKUNIG, H. / NEWSIDLER, H. (The Renaissance Lute) DOR-90186
Lute Recital: McFarlane, Ronn - BACH, J.S. / WEISS, S.L. / LE ROY, A. / NEUSIDLER, H. / BALLARD, R. (The Art of the Lute - The Best of Ronn McFarlane) DOR-90022
Lute Recital: Rost, Monika - NEUSIDLER, H. / GERLE, H. / DENSS, A. / ROBINSON, T. / DOWLAND, J. (Songs and Dances for Lute) C10164
Lute Recital: Timofeyev, Oleg - BRACK, G. / DALZA, J.A. / DOWLAND, J. / JOHNSON J. / ARCADELT, J. / BRUSINA, B. de / SANDRINI, P. (The Lviv Lute) DSL-92134

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