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20th Century

The 20th Century brings an enormous variety of musical styles and forms.
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Title Catalogue No.
SCHUMANN-HEINK, Ernestine: Victor Recordings 1911-20 81030-2
SCHURICHT, Carl: Collection II (1951-1966) CD93.292
SCHWANTNER, J.: Consortium I / In aeternum / IVES, C.: Largo for Violin, Clarinet and Piano / DAVIDOVSKY, M.: Synchronisms No. 3 (Boston Musica Viva) DE1011
SCHWARTZ, I.: Yellow Stars (Russian National Philharmonic, Spivakov) C71027
SCHWARZ, Gerard: Gerard Schwarz Collection (The) (30-CD Box Set) 8.503294
SCHWARZ-SCHILLING, R.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 1 - Sinfonia diatonica / Symphony in C Major / Introduction and Fugue (Serebrier) 8.570435
SCHWARZ-SCHILLING, R.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 2 - Violin Concerto / Partita / Polonaise (Troussov, Weimar Staatskapelle, Serebrier) 8.572801
SCHWARZ-SCHILLING, R.: String Quartet in F Minor / HAMEL, P.M.: Ulisono / ELIASSON, A.: In medias (Symphonia Momentum, Schlüren) Gramola98004
SCOTLAND 1st Battalion Queens Own Highlanders: Pipes and Drums EUCD2375
SCOTLAND Best Of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD0410
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD1407
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums (Scotland the Brave) EUCD0216
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums (The) EUCD2655
SCOTLAND Discover Music from Scotland EUCD2595
SCOTLAND Grampian Police Pipe Band: Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD1956
SCOTLAND Isla St. Clair: The Voice of Scotland EUCD2397
SCOTLAND Journey of the Scottish Pipes EUCD2254
SCOTLAND Kinross and District Pipe Band: Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD2009
SCOTLAND Kinross and District Pipe Band: Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2879
SCOTLAND Noel McLoughlin: 20 Best of Scotland EUCD1979
SCOTLAND Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD1213
SCOTLAND Police Pipe Bands of Scotland EUCD2448
SCOTLAND Pride of Murray Pipe Band: Flower of Scotland - Best of Pipes and Drums EUCD2089
SCOTLAND Pride of Scotland - Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2786
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Battle of Kings EUCD2788
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Best of Saor Patrol - The Clans Favourites EUCD2841
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Duncarron EUCD2389
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Early Years (A Collection of Songs from Esspee and Black Bull) EUCD2511
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Open Air Asylum EUCD2499
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Outlander EUCD2515
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Scottish Pipes and Drums Untamed (The Stomp) EUCD2270
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Two Headed Dog EUCD2395
SCOTLAND Scotland Pipes and Drums EUCD2542
SCOTLAND Scotland the Brave (Pipes and Drums) EUCD2295
SCOTLAND Scots Guards: Pipes and Drums (From Helmand to Horse Guards) EUCD2338
SCOTLAND Scots Guards: Pipes and Drums (Spirit of the Highlands) EUCD2161
SCOTLAND Waltham Forest Pipe Band: Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD1887
SCOTLAND Young Scottish Pipers EUCD1999
SCOTLAND: Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2415
SCOTT, C.: Aubade / Neapolitan Rhapsody 8.223485
SCOTT, C.: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 3 / Sonata Melodica (Howick, Rahman) 8.572290
SCOTT, Tony: Lost Tapes (1957, 1962) 101744
SCRIABIN, A. / PASTERNAK, B.: Piano Works (Samson-Primachenko) UP0213
SCRIABIN, A.: 12 Etudes, Op. 8 / Preludes / Piano Sonata No. 10 / Vers la flamme (Mustonen) ODE1184-2
