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COPLAND, A.: City (The) (NTSC)
March 2011
  Rad Bennett,, March 2009 read the review
PENDERECKI, K.: St. Luke Passion (Klosinska, Kruszewski, Tesarowicz, Kolberger, Warsaw National Philharmonic, Wit)
March 2011
  Richard Freed,, April 2004 read the review
ROREM: End of Summer / Book of Hours / Bright Music
March 2011
  Bill Brooks,, June 2003 read the review
TORKE: Rapture / An American Abroad / Jasper
March 2011
  Rad Bennett,, June 2003 read the review
TOWER: Made in America / Tambor / Concerto for Orchestra
March 2011
  Rad Bennett,, June 2007 read the review
  Rad Bennett,, July 2007 read the review
MCKAY, G: Epoch - An American Dance Symphony (University of Kentucky Symphony, Nardolillo)
March 2011
  Richard Freed,, November 2008 read the review
PERRY, W.: Jamestown Concerto / SCHUMAN, W.: A Song of Orpheus / THOMSON, V.: Cello Concerto (Hanani)
March 2011
  Rad Bennett,, October 2008 read the review
Orchestral Music - IVES, C. / PERSICHETTI, V. / HARRIS, R. / BACON, E. / GOULD, M. / McKAY, G.F. / TUROK, P. (Lincoln Portraits) (Slatkin)
March 2011
  Richard Freed,, April 2009 read the review
SIBELIUS: Scenes historiques I and II / King Christian II Suite
March 2011
  Richard Freed,, June 2008 read the review
LAURO: Guitar Music, Vol. 2 - Sonata / 4 Estudios / Suite
March 2011
  Rad Bennett,, March 2008 read the review
WAGNER: Symphonic Syntheses by Stokowski
March 2011
  Richard Freed,, December 2007 read the review
MUSSORGSKY, M.: Pictures at an Exhibition (orchestrations compiled by L. Slatkin) / LISZT, F.: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Peng Peng, L. Slatkin)
March 2011
  Rad Bennett,, November 2008 read the review
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphonies (arr. F. Liszt for piano), Vol. 1 (Biret) - Nos. 1, 2 (Biret Beethoven Edition, Vol. 2)
March 2011
  Rad Bennett,, February 2009 read the review
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Concertos, Vol. 1 (Biret) - Nos. 1, 2 (Biret Beethoven Edition, Vol. 3)
March 2011
  Rad Bennett,, February 2009 read the review
PUTS, K. Millennium Canons / NEWMAN, J.: My Hands Are a City / HOLST, G.: Hammersmith (University of Georgia Wind Ensemble)
March 2011

  Rad Bennett,, September 2009 read the review
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