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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
WACHNER, J.: Choral Music, Vol. 1 (Elora Festival Singers, N. Edison) 8.559607
WACHNER, J.: Choral Music, Vol. 2 (Trinity Wall Street Choir, Trinity Youth Chorus, Novus NY, Majestic Brass Quintet) 9.70223-25
WAGNER GALA (THE) (Kaufmann, Thielemann) (Blu-ray, HD) 715004
WAGNER GALA (THE) (Kaufmann, Thielemann) (NTSC) 714908
WALES Best of Welsh Choirs EUCD2865
WALLER, Fats: Transcriptions (1935) 8.120577
WALTER, C.J.: 4 Pieces against stagnation / RIHM, W.: Marsyas / MASON, B.: Trumpet Concerto (Friedrich) C10880
WALTON, W.: Henry V Suite / Cello Concerto / Violin Sonata / RANDS, B.: 3 Canzoni senza parole DE3342
WANG, Jianzhong: Piano Music and Arrangements (Popular Chinese Piano Pieces) (Sheung Tsz Ma) 8.225851
WANG, Lisan: Piano Works (Complete) (Yiming Zhang) 9.70248-50
WANG, Y.: Pixiu Dance 82101
Warsaw Concerto and Other Piano Concertos from the Movies 8.554323
WAXMAN, F.: Sinfonietta / FOSS, L.: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Foss, Los Angeles Festival Orchestra, Waxman) (1953) (Franz Waxman Conducts, Vol. 1) 8.111388
WEIHNACHTSKONZERT (Donath, Regensburger Domspatzen, Eichhorn) C446961B
WEISER, A.: and all the days were purple / 3 Epitaphs (Bagg, Dionne, Compitello, Bennardo, Levinson, H. Collins) CA-21147
Welcome to White Clouds World of Music 11030-2
WENNÄKOSKI, L.: Soie / Hava / Amor Omnia Suite (McCall, Finnish Radio Symphony, Slobodeniouk) ODE1259-2
WERNER, Kenny: Solo in Stuttgart JAH-473
WERUP, Jacques: Brev I natten från PROP7863
WEST POINT BAND: Liquid Ebony - Stars of the West Point Band 75442272112
WEST POINT BANDS JAZZ KNIGHTS: At First Light 75442263072
WEST POINT BANDS JAZZ KNIGHTS: Turning Points 75442263312
WHEELER, S.: Construction of Boston (The) 8.669018
WHEELER, S.: Songs (Wasting the Night) (Phillips, River, Kaiser, Sharp, Berman) 8.559658
WHITACRE, E.: Choral Music (Elora Festival Singers, Edison) 8.559677
White Cloud Sampler One 110010-2
WIDMANN, J.: Violin Concerto / Antiphon / Insel der Sirenen (C. Tetzlaff, Swedish Radio Symphony, Harding) ODE1215-2
WILBY, P.: Breathless Alleluia (A) / Paganini Variations / Symphonic Variations on Amazing Grace / Euphonium Concerto (Black Dyke Band) 8.572166
WILDE, O.: De Profundis (Unabridged) NA0210
WILFER, Rudi: Somewhere Gramola99129
WILLIAMS, H.: Sacred Elephant (Unabridged) NA209712
WILLIAMS, H.: Whale Nation (Unabridged) NA245412
WILLIAMS, J.: Bassoon Concerto, "The Five Sacred Trees" (R. Williams, Detroit Symphony, Slatkin) 9.70904
WILLIAMS, J.: Buglers Dream / FLOYD, D.: Hero for Today / WARD, S.: America the Beautiful (The Dream Goes On) (US Navy Sea Chanters, Gambone) 75442255722
WILLIAMS, J.: Cello Concerto (deMaine, Detroit Symphony, Slatkin) 9.70903
WILLIAMS, J.: Horn Concerto (Pituch, Detroit Symphony, Slatkin) 9.70900
WILLIAMS, J.: Movie Masterpieces (Gothenburg Musicians, A. Hanson) 8.570386
WILLIAMS, J.: Tuba Concerto (Nulty, Detroit Symphony, Slatkin) 9.70905
WILLIAMS, J.: Violin Concerto (Boisvert, Detroit Symphony, Slatkin) 9.70902
WILSON: Boy Friend (The) (Orginal London Cast) / SLADE: Salad Days (Original London Cast) (1954) 8.120848
Wind Band Music - SMITH, C.T. / REED, A. / HOLST, G. / SPARKE, P. / BROUGHTON, B. (In the World of Spirits) (Emory Symphonic Winds, S.A. Stewart) 8.573002
Wind Band Music - AMARGÓS, J.A. / BERTRAN, M. / FÁBREGAS, E. (Catalan Wind Music, Vol. 2) (Camps, Barcelona Symphonic Band, Brotons) 8.573915
Wind Band Music - BRYANT, S. / PUCKETT, J. / MACKEY, J. (Shadow of Sirius) (Gedigian, University of Texas Wind Ensemble, Junkin) 9.70255
Wind Band Music - BRYANT, S. / PUCKETT, J. / MACKEY, J. (Shadow of Sirius) (Gedigian, University of Texas Wind Ensemble, Junkin) (Blu-ray Audio) NBD0048
Wind Band Music - CLARKE, N. / TURNBULL, K. / SANTANDREU, J. (Earthrise) (MTSU Wind Ensemble, Thomas) 8.573184
Wind Band Music - CRESTON, P. / SCHWARZ, G. / GRAINGER, P. / COPLAND, A. (Above and Beyond) (The Presidents Own United States Marine Band, Schwarz) 8.573121
Wind Band Music - DAUGHERTY, M. / BURRITT, M. / GILLINGHAM, D. (Synergy) (John B. Yeh, Columbus State University Wind Ensemble, Rumbelow) 8.572319
