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Catalogue list by Period

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The Baroque covers the period from 1600 to 1750.

The early Baroque finds the BEGINning of opera, a form of princely entertainment first seen in Florence.
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Title Catalogue No.
GABRIELLI, D.: Cello Music (Complete) (Opera completa per violoncello) (Hoffman) TB650701
GABRIELLI, D.: S. Sigismondo, re di Borgogna (Baldassari) TC650702
GALUPPI, B.: 6 Trio Sonatas (University of Uppsala Collection) (Accademia dei Solinghi) CDS694
GALUPPI, B.: Concertos a 4 Nos. 1-7 (LOfferta Musicale, Parravicini) TC700701
GALUPPI, B.: Keyboard Sonatas, Illy Nos. 36-41 (Martella) TC700702
GALUPPI, B.: Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 1 (Napoli) 8.572263
GALUPPI, B.: Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 2 (Napoli) 8.572490
GALUPPI, B.: Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 3 (Napoli) 8.572672
GALUPPI, B.: Mass for the Delivery of Slaves / MOZART, W.A.: Mass No. 16, "Coronation Mass" (Scimone) (NTSC) DYN-37740
GALUPPI: Concerto a 4, Nos. 1-7 CDS519
GALUPPI: Harpsichord Concertos (Complete) CDS215
GARDINER, John Eliot: In Rehearsal - BACH, J.S.: Christen, atzet diesen Tag, BWV 63 (PAL) 100292
GARDNER, Freddy: Freddy Gardner (1939-1950) 8.120506
GASPARINI, F.: Cantate da camera a voce sola, Op. 1 (Rigacci, Micheli) TC660701
GAY, J.: Beggar: Beggars Opera (The) [Opera] (Goberman) (1962) 9.81136-37
GEMINIANI, F.: 3 Flute Sonatas / Auld Bob Morrice / The Country Lass / Sleepy Body (Festina Lente) TC680701
GEMINIANI, F.: Art of Playing the Guitar or Cittra (The) / GIORDANI, T.: Guitar Sonatas (Sonate per chitarra e basso continuo) (Bandini) TC680705
GEMINIANI, F.: Concerti Grossi - Opp. 2, 3, 4 (South West German Chamber Orchestra, Angerer) CDX-5152
GEMINIANI, F.: Concerti Grossi tratti dalle Op. 3, 1 e 5 di Arcangelo Corelli (La Risonanza, Chiarappa) TC680703
GEMINIANI, F.: Concerti Grossi, Op. 3, Nos. 1-6 (Demicheli) TC680704
GEMINIANI, F.: Foresta incantata (La) / Concerti grossi - Op. 7, Nos. 4, 6 (La Stagione Frankfurt, Schneider) C67081
GEMINIANI, F.: Pieces de clavecin (Loreggian) TC680702
GEMINIANI, F.: Violin Sonatas, Op. 4 - Nos. 1, 8, 9, 10 / VERACINI, F.M.: Violin Sonatas, Op. 1 - Nos. 7, 8 (Lyriarte) OC356
GEMINIANI: Concerti Grossi, Vol. 1 8.553019
GEMINIANI: Concerti Grossi, Vol. 2 8.553020
GENESIS BRASS: Hymnus C71131
GEOFFROY: Music for Choir and Organ 8.553637
German Lute Songs 8.555935
German Organ Music, Vol. 1 8.550964
German Organ Music, Vol. 2 8.550965
GHEDINI, G.F.: Concerto detto Lolmoneta / Litanie della Vergine / BACH, J.S. Musical Offering (Ghedini) (1952) 8.111325
GHIRLANDA SACRA - Il Mottetto a voce sola a Venezia TC620001
GHIRLANDA SACRA (Ensemble Primi Toni, Lamon) TC620080
GIARDINO ARMONICO (IL): Music of the French Baroque (NTSC) 100395
GIARDINO ARMONICO (IL): Music of the Italian Baroque (NTSC) 100011
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 8: Milan, London and Berlin Recordings (1933-1935) 8.110269
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 9: Berlin, Milan and London Recordings (1936-1938) 8.110270
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 10: Milan and London Recordings (1938-1940) 8.110271
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 13: London Recordings (1947-1949) 8.111102
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 14: London, Milan and Rio de Janeiro Recordings (1949, 1951) 8.111103
GIGLI, Beniamino: Gigli Edition, Vol. 15: Carnegie Hall Farewell Recitals (1955) 8.111104
GILELS, Emil: Early Recordings, Vol. 1 (1935-1951) 8.111350
GILELS, Emil: Early Recordings, Vol. 3 (1935-1955) 8.111386
