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The Organ Club Journal - June 2015 to March 2019

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Chamber Music (Harmonium) - BALBI, G. / CROFF, G.B. / SILVERI, D. / SPATTINI, C. / MANTELLI, E. (Divertimento Italiano) (Toschi, Mazzoli)
Tactus TC850004
  The Organ Club Journal, March 2019 read the review
MESSIAEN, O.: Nativité du Seigneur (La) (Winpenny)
Naxos Organ Encyclopedia 8.573332
  The Organ Club Journal, June 2015 read the review
SAINT-SAËNS, C.: Symphony No. 3, "Organ" / Danse Macabre / Cypres et Lauriers (Warnier, Lyon National Orchestra, Slatkin)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573331
  The Organ Club Journal, June 2015 read the review

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