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Catalogue list by Period

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20th Century

The 20th Century brings an enormous variety of musical styles and forms.
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Title Catalogue No.
WEILL, K.: Lindberghflug (Der) [Opera] C60012-1
WEILL, K.: Violin Concerto, Op. 12 / IBERT, J.: Cello Concerto / BERG, A.: Chamber Concerto (Gilbert, Schteinberg, Work) DSL-92161
WEINBERG, M.: Cello Music (Complete), Vol. 1 (Feigelson) - 24 Preludes / Cello Solo Sonata No. 1 8.572280
WEINBERG, M.: Cello Music (Complete), Vol. 2 - Cello Solo Sonatas Nos. 2-4 (Feigelson) 8.572281
WEINBERG, M.: Cello Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / Cello Solo Sonatas Nos. 1 and 3 (Yablonsky, Hsin-ni Liu) 8.570333
WEINBERG, M.: Passenger (The) (Bregenz Festival, 2010) (Blu-ray, HD) 109080
WEINBERG, M.: Passenger (The) (Bregenz Festival, 2010) (NTSC) 109079
WEINBERG, M.: Piano Quintet / SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Quintet (Kirschnereit, Szymanowski Quartet) CD93.260
WEINBERG, M.: Piano Works (Complete) (Brewster Franzetti) (4-CD Box Set) GP698-701
WEINBERG, M.: Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 1 (Brewster Franzetti) GP603
WEINBERG, M.: Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 2 (Brewster Franzetti) GP607
WEINBERG, M.: Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 3 (Brewster Franzetti) GP610
WEINBERG, M.: Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 4 (Brewster Franzetti) GP611
WEINBERG, M.: String Quartet No. 7 / Piano Quintet (Silesian String Quartet, Salajczyk) CDAccordACD239
WEINBERG, M.: String Quartets Nos. 8, 9 and 10 (Silesian String Quartet) CDAccordACD241
WEINBERG, M.: Symphony No. 12 / The Golden Key Suite No. 4 (St. Petersburg State Symphony, Lande) 8.573085
WEINBERG, M.: Symphony No. 17 / Suite for Orchestra (Siberian State Symphony, Lande) 8.573565
WEINBERG, M.: Symphony No. 18 / Trumpet Concerto (Balio, St. Petersburg Chamber Choir, St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, V. Lande) 8.573190
WEINBERG, M.: Symphony No. 19 / The Banners of Peace (St. Petersburg State Symphony, Lande) 8.572752
WEINBERG, M.: Symphony No. 6 / Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes (Glinka Choral College Boys Choir, St. Petersburg State Symphony, Lande) 8.572779
WEINBERG, M.: Symphony No. 8, Op. 83, "Tveti Polshi", "Kwiaty Polskie" (Polish Flowers) (Dobrowolska, Marciniec, Bartminski, Wit) 8.572873
WEINBERG, M.: Violin Concerto / KABALEVSKY, D.: Fantasy / Cello Concerto No. 1 (Schmid, Krijgh, Huangci, Vienna Radio Symphony, Meister) C5310
WEINBERG, M.: Violin Sonatas (Complete) / Violin Sonatina (Kalinovsky, Goncharova) 8.572320-21
WEINBERG, M.: Violin Sonatas Nos. 4 and 5 / Violin Sonatina (Slawek, Rózanski) CDAccordACD217
WEINBERG: Piano Concerto No. 2 / String Quartet Op. 55 / Shabbat Baaretz 8.559457
WEINBERGER, J.: Ouvertüre zu einem ritterlichen Spiel / 6 Bohemian Songs and Dances / Passacaglia (Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, G. Albrecht) C5272