GINASTERA, A.: Complete Piano and Organ Music 8.557911-12
GIRLS GOTTA DANCE! - Rhythms to excite the muscles, Symmetry to stimulate the brain, Melodies to delight the heart DE1624
GIULIANO: Symphony for Mandolin / Mandolin Concerto in G Major / CECERE: Mandolin Concerto in A Major / PAISIELLO: Mandolin Concerto in E-Flat Major CDS193
GLORIA - Classical Music for Reflection and Meditation 8.556702
GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO - Festive Christmas Music (Clamor) ACC-30227
GLORIA! - Songs of Exaltation DSL-90906
Grand Tour (Trio Settecento) (4-CD Box Set) CDRBOX1002
GRATIANI, B.: Adae / Filli Prodigi / 5 Motets (Consortium Carissimi, Comeaux) 8.573256
GRATIANI, B.: Cantatas (Consortium Carissimi, Comeaux) 8.573257
GRAUN, C.H.: Montezuma (Deutsche Oper Berlin, 1982) (NTSC) 101629
GRAUN, C.H.: Montezuma [Opera] C60032-2
GRAUN, C.H.: Montezuma [Opera] (Goritzki) C7085
GRAUN, C.H.: Tod Jesu (Der) [Oratorio] (Arcis-Vocalisten Munich, LArpa Festante Baroque Orchestra, Gropper) OC1809
GRAUN, C.H.: Weihnachtsoratorium (Christmas Oratorio) (Arcis-Vocalisten Munich, Larpa Festante, Gropper) OC1876
GRAUPNER, C.: Orchestral Suites, GWV 450, 451 and 458 (Finnish Baroque Orchestra, Kaakinen-Pilch) ODE1220-2
GRAUPNER, C.: Partitas, GWV 121, 133, 149 (Akutagawa) 8.570459
GRAUPNER, C.: Trio Sonatas (Finnish Baroque Orchestra, members) ODE1240-2
GREAT ARIAS: O LET ME WEEP - Famous Baroque Arias and Scenes (Blu-ray) 109239
GREAT ARIAS: O LET ME WEEP - Famous Baroque Arias and Scenes (NTSC) 109238
GREAT BALLETS OF THE OPERA NATIONAL DE PARIS - Giselle / Sylvia / Le jeune homme et la mort / Carmen (NTSC) DVWW-BOXPARIS
GREAT BALLETS OF THE OPERA NATIONAL DE PARIS - Paquita / Notre-Dame de Paris / Le jeune homme et la mort / Carmen (NTSC) DVWW-BOXBALLET
GREAT CLASSICAL MASTERPIECES - Bestselling Naxos Recordings 1987-2012 8.578217
GREAT CLASSICAL MASTERPIECES - Bestselling Naxos Recordings 1987-2012 (25 ar med Klassiska Favoriter) 8.578228
GREAT CONDUCTORS (Documentaries, 2008-2016) (4-DVD Box Set) (NTSC) 744108
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 1 (Australia) 8.570036
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 2 (Australia) 8.570037
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 3 (Australia) 8.570038
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 4 (Australia) 8.570039
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 5 (Australia) 8.570040
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 6 (Australia) 8.570041
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 7 (Australia) 8.570042
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 8 (Australia) 8.570043
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 9 (Australia) 8.570044
GREAT ORCHESTRAL CLASSICS 10 (Australia) 8.570045
Great Pianists (1926-1945) 8.110783-84
GREAT SINGERS (1904-1952) 8.110781-82
Great Singers Live (6 CD Box Set) 900309
Great Singers Live: Popp, Lucia 900306
Great Singers Live: Prey, Hermann 900307
GREATS of the GRAMOPHONE, Vol. 1 8.120569
GREENE, M.: Overtures / Collection of Lessons (A) (Schrader, Baroque Band, Clarke) CDR90000-152
GREENE, M.: Spensers Amoretti (Hulett, Green, Pinardi) 8.572891
GRIEG, E.: Piano Concerto, Op. 16 / LISZT, F.: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Cziffra, Tzipine, Cluytens) ICAC5079
GRIGNY: Veni Creator / MAGE: Suite du premier ton / CLERAMBAULT: Suite du premier ton and deuxieme ton SCD1059
GRONDONA, Stefano: Guitar Works by Bach, Henze, Petrassi CDS59
GUERRA MANUSCRIPT (The), Vol. 1 (Monar, Vilas) 8.570135
GUERRA MANUSCRIPT (The), Vol. 2 (Sancho, Ars Atlantica) 8.572876
GUERRA MANUSCRIPT (The), Vol. 3 (Fernández, Ars Atlantica) 8.573312

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