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Catalogue list by Period

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The term Contemporary Music covers the music of living composers who continue to compose in the 21st century.
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Title Catalogue No.
RIHM, W.: 2 Other Movements / Abkehr / Schattenstück (Stuttgart Radio Symphony, Norrington, Arming) SWR19001CD
RIHM, W.: Oedipus (Deutsche Oper Berlin, 1987) (NTSC) 101667
RIHM, W.: Quid est Deus / Ungemaltes Bild / Frau/Stimme (Rihm Edition, Vol. 4) CD93.236
RIHM, W.: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 / Nachtwach / Vers une symphonie fleuve III / Raumauge (Rihm Edition, Vol. 3) CD93.227
RIHM, W.: Uber die Linie II / COLLARCO (Rihm Edition, Vol. 6) (J. and C. Widmann, Cambreling, E.G. Jensen) CD93.283
RIHM, W.: Verwandlungen (Rihm Edition, Vol. 5) (South West German Radio Symphony, Arming, Pintscher) CD93.263
RIHM, W.: Violin and Piano Works (Tianwa Yang, Rimmer) 8.572730
RIHM: Dis-Kontur / Lichtzwang / Sub-Kontur (Rihm Edition, Vol. 2) CD93.202
RIHM: Morphonie / Klangbeschreibung I-III CD93.010
RIHM: Styx und Lethe / Dritte Musik / Music for Oboe and Orchestra (Rihm Edition, Vol. 1) CD93.185
RIHM: Tutuguri: Der Ritus der schwarzen Sonne (The Rite of the Black Sun) CD93.069
RIIS, M.: getString / from String / toString / VOIGT-LUND, J.: Circuitous, Mountains / STEEN-ANDERSEN, S.: String Quartet (Silesian String Quartet) 8.226530
RILEY, T.: Dark Queen Mantra / The Wheel and Mythic Birds Waltz / SCODANIBBIO, S.: Mas Lugares (G. Riley, Del Sol String Quartet) DSL-92215
RILEY: Cantos Desiertos / BEASER / TOWER / LIEBERMANN 8.559146
RINALDI, Susana: Gabbiani PCD043
RING, K.: Hand for Holmboe / HOLMBOE, V.: Chamber Concertos (Ring, Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Koivula) 8.226569
RISE, I.: Return (The) / Three Coloured Stories / String Quartet 8.224142
RITZEN, P.: Art of Improvisation (The) (Ritzen) 9.70187
RITZEN, P.: Piano Quintet / FRANCK, C.: Piano Quintet (Ritzen, Moscow Chamber Academy) 9.70142
RITZEN: Chinese Requiem / Chinese Violin Rhapsody 8.223980
RITZEN: Last Empress (The) 8.223969
ROBERT WELLS TRIO: Tribute to Charlie (A) PCD144
RODRIGUEZ: Oktoechos / Favola Boccaccesca / The Song of Songs FECD-0027
ROFELT, K.: Accordion Music (The Song Ill Never Sing) (Mogensen) 8.226564
ROGL, H.: Cello Music (Complete) PMR0012
ROGL, H.: Saxophone Music (Complete) PMR0022
ROLF, Ernst: Det basta jag har - 20 Original Recordings (1931) 8.120796
ROLLING ALONG! - The Best of The United States Army Bands 75442203062
RONCAGLIO, Cristiane: Sambalá C5195
RONDIN, Mats: Isidor PCD-101
RØNSHOLDT, N.: Me Quitte (Egilstrøð, Scenatet) 8.226592
RØNSHOLDT, N.: Songs of Doubt (Povel, N. Forget, Studium Chorale, Leenders) 8.226598
ROSING-SCHOW, N.: Alliages (Gjerris, Sivebaek, Balland, Navasse) 8.226580
ROSING-SCHOW, N.: Archipel des solitudes 8.224163
ROSING-SCHOW, N.: Peinture du temps (TM+, Cuniot) 8.226557
ROSING-SCHOW: Echoes of Fire 8.224055
ROSING-SCHOW: Granito y arco iris / Orbis / Equinoxe / Black Virgin / Orichalk 8.226535
ROSING-SCHOW: Orchestral and Chamber Works DCCD 9110
ROSING-SCHOW: Winds and Percussion 8.226506
ROSSI, Tino: Ecoutez les mandolines (1933-1950) 8.120594
ROUSE, C.: Gerettete Alberich (Der) / Rapture / Violin Concerto (Lin, Glennie, Helsinki Philharmonic, Segerstam) ODE1016-2
ROUSE, C.: Odna Zhizn / Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4 / Prosperos Rooms (New York Philharmonic, Gilbert) 8.226110
