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Opera Today - November 2005 to August 2019

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ALDRIDGE, R.L.: Elmer Gantry [Opera] (Phares, Risley, Rideout, Kelley, Florentine Opera Chorus, Milwaukee Symphony, Boggs)
Naxos Opera CD 8.669032-33
  Chris Mullins, Opera Today, March 2012 read the review
Naxos American Classics 8.559299
  Chris Mullins, Opera Today, May 2007 read the review
BERG, A.: Lulu (Royal Opera House, 2009) (Blu-ray, HD)
Opus Arte OABD7070D
  Daniel Albright, Opera Today, August 2010 read the review
BIRTWISTLE, H.: Minotaur (The) (Royal Opera House, 2008) (Blu-ray, HD)
Opus Arte OABD7052D
  James L. Zychowicz, Opera Today, March 2010 read the review
BRAUNFELS, W.: Orchestral Songs, Vol. 2 (Nylund, Kühmeier, Merbeth, Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, Hansjörg Albrecht)
Oehms Classics OC1847
  Anne Ozorio, Opera Today, November 2016 read the review
CALLAS, Maria: Magic Moments of Music - Tosca 1964 (Film, 2018) (Blu-ray, HD)
C Major 745104
  Marc Bridle, Opera Today, April 2018 read the review
COPLAND, A.: City (The) (NTSC)
Naxos DVD 2.110231
  Chris Mullins, Opera Today, April 2010 read the review
EINEM, G. von: Besuch der alten Dame (Der) [Opera] (C. Ludwig, Wächter, Beirer, Vienna State Opera Chorus and Orchestra, Stein)
Orfeo C930182I
  Ralph P Locke, Opera Today, January 2019 read the review
GIORDANO, U.: Marcella (Festival della Valle d'Itria di Martina Franca, 2007) (NTSC)
Naxos DVD 2.110263
  Chris Mullins, Opera Today, October 2009 read the review
GOLDSCHMIDT, B.: Beatrice Cenci [Opera] (Bregenz Festival, 2018) (Blu-ray, HD)
C Major 751504
  Anne Ozorio, Opera Today, August 2019 read the review
GOLDSCHMIDT, B.: Beatrice Cenci [Opera] (Bregenz Festival, 2018) (NTSC)
C Major 751408
  Anne Ozorio, Opera Today, August 2019 read the review
GORDON, R.I.: Rappahannock County [Opera] (Walters, Sherman, Tuell, Moreno, Moore, Virginia Arts Festival Orchestra, Fisher)
Naxos Opera CD 8.669028-29
  Wes Blomster, Opera Today read the review
HASSE, J.A.: Antonio e Cleopatra [Opera] (Dirst)
Dorian Sono Luminus DSL-92115
  © Dr Brian D. Stewart, Opera Today, December 2010 read the review
HENZE, H.W.: Lieder von einer Insel / Orpheus Behind the Wire / 5 Madrigäle (South West German Radio Vocal Ensemble, Ensemble Modern, M. Creed)
SWR Classic SWR19049CD
  Anne Ozorio, Opera Today, November 2017 read the review
HERRMANN: Snows of Kilimanjaro (The) / 5 Fingers
Naxos Film Music Classics 8.570186
  Chris Mullins, Opera Today, September 2008 read the review
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