Wind Band Music - DOOLEY, P. / DANYEW, S. / MAGNUSON, R.D. / MCALLISTER, S. / HIGDON, J. (Point Blank) (Illinois State University Wind Symphony) 8.573334
Wind Band Music - GRANTHAM, D. / JACOB, G. / BRYANT, S. (Old Wine in New Bottles) (Youngstown State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, S. Gage) 8.572762
Wind Band Music - HINDEMITH, P. / HOLST, G. / GRAINGER, P. / SCHWANTNER, J. (Trendsetters) (Peabody Conservatory Wind Ensemble, H.D. Parker) 8.572242
Wind Band Music - HOLST, G. / GILBERTSON, M. / TICHELI, F. / MACKEY, J. (Rest) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Mikkelson) 8.572980
Wind Band Music - KABALEVSKY, D. / STEVENS, J. / GRANTHAM, D. / LAURIDSEN, M. / COPLAND, A. (Southern Harmony) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony) 8.572342
Wind Band Music - NELSON, R. / TULL, F. / BARKER, W. / BOYSEN, A. (Fanfare, Capriccio and Rhapsody) (Boyd) 8.572528
Wind Band Music - OLTRA, M. / GARRETA, J. / MORALEDA, J.L. (Catalan Wind Music, Vol. 1) (Barcelona Symphonic Band, Brotons) 8.573547
Wind Band Music - PUTS, K. / BRITTEN, B. / MAHLER, G. / BRYANT, S. (Network) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Mikkelson) 8.573446
Wind Band Music - REED, H.O. / HUSA, K. / NELHYBEL, V. / SCHUMAN, W. (Fanfares and Overtures for Wind Band) (Rutgers Wind Ensemble, Berz) 8.572230
Wind Band Music - SCHWANTNER, J. / MASLANKA, D. / BRYANT, S. (Alchemize) (University of Southern Mississippi Wind Ensemble, C.A. Rand) 8.573587
Wind Band Music - THOMAS, M.T. / STRAVINSKY, I. / COPLAND, A. / VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. (Street Song) (University of Georgia Wind Ensemble, Lynch) 8.572917
Wind Band Music - THURSTON, R. / PUCKETT, J. / WILBY, P. / WILLIAMS, J. / EWAZEN, E. (Air Force Blue) (United States Air Force Band, L.H. Lang) 8.573405
Wind Band Music - TICHELI, F. / BASSETT, L. / BOLCOM, W. (Angels in the Architecture) (MTSU Wind Ensemble, Thomas) 8.572732
Wind Band Music - TORKE, M. / TICHELI, F. / COPLAND, A. (Landscapes) (University of Kansas Wind Ensemble, Popiel) 8.573104
Wind Band Music - TURINA, J. / BERNSTEIN, L. / BONNEY, J. / NIXON, R. / KOH, Chang Su (Converging Cultures) (Lone Star Wind Orchestra, Corporon) 8.572837
Wind Music - LE JEUNE, C. / JONES, C. / ROBERTS, W. / WASHBURN, R. / FINE, I. (Five By Five) (United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band) 75442262542
WINKLER, D.: Piano Concerto / Elements Concerti (Panizza, Rabinova) 8.559383
WINTER 8.557726
WINTHER: SWR Big Band Live CD93.004
WISDOM, Norman: Dont Laugh at Me (1951-1956) 8.120858
WISEMAN, D.: Different Voices (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Wiseman) 8.572022
WOLFE, J.: Anthracite Fields (Bang On a Can All-Stars, Trinity Wall Street Choir, Wachner) CA-21111
WOLFE, J.: Cruel Sister / Fuel (Ensemble Resonanz, Lubman) CA-21069
WOLFE, J.: Dark Full Ride (Black, Moore, Welch, Talujon Percussion Quartet) CA-21058
WOLFE, J.: Dig Deep / Four Marys / Early That Summer (The String Quartets) (Ethel, Cassatt String Quartet, Lark Quartet) CA-21011
WOLFE, J.: Steel Hammer (Bang on a Can All-Stars, Mediaeval Trio) CA-21099
WOODS: Jazz Matinee CD93.009
WORLD Chitravina N. Ravikiran: Rays and Forays 76017-2
WORLD MUSIC Alpentöne - Ein Querschnitt durch das Festival 03 MGB-6208
WORLD MUSIC Best of Bellydance EUCD2137
WORLD Naxos World 2004 Sampler 76100-2
WORLD Rhythm 4 Kids: Sing-A-Long 76051-2
WORSAAE, N.: Wesenheit ab Wesenheit / WaWV (Asmussen, Figura Ensemble) 8.226140
WU, Man: From a Distance 8.225970HDCD
WUNDER, G.: Sequentia Miraculi / BERAUER, J.: Piano Trio No. 1. / PERES, S.: 7 Preludes (Kaleidoskop) (Eggner Trio) Gramola98906
WUORINEN, C.: Scherzo / String Quartet No. 1 / Viola Variations / Piano Quintet No. 2 (P. Serkin, L. Martin, Brentano String Quartet) 8.559694
WUORINEN: 6 Trios 8.559264
WUORINEN: Ashberyana / Fenton Songs I and II / Josquiniana 8.559377
WUORINEN: Dante Trilogy (chamber version) 8.559345
WUORINEN: String Sextet / String Quartet No. 2 / Piano Quintet / Divertimento 8.559288
WUORINEN: Tashi / Percussion Quartet / Fortune 8.559321
WYTTENBACH, J.: 3 Chansons Violées / Encore! / Lamentoroso / Serenade (Andres, Demenga, Globokar, J. Keller, Molinari, Racine) MGB-CTS-M37

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