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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
ZAIMONT, J.L.: Chroma: Northern Lights / Symphony No. 2, "Remember Me" (excerpts) / Stillness (Slovak National Symphony, Trevor) 8.559619
ZAIMONT, J.L.: Piano Music - Piano Sonata / Nocturne, "La Fin de Siecle" / A Calendar Set (Atzinger) 8.559665
ZAIMONT: Sacred Service for the Sabbath Evening (excerpts) / A Tale of Abram and Isaac 8.559444
ZENDER: Schumann-Phantasie / Bardo CD93.128
ZHONG: Pictures of the Yangtze River 82098
ZHOU, C.: Golden Late Autumn / Hilly Country Suite 82096
ZHOU, L.: 8 Chinese Folk Songs / Poems from Tang / Soul (The Flowing Stream - Chinese Folk Songs and Tone Poems) (Min, Shanghai Quartet) DE3233
ZHOU, L.: Tales from the Cave / Secluded Orchid / Heng / Valley Stream (Music From China) DE3335
ZHOU, Long / CHEN, Yi: Symphony, "Humen 1839" / ZHOU, Long: The Rhyme of Taigu / The Enlightened (New Zealand Symphony, Darrell Ang) 8.570611
ZHOU, Long: Spirit of Chimes / Secluded Orchid / Wu Kui / Taiping Drum / Partita (Cho-Liang Lin, Hai-ye Ni, Helen Huang) DE3397
ZHOU, Long: Su / Pianogongs / Taiping Drum / Wild Grass / Taigu Rhyme / CHEN, Yi: Monologue / Chinese Ancient Dances (Beijing New Music Ensemble) 8.570604
ZHU, X.: Dream of the Red Chamber 8.223966
ZIMMERMANN, U.: Weisse Rose [Opera] (Fontana, Harder, U. Zimmermann) C162871A
ZIPORYN, E.: Big Grenadilla / Mumbai (Das, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Rose) CA-21081
ZIPORYN, E.: Frogs Eye / The Ornate Zither and the Nomad Flute / War Chant / Drill (Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Rose) CA-21040
ZIPORYN, E.: Melody Competition / LANG, D.: The so-called laws of nature (So Percussion) CA-21022
ZIPORYN, E.: ShadowBang (Wija, Bang on a Can All-Stars) CA-21015
ZORN, J.: Goetia / CARTER, E.: 4 Lauds / SALONEN, E.-P.: Lachen verlernt / THOMAS, A.R.: Pulsar (Rhapsodic Musings) (Koh) CDR90000-113
ZUBEL, A.: Cascando / String Quartet No. 1 / Unisono I and II / Maximum Load (Zubel) CDAccordACD123
ZUBEL, A.: Elettrovoce (Zubel, Duchnowski) CDAccordACD220
ZWILICH, E.: Clarinet Quintet / SHENG, B.: Concertino for Clarinet and String Quartet (Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society) DE3183
ZWILICH, E.T.: Millennium Fantasy / Images / Peanuts Gallery (Biegel, Gainsford, H.L. Williams, Florida State University Symphony, Jimenez) 8.559656
ZWILICH: Chamber Symphony / Double Concerto / Symphony No. 2 FECD-0004
ZWILICH: Violin Concerto / Rituals 8.559268

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