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Catalogue list by Period

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20th Century

The 20th Century brings an enormous variety of musical styles and forms.
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Title Catalogue No.
ANTHEIL PLAYS ANTHEIL (1942-1952) OM1003-04-2
ANTHEIL, G.: Ballet mecanique / LOPRESTI, R.: Sketch for Percussion / CHAVEZ, C.: Toccata / HOVHANESS, A.: October Mountain (Craft, Price) (1959) 9.80937
ANTHEIL, G.: Capital of the World / BANFIELD, R. de: Le combat (Ballet Theatre Orchestra, Levine) (1954) 9.81188
ANTHEIL, G.: Jazz Symphony (A) / Piano Concerto No. 1 / Capital of the World Suite (Dupree, Rheinland-Pfalz State Philharmonic, Steffens) C5309
ANTHEIL, G.: Piano Music (Bad Boy of Music) (C. Roth, Markovics, Wallisch) PMR0075
ANTHEIL, G.: String Quartets (Complete) (Del Sol String Quartet) OM1008-2
ANTHEIL, G.: Symphony No. 5, "Joyous" / JOSTEN, W.: Endymion (Vienna Philharmonic, Haeffner) (1958) 9.80887
ANTHEIL, G.: Violin Sonatina / Violin Concerto (version for violin and piano) / Spectre of the Rose Waltz (Specter) (Duo Odéon) DSL-92222
ANTHEIL: Ballet Mecanique / Serenade for String Orchestra 8.559060
ANTHEIL: Symphonies Nos. 4 and 6 / McKonkeys Ferry 8.559033
ANTILL: Corroboree / Outback Overture 8.570241
ARAMBARRI: 8 Basque Songs / In Memoriam / Spanish Fantasy 8.557275
ARCHIPELAGO -The Mid 18th Century Organ of Uto PRCD9128
ARENSKY, A.S.: Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky / GLAZUNOV, A.K.: Suite for String Quartet (Slavonic Serenades) (Moscow Symphony, Stratton) DIS-80144
ARGENTO, D.: Andrée Expedition (The) / From the Diary of Virginia Woolf (Mulligan, Long) 8.559828
ARGENTO: From the Diary of Virginia Woolf / WERLE: Chants for Dark Hours PRCD9982
ARGENTO: Letters from Composers / VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Along the Field (excerpts) CDR90000-029
ARGERICH, Martha: Piano Evening with Martha Argerich (A) (NTSC) DVWW-COMARG
ARLEN / GERSHWIN / WEILL / SCHWARTZ: Classic American Love Songs 8.559314
ARMENIA Douduk - The Sound of Armenia 76042-2
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Heebie Jeebies (1925-1930) (Louis Armstrong, Vol. 1) 8.120541
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Ive Got The World On A String (1930-1933) (Louis Armstrong, Vol. 2) 8.120609
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Jeepers Creepers (1938-1939) (Louis Armstrong, Vol. 5) 8.120815
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Rhythm Saved The World (1934-1936) (Louis Armstrong, Vol. 3) 8.120676
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Satchel Mouth Swing (1936-1938) (Louis Armstrong, Vol. 4) 8.120735
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Sing It, Satchmo (1945-1955) (Louis Armstrong, Vol. 8) 8.120818
ARMSTRONG, Louis: Stop Playing Those Blues (1946-1947) (Louis Armstrong, Vol. 7) 8.120817
ARMSTRONG, Louis: You Rascal, You (1939-1941) (Louis Armstrong, Vol. 6) 8.120816
ARMY BLUES JAZZ ENSEMBLE: 25th Anniversary Concert (The) 75442260622
ARMY BLUES JAZZ ENSEMBLE: Things Aint What They Used To Be 75442261112
ARNDT, E.M. / STORM, T.: Katzen - Phantastische Geschichten NHB10502
ARNELL, R.: Punch and the Child / BERNERS, L.: The Triumph of Neptune Suite (Royal Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Beecham) (1950, 1952) 9.80798
ARNOLD, M.: 4 Scottish Dances / Symphony No. 3 (London Philharmonic, Arnold) (1959) 9.80892
ARNOLD, M.: Cello Concerto / Symphony for Strings / Fantasy (Wallfisch, Turner, Northern Chamber Orchestra, Manchester Sinfonia, Ward, Howarth) 8.572640
ARNOLD, M.: Chamber Music for Winds 8.570294
ARNOLD, M.: Dances 8.553526
ARNOLD, M.: David Copperfield / The Roots of Heaven 8.225167
ARNOLD, M.: Homage to the Queen (Philharmonia Orchestra, Irving) (1953) 9.80911
ARNOLD, M.: Roots of Heaven (The) / David Copperfield (Moscow Symphony, Stromberg) 8.573366
