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WTJU - September 2014 to June 2018

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LANGGAARD, R.: String Quartets, Vol. 3 (Nightingale String Quartet)
Dacapo SACD 6.220577
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, March 2015 read the review
KOPPEL, A.: Marimba Concertos Nos. 1-4 (Bednarska, Aalborg Symphony, Christensen)
Dacapo SACD 6.220595
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, January 2015 read the review
Choral Music (In dulci jubilo - Music for the Christmas Season by Buxtehude and Friends) (Theatre of Voices, Hillier)
Dacapo SACD 6.220661
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, December 2017 read the review
UNITED STATES Harmonious Wail: Gypsy Swing
Naxos World Music 76056-2
  Dave Rogers, WTJU, January 2017 read the review
HELSTED, G.: Decet / String Quartet (Randers Chamber Orchestra)
Dacapo CD 8.226111
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, October 2016 read the review
Chamber Music - GADE, N.W. / LANGE-MÜLLER, P.E. / LANGGAARD, R. (Danish Romantic Piano Trios) (Danish Piano Trio)
Dacapo CD 8.226119
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, January 2016 read the review
KERNIS, A.J.: 3 Flavors / 2 Movements (with Bells) / Ballad(e) out of the Blue(s), "Superstar Etude No. 3" (Russo, Ehnes, Albany Symphony, Miller)
Naxos American Classics 8.559711
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, July 2015 read the review
FUCHS, K.: Falling Man / Movie House / Songs of Innocence and Experience (R. Williams, London Symphony, Falletta)
Naxos American Classics 8.559753
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, September 2014 read the review
HOVHANESS, A.: Symphony No. 48 / Prelude and Quadruple Fugue / Soprano Saxophone Concerto (Banaszak, Eastern Music Festival Orchestra, G. Schwarz)
Naxos American Classics 8.559755
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, June 2015 read the review
GALLAGHER, J.: Symphony No. 2, "Ascendant" / Quiet Reflections (London Symphony, Falletta)
Naxos American Classics 8.559768
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, March 2015 read the review
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, March 2015 read the review
TOWER, J.: Violin Concerto / Stroke / Chamber Dance (Cho-Liang Lin, Nashville Symphony, Guerrero)
Naxos American Classics 8.559775
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, August 2015 read the review
PORTER, Q.: String Quartets, Vol. 2 - Nos. 5-8 (Ives Quartet)
Naxos American Classics 8.559781
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, October 2015 read the review
SAUL, W.: Kiev 2014 / Violin Concerto / Overture for the Jubilee (Rong-Huey Liu, Buswell, Saul, Ukraine National Symphony, Kuchar)
Naxos American Classics 8.559791
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, December 2015 read the review
FAIROUZ, M.: Zabur (Coakwell, Kelly, Indianapolis Children's Choir, Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, Indianapolis Symphony, Stark)
Naxos American Classics 8.559803
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, October 2016 read the review
PERSICHETTI, V.: Harpsichord Sonatas Nos. 1, 3, 5, 8 and 9 (C.D. Lewis)
Naxos American Classics 8.559843
  Ralph Graves, WTJU, August 2017 read the review
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