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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Medieval covers the period from 800 to 1400.
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Title Catalogue No.
Violin Recital: Siranossian, Chouchane - RUST, F.W. / EL-KHOURY, B. / SIRANOSSIAN, C. / LECLAIR, J.-M. (Time Reflexion) OC885
Vocal and Chamber Music - THOMAS OF CELANO / ZACHARIE, N. / DUFAY, G. / GIULIANO OF SPIRA (Gloriosus Franciscus) (Anonima Frottolisti) TC250001
Vocal Ensemble Concert: Ensemble Oktoechos - MARCHETTO DA PADOVA / CICONIA, J. / ROMANO, A.P. / HUGO DE LANTINS (Venetia Mundi Splendor) TC390001
Vocal Ensemble Concert: Morra (La) - DUFAY, G. / MERQUES, N. / PIACENZA, D. da (Europäische Musik in Basel zur Zeit des Konzils) MGB-6269
Vocal Ensemble Music - ROSSI, S. / FAIROUZ, M. / KEDROV, N. / PALESTRINA, G.P. da / CHEN, Yi (Horizons) (Singer Pur) OC1714
Vocal Ensemble Music - SEIZED BY SWEET DESIRE - Singing Nuns and Ladies, From the Cathedral to the Bed Chamber (Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.572265
Vocal Music - MACHAUT, GUILLAUME de / AGRICOLA, A. / HAYNE (The Garden of Earthly Delights) (La Nef) DIS-80135
Vocal Music - MARCHETTO DA PADOVA / BERNARD OF CLUNY / CICONIA, J. (Musicalis Scientia) (Sator Musicae, Meo) TC230001
Vocal Music (Cantigas de Amigo - 13th Century Galician-Portuguese Songs and Dances of Love, Longing and Devotion) (Ensemble Alcatraz) DOR-90285
Vocal Music (Medieval) - HILDEGARD OF BINGEN (Sacred Women - Women as Composers and Performers of Medieval Chant) (Sarband) DOR-93235
VOICE (Eternal) 8.572183
Voices of Angels 8.503071

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