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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
BOYER, P.: Symphony No. 1 / Silver Fanfare / Festivities / Three Olympians / Celebration Overture (London Philharmonic, Boyer) 8.559769
BRAHMS / GLAZUNOV: Violin Concertos (Heifetz) (1934, 1939) 8.110940
BRAHMS, J.: Symphony No. 3 / KRECEK, J.: Symphony No. 5, "Renaissance" (Prague Symphony, Kout) FOK0002-2
Brass Music - BOZZA, E. / HAHN, G. / LUNDQUIST, T.I. / DANIELSSON, C. / BERNSTEIN, L. (Stockholm Philharmonic Brass Ensemble) SLT33254
Brass Music - HOLMBOE, V. / PRAETORIUS, M. / PEZEL, J.C. / SCHNEIDER, W. (Stockholm Philharmonic Brass Ensemble) SLT33200
Brass Music - MOURET, J. / BACH, J.S. / HANDEL, G. / VIVALDI, A. / CALVERT, M. / SCEARCE, J. / BOZZA, E. (Virtuoso Brass) (Chicago Brass Quintet) DE1022
Brass Music - WILHELM, R. / BACH, J.S. / BALDWIN, D. / LUIS, I. / WRIGHT, J.D. / PAUL, R.K. / CURNOW, J. (From the Beginning) (da Capo Brass) DE3417
Brass Quintets (Arrangements) - BERNSTEIN, L. / BARBER, S. / WILLIAMS, J. / GOLDSMITH, J. / ARNOLD, D. (Moviebrass) (Gomalan Brass Quintet) 8.572244
BRETSCHNEIDER, F. / KANDING, E.: Auxiliary Blue (Contemporanea) 8.226540
BRIO: Sol y Luna DSL-92118
BRITANNIC ORGAN (THE), Vol. 3 - Music on the high Seas (1912-1926) OC841
BRITISH DANCE BANDS, Vol. 1 (1930-1943) 8.120603
BRODSGAARD, A.: Galaxy / Monks Mixtures (Odense Symphony, Austin) 8.226551
BRODSGAARD: in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (we enter the circle at night and are consumed by fire) 8.226514
BRONK: Bronk PCD111
BROSTROM, T.: Orchestral Music (Kaleidoscope) (Gavle Symphony Orchestra, Gustavsson) SSACD1145
BROUWER, L.: Bandurria and Guitar Music (Chamorro, P.M. González) 8.573363
BROUWER, L.: Concierto de Benicàssim / RODRIGO, J.: Concierto de Aranjuez / MARTIN, F.: Guitare (Trápaga, Real Filharmonía de Galicia, Díaz) 8.573542
BROUWER, L.: Guitar Concerto No. 5 / From Yesterday to Penny Lane / ALBENIZ, I.: Iberia, Book 1 (excerpts) (arr. L. Brouwer) (Korhonen) ODE979-2
BROUWER, L.: Music for 2 Guitars (Brasil Guitar Duo) 8.573336
BROUWER, L: Book of Signs (The) / BELLINATI, P.: Concerto Caboclo (Brasil Guitar Duo, Delaware Symphony, Amado) 8.573603
BROUWER, M.: Chamber Music - Shattered Glass / Lonely Lake / Clarinet Quintet (Shattered) (Blue Streak Ensemble, Maia String Quartet) 8.559763
BROUWER, M: Aurolucent Circles / Mandala / Remembrances 8.559250
BROUWER: Guitar Music, Vol. 1 - Estudios sencillos / Tres apuntes / Cancion de cuna 8.553630
BROUWER: Guitar Music, Vol. 2 - Decameron Negro (El) / Preludios Epigramaticos 8.554553
BROUWER: Guitar Music, Vol. 3 - Sonata / Hika / Suite No. 2 / Rio de los Orishas 8.554195
BROUWER: Guitar Music, Vol. 4 - La Ciudad de las Columnas / Nuevos Estudios Sencillos 8.570251
BRUSA, E.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 1 (Ukraine National Symphony, Mastrangelo) 8.555266
BRUSA, E.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 2 (Ukraine National Symphony, Mastrangelo) 8.555267
BRUSA, E.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 3 (Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Rustioni) 8.573437
BRUUN, P.: Green Groves (The) / Pearls of Tears / Big Bird and His Friends (Ensemble MidtVest) 8.226571
BRUUN, P.: Letters to the Ocean / A Silver Bell that Chimes all Living Things Together / Waves of Reflection (Sundkvist) 8.226553
BRYARS, G.: Piano Concerto, "The Solway Canal" / After Handels Vesper / Ramble on Cortona (van Raat, Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic, Tausk) 8.572570
BRYARS, G.: Sub Rosa / GLASS, P.: Facades (Sentieri Selvaggi Plays Gavin Bryars and Philip Glass) (Sentieri Selvaggi) CA-21048
BUCKLEY: 3 Preludes / Winter Music / Oileain 8.223784
BUCKLEY: Organ Concerto / Symphony No. 1 8.223876
BURHANS, C.: Excelsior / BATES, M.: Red River / SHAPIRO, A.: Perpetual Spark / LIMBACHER, J.: Air (Fifth House Ensemble) CDR90000-148
BURHANS, C.: Magnificat / Amidst Neptune / Iceman Stole the Sun / Super Flumina Babylonis (Evensong) (Burhans) CA-21094
BUTI, Carlo: Bella Ragazza (1934-1949) 8.120596
Butterfly Lovers Music and Dance Film (NTSC) 2.220002

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