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STEREO - February 2008 to June 2017

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MONTEVERDI: Full Monteverdi (The) - Madrigals, Book 4 (NTSC)
June 2017
  Gerhard Persche, STEREO, February 2008 read the review
SCHUBERT: Arpeggione Sonata / SCHUMANN: Fantasiestücke
June 2017
  STEREO read the review
RAUTAVAARA: Symphony No. 7 / Angels and Visitations
June 2017
  Egon Bezold, STEREO, April 2003 read the review
ROSSINI, G.: Il viaggio a Reims [Opera] (L. Giordano, Pizzolato, Mchedlishvili, Poznań Camerata Bach Choir, Virtuosi Brunensis, Fogliani)
June 2017
  Richard Lorber, STEREO, November 2016 read the review
BERG, A.: Wozzeck [Opera] (Trekel, Schwanewilms, Molomot, N. Berg, Houston Symphony, Graf)
June 2017
  Richard Lorber, STEREO, May 2017 read the review
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Concertos / Violin Concerto / Triple Concerto (Vladar, Keulen, Steckel, Vienna Chamber Orchestra)
June 2017
  Christoph Vratz, STEREO, February 2017 read the review
MOZART, W.A.: Zauberflöte (Die) (Paris Opera, 2001) (NTSC)
June 2017
  Ekkehard Pluta, STEREO, February 2008 read the review
VALENTE, Caterina: Jazz Singer (The) (1954-1955)
June 2017
  Gerd Filtgen, STEREO, June 2017 read the review

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