ROUSE, C.: Seeing / Kabir Padavali (Trevigne, Weiss, Albany Symphony, Miller) 8.559799
ROUSE, C.: Wolf Rounds / DAUGHERTY, M.: Ladder to the Moon / MASLANKA, D.: Trombone Concerto (University of Miami Frost Wind Ensemble) 8.572439
ROUSE: Symphony No. 1 / Phantasmata FECD-0026
ROY, B.: Calcutta Sunrise / GUPTA, R.V.: Raga Jaunpuri / HARBISON, J.: 4 Songs of Solitude (Suryodaya) (Gupta, Roy) YAR44638
ROYAL 22ND REGIMENT BAND: Heritage of the March, Vol. 54 (Marches of Quebec) 75442203802
ROYAL DANISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC (THE) (150 Years) (1867-2017) 8.201202
ROYAL OPERA COLLECTION (THE) (2003-2015) (18-Blu-ray Disc Box Set) OABD7223BD
ROYAL OPERA COLLECTION (THE) (2003-2015) (22-DVD Box Set) (NTSC) OA1244BD
RUDERS, P.: 4 Dances in 1 Movement / Nightshade / Abysm (Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Knussen) 8.226028
RUDERS, P.: Concerto in Pieces / Violin Concerto No. 1 / Monodrama (Heide, Reumert, Aarhus Symphony, Sondergard) 8.226034
RUDERS, P.: Drummers Tale II (A) 8.224085
RUDERS, P.: Guitar Works - Psalmodies Suite / Chaconne / Jargon (J. Sivebaek, Ensemble Fyn) 8.226542
RUDERS, P.: Selma Jezkova (Royal Danish Opera, 2010) (NTSC) 2.110410
RUDERS, P.: Solar Trilogy (Odense Symphony, Schonwandt) 8.224054
RUDERS, P.: Viola Concerto / Handel Variations (Tomter, Aarhus Symphony, Soustrot, Delfs) 8.226149
RUDERS: Bravour Studies / HOLMBOE: Cello Sonata 8.226007
RUDERS: Handmaids Tale (The) 8.224165-66
RUDERS: Kafkas Trial (Proces Kafka, Prozess Kafka) 8.226042-43
RUDERS: Piano Works 8.224148
RUDERS: Symphony No. 2 / Piano Concerto 8.224125
RUDERS: Violin Concerto No. 2 / Dramaphonia DCCD 9308
RUEDA, J.: Piano Music (Sukarlan) - Piano Sonatas Nos. 1, 2 / 24 Interludes / Invenciones (excerpts) / Mephisto 8.572075
RUEDA, J.: Sinfonia No. 3, "Luz" / Imaginary Journey (Asturias Symphony, Valdes) 8.572417
RÜHM, G.: Sprechtexte / Melodramen / Chansons Gramola98994
RUSSIAN OBOE (The) 8.570596
RUTTER, J.: Gloria / Magnificat / Te Deum (Cragg, St Albans Cathedral Choirs, Winpenny, Ensemble DeChorum, Lucas) 8.572653
RUTTER, J.: Psalmfest / This is the Day / Lord, Thou hast been our refuge / Psalm 150 (St Albans Cathedral Choirs, Royal Philharmonic, A. Lucas) 8.573394
RUTTER, J.: Suite Antique / GLASS, P. / FRANCAIX, J.: Harpsichord Concertos (Lewis, West Side Chamber Orchestra, Mallon) 8.573146
RUTTER: Mass of the Children / Shadows / Wedding Canticle 8.557922
RUTTER: Requiem / Anthems 8.557130
RUTTI, C.: Requiem (O. Robinson, E. Price, J. Watts, Bach Choir, Southern Sinfonia, D. Hill) 8.572317
RYABOV: Symphony No. 4 / Concerto of Waltzes 8.223749
RYU, Jeajoon: Sinfonia da Requiem / Violin Concerto No. 1 (Borowicz, Borkowski) 8.570599
RZEWSKI, F.: 4 Piano Pieces / Hard Cuts / The Housewifes Lament (van Raat, Lunapark, Marinissen) 8.559759
RZEWSKI, F.: De Profundis / 5 North American Ballads (Which Side Are You On?) (Moore) CA-21014
RZEWSKI, F.: People United will never be Defeated (The) (van Raat) 8.559360
RZEWSKI, F.: People United will never be Defeated (The) / BACH, J.S.: Aria variata (Hinterhuber) PMR0037
RZEWSKI, F.: People United will never be Defeated (The) / Four Hands (Oppens, Lowenthal) CDR90000-158
RZEWSKI, F.: Piano Music - Fantasia / Second Hand, or, Alone at Last / De Profundis (Satterlee) 8.559760
RZEWSKI: Fred - Music of Frederic Rzewski CDR90000-084

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