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Booklist - June 2002 to August 2018

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DICKENS, C.: Oliver Twist (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0076
  Mary McCay, Booklist, October 2012 read the review
ELIOT, G.: Middlemarch (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0021
  Joyce Saricks, Booklist, April 2011 read the review
Naxos AudioBooks NA0013
  Lolly Gepson, Booklist, January 2011 read the review
GREEN, J.: Planets and the Solar System (The) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0156
  Ashley Young, Booklist, February 2015 read the review
HAGGARD, H.R.: She - A History of Adventure (Abridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0058
  Joyce Saricks, Booklist, October 2012 read the review
SCOTT, W.: Waverley (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0302
  David Wright, Booklist, August 2018 read the review
STOKER, B.: Dracula (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0190

  Pam Spencer Holley, Booklist, October 2015 read the review
TROLLOPE, A.: Phineas Finn (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0273
  Joyce Saricks, Booklist, August 2017 read the review
TROLLOPE, A.: Warden (The) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0115

  Booklist, January 2015 read the review
  Joyce Saricks, Booklist, December 2013 read the review

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