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Opus - January 2009 to September 2020

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A TO Z OF CLASSICAL MUSIC (The) (2nd Expanded Edition, 2000)
A-Z 8.555319-20
  Michael Wilson, Opus, February 2001 read the review
A-Z 8.555037-38
  Michael Wilson, Opus, February 2001 read the review
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Compositions and Transcriptions for Piano (Military Beethoven) (C. Petersson)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.573928
  Jörgen Lundmark, Opus, October 2019 read the review
  Jörgen Lundmark, Opus, October 2019 read the review
CLEMENTI, M.: Gradus ad Parnassum, Vol. 1 (Marangoni) - Nos. 1-24
Naxos Regular CD 8.572325
  Opus, February 2011 read the review
GRIEG, E.: Piano Concerto, Op. 16 / EVJU, H.: Piano Concerto in B Minor (on fragments by E. Grieg) (Petersson, Prague Radio Symphony, Stratton)
Grand Piano GP689
  Jörgen Lundmark, Opus, March 2016 read the review
HANDEL, G.F. / GLUCK, C.W.: Opera Arias for Soprano (Care Pupille) (Mariño, Halle Handel Festival Orchestra, Hofstetter)
Orfeo C998201
  Carl-Henric Malmgren, Opus, September 2020 read the review
HARRIS, Ross: Symphony No. 4, "To the memory of Mahinārangi Tocker" / Cello Concerto (Li-wei Qin, Auckland Philharmonia, G. Walker, Dean)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573044
  Thomas Roth, Opus, August 2014 read the review
PÄRT, A.: Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi secundum Joannem (St. John Passion) (Tonus Peregrinus, Pitts)
Naxos Regular CD 8.555860
  Siebe Riedstra, Opus, November 2010 read the review
Piano Recital: Petersson, Carl - NØRGÅRD, P. / LYKKEBO, F. / BISGAARD, L.A. (Contemporary Danish Piano Music)
Grand Piano GP717
  Jörgen Lundmark, Opus, September 2016 read the review

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