WEINBERGER: Svanda Dudak 8.660146-47
WEINER, L.: Concerto / SCHULHOFF, E.: Double Concerto for Flute and Piano (Zehnder, Radic, Aroutunian, Capella Istropolitana) UP0053-2
WEINER, L.: Csongor és Tünde (2nd version, 1959) / Ballata (Szucs, Jubilate Girls Choir, Budapest Symphony Orchestra MÁV, Csányi) 8.573491
WEINER: Art of Yiddish Song (The) 8.559443
WEISGALL: Tkiatot / Psalm of the Distant Dove / A Garden Eastward 8.559425
WELCHER, D.: String Quartets Nos. 1-3 (Cassatt String Quartet) 8.559384
WELCHER: Haleakala / Prairie Light / Clarinet Concerto 8.559287
WELLEJUS: Concerto Choregraphique / Cello Concerto / Our Childhood Friends 8.224040
WELLESZ, E.: Bakchantinnen (Die) [Opera] (Mohr, Burt, Stamm, Alexander, Berlin Radio Choir, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, G. Albrecht) C136012H
WELLESZ, E.: Piano Concerto / Violin Concerto (Babinsky, Fruhwirth, Berlin Radio Symphony, Epple) C5027
WELLESZ, E.: Piano Music (Complete) (Babinsky) C67181
WELLESZ, E.: Sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett-Browning / Symphonischer Epilogue / Vorfruhling / Vision / Ode an die Musik / Lied der Welt (Epple) C67077
WELLESZ, E.: Violin Concerto / Prosperos Beschwörungen (Lowenstein, Vienna Radio Symphony, G. Albrecht) C478981A
Welsh Classical Favourites 8.225048
Welte-Mignon Piano Rolls, Vol. 1 (1905-1927) 8.110677
Welte-Mignon Piano Rolls, Vol. 2 (1905-1915) 8.110678
Welte-Mignon Piano Rolls, Vol. 3 (1905-1926) 8.110679
WENNERBERG, G.: From the Psalms of David (Stenlund) PRCD9112
WERNER, S.E.: Passion Fruits DCCD 9104
WERNER, S.E.: Tango Studies / Tie-break 8.224006
WEST POINT BAND: Liquid Ebony - Stars of the West Point Band 75442272112
WEST POINT BANDS JAZZ KNIGHTS: At First Light 75442263072
WEST POINT BANDS JAZZ KNIGHTS: Turning Points 75442263312
WEST POINT HELLCATS: Day in the Life of the West Point Hellcats (A) 75442272072
WESTERGAARD: Frydenlund Variations / Wind Quintet No. 2 / Cello Sonata 8.224705
WHARTON, E.: Age of Innocence (The) (Unabridged) NA0234
WHARTON: Ethan Frome NA203712
WHEN WILL YOU RETURN - Chinese and Other Asian Evergreens (Singapore Symphony, Choo Hoey) 8.225815
When You Wish Upon A Star 8.990032
WHITBOURN, J.: Annelies (chamber version) (A. Zukerman, Westminster Williamson Voices, Lincoln Trio, Chandra, J. Jordan) 8.573070
WHITBOURN, J.: Choral Works - Luminosity / Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis / He carried me away in the spirit (Commotio, M. Berry) 8.572103
WHITBOURN, J.: Living Voices / Son of God Mass / Requiem canticorum (Powell, Cowan, Westminster Williamson Voices, Jordan) 8.572737
WHITBOURN, J.: Missa Carolae / Choral Music for Christmas (Westminster Williamson Voices, James Jordan) 8.573715
WHITEMAN, Paul: Paul Whiteman and His Dance Band 8.120511
WHITEMAN, Paul: A Pops Concert (1927-1929) 8.120520
WHITEMAN, Paul: Music for Moderns (1927-1928) 8.120505
WHITEMAN, Paul: Sweet and Low Down (1925-1928) 8.120628
WHITLOCK: Holiday Suite / Music for Orchestra / Wessex Suite 8.225162
WICKMAN, Putte: Simple Isnt Easy PRCD9140
