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Catalogue list by Period

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The 19th Century is the century of Romantic music and Nationalism.
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Title Catalogue No.
Classics at the Movies: Sci-Fi 8.556801
Classics at the Movies: Thrillers 8.556809
Classics at the Movies: War 8.556808
Classics Explained: BRAHMS - Piano Concerto No. 2 (Siepmann) 8.558030-31
Classics Explained: DVORAK - Symphony No. 9, From the New World (Siepmann) 8.558065-66
Classics Explained: SCHUBERT - Piano Quintet, “The Trout” (Siepmann) 8.558075-76
Classics from the Movies 8.554576
CLASSICS GO TO WAR 8.570154-55
COLERIDGE, S.T.: Great Poets (The) (Unabridged Selections) NA135212
COLGRASS: Winds of Nagual / DVORAK: Serenade / GILLINGHAM: No Shadow of Turning 8.570244
Collection: A Lovers Gift - From Him To Her NA138912
Collection: Great Narrative Poems of the Romantic Age NA209212
Collection: Great Poets of the Romantic Age NA202112
COLLINS, W.: Moonstone (The) (Abridged) NA302712
COLLINS, W.: Moonstone (The) (Unabridged) NA0162
COLLINS, W.: Woman in White (The) (Abridged) NA586312
COLLINS, W.: Woman in White (The) (Unabridged) NAX88412
COLOMBARA, Carlo: Art of the Bass (The) (NTSC) 2.110612
COMEDY AND TRAGEDY - Classic Opera Productions from the Glyndebourne Festival (2002-2009) (NTSC) (6 DVD Box Set) OA1059BD
COMEDY HARMONISTS: Whistle While You Work (1929-1938) 8.120613
Concert - DVORAK, A. / SHCHEDRIN, R. / FRANCK, C. / SHOSTAKOVICH, D. (Argerich, Maisky, N. Jarvi) (Blu-ray, Full-HD) ACC-10224
Concert - DVORAK, A. / SHCHEDRIN, R. / FRANCK, C. / SHOSTAKOVICH, D. (Argerich, Maisky, N. Jarvi) (NTSC) ACC-20224
CONCERT FOR NEW YORK (A) - MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 2, "Resurrection" (Gilbert) (Blu-ray, Full-HD) ACC-10241
CONCERT FOR NEW YORK (A) - MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 2, "Resurrection" (Gilbert) (NTSC) ACC-20241
Concerto and Orchestral Music - BEETHOVEN, L. van / DEBUSSY, C. / MOZART, W.A. (Salzburger Orchesterkonzerte) (Fleisher, Milstein, Szell) (1957) C774083D
CONSOLO, F.: Antichi Canti Ebraici del Mediterraneo (Paulo Buconi Ensemble) TC590002
CONTEMPORARIES OF THE STRAUSS FAMILY, Vol. 1 (Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Georgiadis) 8.225365
CONTEMPORARIES OF THE STRAUSS FAMILY, Vol. 2 (Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Georgiadis) 8.225366
CONTEMPORARIES OF THE STRAUSS FAMILY, Vol. 3 (Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Pardubice, Georgiadis) 8.225368
CONUS, J.: Violin Concerto / WEINBERG, M.: Violin Concertino / ARENSKY, A.S.: Violin Concerto (Russian Violin Concertos) (Ostrovsky, T. Sanderling) 8.572631
COOMAN: Sacred Choral Music 8.559361
COOPER, J.F.: Last of the Mohicans (The) (Abridged) NA308712
COPLAND, A.: Pastorale / LOEWE, F.: Before I Gaze at You Again / POPPER, D.: Nocturne / CHOPIN, F.: Nocturne No. 8 (Intimate Encounters) DE3505
CORNELIUS, P.: Barber of Bagdad (The) (Schwarzkopf, Gedda, Leinsdorf) (1956) / WEBER, C.M.: Abu Hassan (Schwarzkopf, Witte, Ludwig) (1944) 8.111337-38
CORNELIUS, P.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 1 (Landshamer, M. Schafer, Hausmann, Veit) 8.572556
CORNELIUS, P.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 2 (Landshamer, M. Schäfer, Begemann, Hausmann, Veit) 8.572557
CORNELIUS, P.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 3 (Landshamer, M. Schäfer, Begemann, Hausmann, Veit) 8.572558
CORNELIUS, P.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 4 (Landshamer, M. Schäfer, Begemann, Hausmann, Veit) 8.572859
CORTOT, A.: Piano Arrangements (Yue He) GP641
CORTOT, Alfred: Encores - 78 rpm Recordings (1925-26) 8.111261
CORTOT, Alfred: Recordings (1929-1937) 8.111381
COSTE: Guitar Works, Vol. 1 8.554192
COSTE: Guitar Works, Vol. 2 8.554194
COSTE: Guitar Works, Vol. 3 8.554353
COSTE: Guitar Works, Vol. 4 8.554354
COSTE: Guitar Works, Vol. 5 8.554355
Counter-tenor Recital: dOr, Yaniv (Latino Ladino - Songs of Exile and Passion from Spain and Latin America) 8.573566
CROOKS, Richard: Neapolitan Love Song (1924-1933) 8.120639
CROOKS, Richards: Opera Arias / Songs (1925-1945) DE5501
CUBA Alfredo Rodriguez y Los Acereko: Cuban Jazz 76046-2
CUI, C.: Suite Concertante Op. 25 / Suite Miniature Op. 20 (Takako Nishizaki, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Schermerhorn) 8.220308
CUI: 25 Preludes, Op. 64 8.223496
CUI: Suites Nos. 2 and 4 / Le Flibustier 8.223400
Czech Classical Music - SMETANA, B. / JANACEK, L. / DVORAK, A. / SUK, J. (Kanak, Svarovsky, Kasikova, Kasik, Czech Trio, Visek) UP0094-2
CZERNY, C.: 2 Trios Brillants, Op. 211 / 3 Sonatinas for Piano Trio, Op. 104 (Sun-Young Shin, Hayek, Gingher) 8.573848
CZERNY, C.: Bel Canto Concertante - Virtuoso Variations for Piano and Orchestra (R. Tuck, English Chamber Orchestra, Bonynge) 8.573254
CZERNY, C.: Flute and Piano Music - 3 Rondeaux Faciles et Brillans / Introduction, Variations and Finale / Duo Concertant (Kazunori Seo, Makoto Ueno) 8.573335
CZERNY, C.: Grand Piano Concerto / Grand Nocturne Brillant / Variations de Concert sur la Marche des Grecs (Tuck, English Chamber Orchestra, Bonynge) 8.573417
CZERNY, C.: Piano Concerto in D Minor (1812) / Introduction, Variations and Rondo, Op. 60 (Tuck, English Chamber Orchestra, Bonynge) 8.573688
CZERNY, C.: String Quartets (Sheridan Ensemble) C5234
CZERNY, C.: Symphonies Nos. 2 and 6 (South West German Radio Kaiserslautern Orchestra, G. Nowak) SWR19419CD
CZERNY, C: Organ Music - Prelude and Fugue in A Minor / 20 Short Voluntaries / 12 Introductory or Intermediate Voluntaries (Quinn) 8.573425

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