ARNOLD, M.: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 8.553406
ARNOLD, M.: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4 (Ireland National Symphony, A. Penny) 8.553739
ARNOLD, M.: Symphonies Nos. 5 and 6 8.552000
ARNOLD, M.: Symphonies Nos. 7 and 8 8.552001
ARNOLD, M.: Symphony No. 2 / Tam o Shanter Overture / Beckus the Dandipratt Overture (Arnold) (1957) 9.80386
ARNOLD, M.: Symphony No. 9 8.553540
ARNOLD, M.: Violin Trio, Op. 54 / Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / Cello Fantasy, Op. 130 8.554237
ARNOLD: Concerto for 2 Pianos 3 Hands / Concerto for Piano Duet 8.570531
ARNOLD: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2 / Vita Abundans 8.557762
Around The World In 80 Minutes 8.223003
Arrangements for Brass Quintet: Munich Brass - MOZART, W.A. / PONCHIELLI, A. / VERDI, G. / PUCCINI, G. / LISZT, F. / GERSHWIN, G. / BERNSTEIN, L. C247911A
Arrangements for Recorder, Guitar and Percussion (Brazilian Landscapes) (Petri, M. Mazur, D. Murray) 6.220618
Art and Music: Cezanne - Music of His Time 8.558179
Art and Music: Degas - Music of His Time 8.558144
Art and Music: Klimt - Music of His Time 8.558146
Art and Music: Manet - Music of His Time 8.558117
Art and Music: Monet - Music of His Time 8.558058
Art and Music: Picasso - Music of His Time 8.558059
Art and Music: Renoir - Music of His Time 8.558176
ART BLAKEY AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS / MONK, Thelonious: Jazz Connection (1957) 9.81157JZ
ART OF BELCANTO (The) - Aliberti, Lucia / Bruson, Renato / Kraus, Alfredo C7035
Artist Profile Series - VAN RAAT, Ralph 8.578026
ARUTIUNIAN, A.: Piano Works (Complete) (Melikyan) GP718
AS DREAMS FALL APART - The Golden Age of Jewish Stage and Film Music, 1925–1955 (New Budapest Orpheum Society) CDR90000-151
ASHTON, Frederick: Patineurs (Les) / Divertissements / Scenes de ballet (Royal Ballet) (NTSC) OA1064D
Asian Music for String Quartet - TAN, Dun / TAKEMITSU, Toru / GAO, Ping / UNG, Chinary / ZHOU, Long (New Zealand String Quartet) 8.572488
ASPHALT ORCHESTRA: Asphalt Orchestra CA-21066
ASPLUND, Peter: Aspiration PCD156
ASPLUND, Peter: Christmas Feeling (The) PCD145
ASTAIRE, Fred: Fascinating Rhythm (1923-1930) 8.120501
ASTAIRE, Fred: Night and Day (1931-1933) 8.120519
ASTAIRE, Fred: Top Hat (A Jazz Tribute to Fred Astaire) DOR-90319
ASTAIRE, Fred: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails (1933-1936) 8.120718
ASUNCION : Electroacoustic Music from DIEM III 8.224113
ATANELI, Lado: Opera Arias OC517
ATTERBERG, K.: String Quartet No. 2 / HAYDN, J.: String Quartet No. 62, "Emperor" (Saulesco Quartet) (1973) SLT33220
ATTERBERG: Piano Quintet / Suite No. 1 / Horn Sonata (New Budapest Quartet) 8.223405
ATTERBERG: Violin Sonata / Trio Concertante 8.223404
ATTERSEE, Christian Ludwig: Attersee Und Seine Freunde OR0001
AUBERT, L.: Sillages / Violin Sonata / Habanera (version for piano 4 hands) / Feuille dImages (Armengaud, Fagiuoli, Chauzu) GP648
AUBERT: Orchestral Works 8.223531
Audio Reference SACD 8.550481SACD
AUERBACH, L.: 24 Preludes for Cello and Piano / Cello Sonata (Celloquy) (Aznavoorian, Auerbach) CDR90000-137
AUERBACH, L.: Little Mermaid (The) (San Francisco Ballet, 2011) (Blu-ray, HD) 708704
AUERBACH, L.: Little Mermaid (The) (San Francisco Ballet, 2011) (NTSC) 708608
AUERBACH, L.: Tatiana (Hamburg Ballet, 2014) (Blu-ray, HD) 737504
AUERBACH, L.: Tatiana (Hamburg Ballet, 2014) (NTSC) 737408
AURIC, G.: Pastorale / Les facheux (Les Ballets Russes, Vol. 7) (Poppen) CD93.265
AURIC: Belle et la Bete (La) (Beauty and the Beast) 8.557707
AURIC: La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast) 8.223765
AURIC: Lola Montez / Notre-Dame de Paris / Farandole 8.225070
AURIC: Orphee / Ruy Blas / Thomas Iimposteur 8.225066
AURIC: Symphonie Pastorale (La) / Macao, LEnfer du jeu 8.225136
Australian Guitar Music - EDWARDS, R. / HOUGHTON, P. / SCULTHORPE, P. / KOEHNE, G. / DEAN, B. (Tsiboulski) 8.570949

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