WIENER OPERNFEST 1955 (Vienna State Opera Chorus and Orchestra, R. Reiner, R. Kubelik, Knappertsbusch, K. Böhm) C666053D
WIENIAWSKI, J.: Violin and Piano Music (L. and M. Migdal) 8.573404
WILDE, O.: Marchen (ungekurzt) - Der gluckliche Prinz / Die Nachtigall und die Rose / Der treue Freund / Die romantische Rakete NHB20452
WILDER, A.: Wind Quintets Nos. 3, 4 and 6 (New York Woodwind Quintet) (1961) 9.81012
WILEY, Lee: Lee Wiley sings Rodgers and Hart and Night in Manhattan (1947-1954) 9.81154JZ
WILFER, Rudi: Allein Gramola98830
WILFER, Rudi: Somewhere Gramola99129
WILLAN: In the Heavenly Kingdom 8.557734
WILLAN: Organ Works 8.557375
WILLIAMS, J.: Buglers Dream / FLOYD, D.: Hero for Today / WARD, S.: America the Beautiful (The Dream Goes On) (US Navy Sea Chanters, Gambone) 75442255722
WILLIAMS, Joe: Joe Williams and Friends, June 1985 - I Just Want To Sing DE4004
WILLIAMS, Joe: Nothin but the Blues DE4001
WILLIAMS: Piano Music, Vol. 1 8.223799
WILLIAMS: Piano Music, Vol. 2 8.223800
WILLIAMSON, M.: Organ Music - Peace Pieces / Little Carols of the Saints / Elegy / Mass of a Medieval Saint (Winpenny) 8.571375-76
WILLIAMSON: Choral Music 8.557783
WILLSON, M.: Music Man (The) (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (1957) 8.120886
WILLSON, M.: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 8.559006
WILSON, J.: Menorah / Concertino / Pearl and Unicorn 8.225027
WILSON, Teddy: Blues in C-Sharp Minor (1935-1937) 8.120665
WILSON, Teddy: I Want to Be Happy (1944-1947) 8.120538
Wind Band Music - SMITH, C.T. / REED, A. / HOLST, G. / SPARKE, P. / BROUGHTON, B. (In the World of Spirits) (Emory Symphonic Winds, S.A. Stewart) 8.573002
Wind Band Music - CRESTON, P. / SCHWARZ, G. / GRAINGER, P. / COPLAND, A. (Above and Beyond) (The Presidents Own United States Marine Band, Schwarz) 8.573121
Wind Band Music - DAUGHERTY, M. / BURRITT, M. / GILLINGHAM, D. (Synergy) (John B. Yeh, Columbus State University Wind Ensemble, Rumbelow) 8.572319
Wind Band Music - GRANTHAM, D. / JACOB, G. / BRYANT, S. (Old Wine in New Bottles) (Youngstown State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, S. Gage) 8.572762
Wind Band Music - HINDEMITH, P. / HOLST, G. / GRAINGER, P. / SCHWANTNER, J. (Trendsetters) (Peabody Conservatory Wind Ensemble, H.D. Parker) 8.572242
Wind Band Music - HOLST, G. / GILBERTSON, M. / TICHELI, F. / MACKEY, J. (Rest) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Mikkelson) 8.572980
Wind Band Music - KABALEVSKY, D. / STEVENS, J. / GRANTHAM, D. / LAURIDSEN, M. / COPLAND, A. (Southern Harmony) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony) 8.572342
Wind Band Music - MAGNUSON, R.D. / HODKINSON, S. / OGREN, J. / MARTÍNEZ GALLEGO, F.J. (Monuments) (Illinois State University Wind Symphony, Seggelke) 8.573453
Wind Band Music - NELSON, R. / TULL, F. / BARKER, W. / BOYSEN, A. (Fanfare, Capriccio and Rhapsody) (Boyd) 8.572528
Wind Band Music - OLTRA, M. / GARRETA, J. / MORALEDA, J.L. (Catalan Wind Music) (Barcelona Symphonic Band, Brotons) 8.573547

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