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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
NADA: Panta Rhei 86069-2
NAIPAUL, V.S.: House for Mr Biswas (A) (Unabridged) NA0286
NAIPAUL, V.S.: Mimic Men (The) (Unabridged) NA0285
NANCARROW, C.: Study No. 2B / GODFREY, J.: Gallows Hill / KYRIAKIDES, Y.: Blind Spot / CRAIG, R.: Chook (Cranial Pavement) (Icebreaker) CA-21024
NARBUTAITE, O.: no yesterday, no tomorrow / La barca (Vaškeviciute, Pavilionis, Lithuanian National Symphony, Lyndon-Gee) 8.573618
NARBUTAITE, O.: Tres Dei Matris Symphoniae (Kaunas State Choir, Aidija Chamber Choir, Lithuanian National Symphony, Servenikas) 8.572295
NASTRUCCI, U.: Almirante (York, Vierlinger, Capella Leopoldina, Zwicker) Phoenix121
NAT KING COLE TRIO: Transcriptions and Early Recordings, Vol. 6 (1941-1943) 8.120727
National Anthems of the Commonwealth (Melbourne 2006 Edition) 8.570126-27
National Anthems of the Soccer World Cup (2006 Edition) 8.570205
NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD (2004 Olympic Edition), Vol. 2: Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea - Kyrgyzstan 8.225297
NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD (2004 Olympic Edition), Vol. 4: Saint Kitts and Nevis - Zimbabwe 8.225299
NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD (COMPLETE) (2005 Edition), Vol. 3: Denmark - Grenada 8.225321
NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD (COMPLETE) (2005 Edition), Vol. 7: Qatar - Syria 8.225325
NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD (COMPLETE) (2005 Edition), Vol. 8: Taiwan - Zimbabwe 8.225326
NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD (COMPLETE) (2019 Edition) (10-CD set) 8.201002
NATIONAL CONCERT BAND OF AMERICA: Heritage of the March, Vol. 90 (The Music of Boccalari) 75442203242
NATTEN STILLHET (I) (The Still of the Night) 11094-2
NAVARRO-ALONSO, P.: Quattro Stagioni (Le) / Concerto in B Minor (Alpha, Ekkozone, Reumert) 8.226591
Naxos Audiophile Kingdom 8.554915DX
NELSON, Karin: Christmas music PRCD9101
NESTICO, S.: Swingphonic Suite / GERSHWIN, G.: Rhapsody in Blue / ELLINGTON, D.: Harlem (Live at the Kulturpalast Dresden) (Marshall) CD93.282
NESTICO, Sammy: Fun Time CD93.247
NESTICO: No Time like the Present CD93.118
NEW ORCHESTRAL HITS 4 KIDS (Mr. E and Me, Norwegian Girls Choir, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Boine, Valebjørg) 8.574126
NEW ORCHESTRAL HITS 4 KIDS (Mr. E and Me, Norwegian Girls Choir, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Boine, Valebøjrg) NAC-LP006
NEW WORLD OF JAZZ (THE) - Naxos Jazz Sampler 2000 86055-2
NEW YORK JAZZ COLLECTIVE: Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven 86073-2
NIEHUSMANN, V.: Guitar Duo Works - Tableaux français / Songs of Calypso / Suite No. 3 (Niehusmann Guitar Duo) 8.551383
NIELSEN, S.: Carillons / Sinfonia Concertante / Nightfall 8.224078
NIELSEN, S.H.: Dance and Detours / In der Abendstille / Om Prinser og Dromme / Aria and Dance (Slaato, Randers Chamber Orchestra, Riddell) 8.226565
NIELSEN, S.H.: Into the Black / Serenade / White Light 8.224079
NIELSEN, S.H.: Ophelia Dances / Symphony No. 3, "Watching Life" (Mogensen, S.H. Nielsen, Aarhus Symphony, Aarhus Sinfonietta, Christensen, Rasilainen) 8.226581
NIELSEN: Sommerfugledalen 8.224706
NIEMINEN, K.: Palomar / Clarinet Concerto, "Through Shadows I Can Hear Ancient Voices" / Vicoli in ombra (Gallois, Raasakka, Sinfonia Finlandia) 8.572061
NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (THE) Narrated by Stephen Fry 8.570331
NILSSON, T.: Consolamini, consolamini, popule meus / Ecce venit cum nubibus / There goes … / Epiphania (Bruna, Bostrom, Arntorp, Asikainen) PROP9905
NILSSON, T.: Orgelma¨ssa i fyra satser / Bronslur Concerto / Rondo / Det finns en va¨g / KOCH, E. von: Trombonia (Torgé, Nilsson) PROP9924
NILSSON, T.: Thronus Dei in coelo / Signati ex gentibus / Vocatio Isaiae / Ecce ego mitto angelum meum (Wennberg, Mühle, K. and T. Nilsson) PROP9904
NISINMAN, M.: Dark Blue Tango / VIERA, J.-M.: Tangos de medianoche / ORTIZ, P.: Marginal (Nuevo Tango Nuevo) (Musique des Lumières Orchestra, Agudin) OC895
NITSCH, H.: Symphony No. 9 (Marthe) Gramola98880-81
NORDAL, J.: Orchestral Music (Choralis) (Iceland Symphony, Gustavsson) ODE1282-2
NORDENTOFT, A.: Light Imprisoned / Dance of Separation / Cathedral / Pointed Out (Århus Sinfonietta, Hansen) 8.226577
NORDENTOFT: Entgegen / Zenevera Sesio / Hymne 8.224068
NORDENTOFT: On This Planet 8.224221
Nordlys (Danish 21st Century Music) 8.224202
NORDSTROM: Finnegans / Nuagess dautomne / Drommespor II / In the Woods 8.226522
NORGARD: Lygtemaendene tager til byen / SORENSEN: Den lille havfrue 8.226046
NORHOLM, I.: Tavole per Orfeo / Still life / Flowers from the Flora of Danish Poetry / Whispers of Heavenly Death (Torp) 8.226068
NORHOLM: Americana / MacMoon Songs / Fuglene 8.224168
NORHOLM: Choral Works 8.224700
NORRBOTTEN BIG BAND Featuring Georg "Jojje" Wadenius (70) PCD163
NORREFALK, Mats / SAMUELSSON, Ulf: Incontro 8.557148
NORTHERN HIGHLIGHTS - The Ultimate Finnish Orchestral Favourites ODE991-2
NORWAY - Lief Sorbye: Folk Music from Norway EUCD2686
NORWAY Lief Sorbye: Folk Music from Norway EUCD1456
Norwegian 20th Century String Quartets 8.554384
NOWAK, A.: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2, "Little Commentary for the 25th Anniversary of Pro Novum" / 3 Peaceful Street (3x4+8) CDAccordACD180
NYBERG, Lina / KARLZON, Jacob: Temper PCD038
NYBERG, Lina: Brasilien PCD061
NYBERG, Lina: Smile PCD055
NYBERG: So Many Stars PCD030
NYMAN, M.: Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (The) [Chamber Opera] (Treviño, Sjöwall, MacPherson, Nashville Opera Orchestra, D. Williamson) 8.660398
NYMAN: Piano Concerto / Where the Bee Dances 8.554168
NYVANG: Movements for a Monument to the Loneliness of Our World 8.224074

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