SCRIABIN, A.: Etudes, Opp. 8 and 42 / Fantaisie, Op. 28 (Biret Solo Edition, Vol. 8) 8.571302
SCRIABIN, A.: Mazurkas, Opp. 3, 25, 40 (P. Jablonski) ODE1329-2
SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Music - Poemes / Waltzes / Dances (Wang Xia Yin) 8.570412
SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Music (Complete) (Lettberg) C49586
SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 1 - Sonata Fantasie / Impromptus / Nocturnes (Soyeon Kate Lee) 8.573527
SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Music, Vol. 2 - Allegro appassionato / Fantasie in B Minor / Impromptus (Soyeon Kate Lee) 8.573528
SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Sonatas (Complete) (Ponti) CDX-5184
SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Sonatas Nos. 1, 5, 6 and 8 (Yunjie Chen) ACC-304653
SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1 8.553158
SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Works (Lucille Chung) CDS416
SCRIABIN, A.: Poeme de lextase (La) / LISZT, F.: Les Preludes (Boston Symphony, Monteux) (1952) 9.80616
SCRIABIN, A.: Poème de lextase (Le) / Piano Concerto, Op. 20 / Prometheus (Ponti, Mouledous, Drewanz, Johanos) ACD-8170
SCRIABIN, A.: Symphony No. 3 / Poem of Ecstasy (Moscow Symphony, Golovschin) 8.553582
SCRIABIN: Etudes (Complete) 8.553070
SCRIABIN: Mazurkas (Complete) 8.553600
SCRIABIN: Piano Concerto / Prometheus 8.550818
SCRIABIN: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2 8.555368
SCRIABIN: Preludes, Vol. 1 8.553997
SCRIABIN: Preludes, Vol. 2 8.554145
SCRIABIN: Symphony No. 1 / Reverie, Op. 24 / 2 Poems, Op. 32 8.553580
SCRIABIN: Symphony No. 2 / Symphonic Poem in D Minor 8.553581
SCRIABIN: Symphony No. 3 / Le Poeme de lextase (Piano Transcriptions) 8.555327
SCRIABIN: Symphony No. 3, Op. 43 / BUSONI: Berceuse elegiaque, Op. 42 CD93.059
SEA IN MUSIC (THE) 8.578269-70
SEA PICTURES (2-CD set) 8.578017-18
SEA PICTURES (Scandinavian edition) 8.578035
SEBASTIAN, Adriano: My Secret Garden CDS511
SEEGER, Pete: If I Had a Hammer (1944-1950) 8.120737
SEEGER: Vocal, Chamber and Instrumental Works 8.559197
SEGOVIA, Andres: 1944 American Recordings (The) (Segovia, Vol. 1) 8.111087
SEGOVIA, Andres: 1946 New York and the 1949 London Recordings (The) (Segovia, Vol. 2) 8.111088
SEGOVIA, Andres: 1950s American Recordings, Vol. 2 (Segovia, Vol. 4) 8.111090
SEGOVIA, Andres: 1950s American Recordings, Vol. 3 (Segovia, Vol. 5) 8.111091
SEGOVIA, Andres: 1950s American Recordings, Vol. 4 (Segovia, Vol. 6) 8.111092
SEGOVIA, Andres: 1950s American Recordings, Vol. 5 (Segovia, Vol. 7) 8.111313
SEGOVIA, Andres: 1950s American Recordings, Vol. 6 (Segovia, Vol. 8) 8.111314
SEGOVIA, Andres: Guitar of Andres Segovia (The) - Hermann Hauser 1937 (maker) CDS433
SELLING LAND FOR THE BRIDE-PRICE - More Chinese Evergreens (Singapore Symphony, Choo Hoey) 8.225812
SEMBRICH, Marcella: Victor Recordings 1904-08 81026-2
SEMBRICH, Marcella: Victor Recordings 1908-19 81027-2
SEMPER FI! - The Best of the United States Marine Band 75442203042
SENEGAL / WALES Seckou Keita / Catrin Finch: Soar BENDI2
SERENADE - Classical Favourites for Relaxing and Dreaming 8.556619
SERRA: Orchestral Works 8.555871
SERRANO, J.: Alma de Dios [Zarzuela] (Berchman, Simon, Ramalle, Montorio, Navarro) (1954) 9.80814
SERRANO, J.: Claveles (Los) [Zarzuela] (Iriarte, Munguia, Argenta) (1956) 9.80816
SERRANO, J.: Dolorosa (La) [Zarzuela] (Iriarte, Ausensi, Argenta) (1956) 9.80817
SESSIONS: Divertimento for Orchestra FECD-0012
SESSIONS: String Quintet / String Quartet No. 1 / Canons (to the memory of Igor Stravinsky) 8.559261
SEVEN AGES - An Anthology of Poetry with Music NA218912

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